Series: Lonestar Wolf Pack

THE ALPHA’S SAVING GRACE by Melissa Schroeder

THE ALPHA’S SAVING GRACE by Melissa SchroederThe Alpha's Saving Grace by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Lonestar Wolf Pack #1
Genres: Paranormal
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Jacob Sanderson has some heavy weight responsibilties as the alpha of the Lonestar Wolf Pack and also the mayor of their little town in Texas.  Usually, it’s only normal everyday issues that Jacob is confronted with, but here lately there is one issue that is almost more than Jacob wants to confront, and he actually brought it on himself in one way.  The sexy new sheriff pulls at him and right now Jacob isn’t sure what he wants to do more now:  kiss her senseless or send her on a mission that will take her out of his view for a while.


Alexandra Littlefoot is the new sheriff in a small and seemingly sleepy town in Texas, which is a huge change from her past job.  However, after an incident harmed her and showed Alexandra what her fellow officers thought of her, she was only too happy to move and start this new adventure.  Alexandra knows there is something odd about the town, but the only thing that really irritates her is the mayor and her attraction to him.


Alexandra and Jacob have to work together when some seemingly unrelated murders connect to the town.  During the investigation, Alexandra learns about the secret of the town and most of its residents.  She and Jacob also learn along the way that there is more in Alexandra’s unknown past that will also affect the wolf pack in a very good way.  Finally, they are unable to ignore the attraction between them, and soon it becomes a fiery passion and Jacob discovers exactly what Alexandra is to him.  Danger comes close to home when the final clues are answered, and the murderer is discovered and captured.  The only question is, can Alexandra and Jacob capture the murderer before anyone else is harmed?


When an arrogant alpha wolf meets a stubborn female sheriff, the fireworks between them are only part of the danger that will bring them together.  Jacob and Alexandra will find their love and a murderer by teaming up in The Alpha’s Saving Grace.  I loved watching as Alexandra and Jacob discovered a great passion and just who was targeting members of Jacob’s pack and their town.  I also enjoyed watching as Alexandra’s history was uncovered.  Even better was seeing them work together so seamlessly to keep those who depended upon them safe.  Trying to tie all of the clues together before they were revealed had me flipping pages, and I almost had it, but not quite when the killer was taken.  The Alpha’s Saving Grace has it all:  great suspense, hot passion, humor to keep parts light, and a couple you would love to have as friends.  I can’t wait until the next book in this intriguing series comes out.

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