Series: Made in Jersey

CRASHED OUT by Tessa Bailey

CRASHED OUT by Tessa BaileyCrashed Out by Tessa Bailey
Series: Made in Jersey #1
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC

Sarge Purcell is in love with a woman who is seven years his senior who just happens to be his older sister’s best friend.  So much so, that she is the secret inspiration for his music career success.  After a four year absence, Sarge returns to his hometown to reconnect and claim the woman that he has always loved – Jasmine Taveras.


Jasmine Taveras has always had a big dream of becoming a famous singer; however, her dream never became a reality.  Instead she ends up working in the town’s factory like most of the folks in Hook, New Jersey.  Her life becomes more interesting when Sarge returns to town.  Not only has he grown up into a fine looking, young man; but, Jasmine is surprised to find herself attracted to someone that she used to babysit.


With Sarge in hot pursuit of Jasmine, will she give into her desire to be with a younger man?


Crashed Out is a tightly crossed-leg, lip-wetting type of novella that will have you fanning your flaming cheeks.  The lust factor between Jasmine and Sarge is mega hot and as you can imagine the sexual encounters are passionate and full of erotic, explicit play.  Although, Jasmine is in a constant internal battle with their age difference, Sarge’s dirty talk relentlessly melts her heart at every turn.  Whereas, Jasmine and Sarge have valid reasons for their uncertainties; I relish in watching the couple discover just how much they deeply feel, want, and need one another.  All in all, Crashed Out is a good read.

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