Series: Men of London


Love You Senseless
by Susan Mac Nicol

Series: Men of London #1
Published by Boroughs Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Award winning chef Gideon Kent is the proud owner of Galileo’s.  Packed nightly with customers eager to try his latest culinary creation life couldn’t be better.  Until the night a tragic fire took the life of Gideon’s flat mate Hugh and almost killed him.  Pinned within the wreckage he was forced to witness Hugh’s body as it burned, the smell overwhelming. Gideon’s injuries mended, his sense of smell and consequently taste however did not.  A chef without these senses could no longer produce exquisite meals.  Running Galileo’s allowed Gideon to retain his sanity, barely.


Red headed Eddie Tripp treated every aspect of life with gusto.  The up and coming young chef excelled in the kitchen.  Other than dealing with his cranky boss Eddie adores working at Galileo’s.  When he’s not inventing something delicious he’s enjoying the company of his flat mates, Taylor and Leslie.


Though Gideon is well aware he’s not being fair, there are times he can’t help it and Eddie is the one to catch his ire.  Perhaps part of the problem is that secretly they lust after the other.  Gideon might not be so prickly if he could bend the sexy red head over his desk.  Maybe Eddie would stop dropping dishes because he’s daydreaming about his boss.  Something’s got to give.  The kitchen staff is waiting to see what happens next.


Author Susan MacNicol begins a delightful new series where carnal desires and combustible personalities ignite.  Gideon is justifiably frustrated.  Eddie is an absolute firecracker.  Mutually explosive lustful thoughts burn between them.  Stubborn at every turn the characters of Love You Senseless will warm your heart.  Witty dialogue, captivating characters, and an expected plotline that nonetheless charms Love You Senseless is a lovely romantic tale.  The Men of London romance series gets off to a great start.

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