Series: Men of Midnight

MIDNIGHT QUEST by Lisa Marie Rice

MIDNIGHT QUEST by Lisa Marie Rice
Midnight Quest
by Lisa Marie Rice

Series: Men of Midnight #4.5
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Morton “Jacko” Jackman is an ex-Navy SEAL who now works for ASI, a top security firm who works worldwide for its clients.  He has just come home from an assignment more than ready to see his love, Lauren, after being away.  Jacko is hoping to ask her to marry him, because he really can’t think of a future without her in it.  However, before he has a chance to do more than have a great night together, his world comes crashing down when he learns that Lauren is pregnant.


Lauren Dare is a graphic designer who does book covers, among other things.  Lauren met and fell in love with Jacko, and they have been together ever since.  While she worries when Jacko is gone in his assignments, she knows that his work is what he was always meant to do.  This time, she is waiting for him to come home, because she has wonderful news to tell him—at least she thought so until Jacko reacts as he does.


Jacko has never wanted children, and when he finds out that Lauren is expecting, all of his fears come forward forcefully.  Jacko knows that before he can work around to being a father, he needs to learn about his life, his mother’s past, and his father.  To do this, Jacko begins a journey that first leads him to a place he never wanted to see again—his hometown—and then to a surprising discovery of his mother’s family and an even more surprising discovery.  When Jacko heads home, he is ready to step up and be the man that Lauren and his child will need.  But his journey has had another effect which will bring deadly danger to Jacko and Lauren.  A fierce battle will finally answer the last of Jacko’s questions in the open and will give both Jacko and Lauren another piece to their future.


A quietly dangerous man seeks answers about his and his parents’ pasts when facing parenthood in Midnight Quest.  Jacko only knows the bad about his mother and never knew anything really about his father, so when he finds out that he and his lover are expecting a child, he begins a journey to learn the truth and quiet the night terrors.  Lauren has always been supportive of Jacko, and that doesn’t change when he disappears after learning about her expecting their child.  I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed in how Jacko handled things and that he just took off without any word to Lauren.  Seeing Lauren having to hold things together and hoping that all would end well and that their love would bring Jacko back had me really wanting to shake him more than once.  I also felt that this story was centered only on Jacko and Lauren was there as background only.  No, I never doubted that Jacko loved Lauren deeply, or that he would come back to her just how he treated her after her announcement.  However, I will give him points for taking control when the danger that followed him home hit hard, threatening both their lives.


I have really enjoyed the Midnight Man series, but I had to admit that I was mostly disappointed in this short story.  Midnight Quest is a man’s hunt about his past while hoping for his future with his lover.


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