Series: Men Of Myth

RISING FRENZY by Brandon Witt

RISING FRENZY by Brandon WittRising Frenzy by Brandon Witt
Series: Men of Myth #2
Genres: Erotica, Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications


A magnet for lousy boyfriends in the past, warlock Finn de Morisco knows within days that he could happily spend the rest of his life with Brett Wright, a human.  At least that was the idea until Brett is savaged by a vampire, discovers he’s much more than human and insists on leaving Finn forever to deal with the knowledge that he’s a blending of demon and merman.

 Falling into a deep depression Finn haunts The Square in Old Town where the dregs of the paranormal community hang out.  Finn’s large family tries again and again to help him come to terms with the loss of Brett, but it’s not until he makes the acquaintance of a fairy called Schwint that the warlock begins to rejoin the world. 

Finding his merman father Therin and learning about his heritage opens Brett to an entirely new undersea world.  Their customs and hierarchy are sometimes difficult to understand, as well as dealing with the distrust Brett feels from the rest of the tribe. Brett thinks about his life on land and Finn less and less while he finds his way with his so called people.  It’s not until they need his expertise on land that Brett feels vindicated.  Are they using him or finally accepting he’s one of them? 

 Readers are taken on a wild joy ride in Rising Frenzy where nothing can be taken for granted.  Chapters take turns telling Finn’s point of view followed by Brett telling his story.  This unique, alternate world has heart pounding action and intense passion that never falters.  Don’t start this sequel before reading the previous book in order to get the full impact.  Long narrative will be appreciated by those who like every little bit of detail though others may feel it slows down the pace at times.  Finn’s self destructive dark days and Brett’s struggle for acceptance make for an angst filled, raw drama in Rising Frenzy.


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