Series: Mercenary Love


TEASING JONATHAN by Amber KellTeasing Jonathan by Amber Kell
Series: Mercenary Love #3
Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

Employed by Sinclair Alverston’s top notch security firm, Jonathan Stevens is patently aware of his good fortune.  He is, however beginning to worry that his job is in jeopardy.  Jonathans’ past in the military has left him with a severe case of PTSD which even a year later is still giving him horrific nightmares.  It’s hard to be an effective bodyguard when he can’t stay alert because of lack of sleep.

With a great deal of hard work, late nights, and a constant dyslectic battle businessman Kai Stromwell is proud of the investment company he owns.  At the expense of a fulfilling personal life Kai is at the top of his game.

Running late for a meeting at the office Jonathan witnesses a hit and run accident while saving a stranger from a crazy driver.  Kai is grateful and he’s interested in seeing his savior again, for dinner.  Later, when bullets fly into Kai’s office it’s apparent someone is seriously after him and Jonathan is just the man for the job.  After the threat is neutralized maybe they can have that dinner and better yet, dessert.

Intense drama throughout, Teasing Jonathan never takes a breath.  Suffering from PTSD, Jonathan struggles daily and finds romance with an overworked, lonely businessman.  False leads keep the reader from guessing the guilty as the suspense builds.  Teasing Jonathan shines as a clever cat and mouse mystery.


TESTING ARTHUR by Amber KellTesting Arthur by Amber Kell
Series: Mercenary Love #2
Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

Surviving the machinations of a madman, FBI Agent Arthur Turner knows he barely made it, his partner wasn’t so lucky.  His leg’s been badly injured and once it heals Arthur faces intense physical therapy.  Nevertheless he’s happy to be alive.

While convalescing at home Arthur yet again regrets his decision to push ex-boyfriend Patrick Edwards away because he was afraid it would affect his advancement at the Bureau.  Dumbfounded, Arthur can’t believe his eyes when Patrick shows up at his door demanding to be let back into his life.  Seems Patrick was biding his time and now he’s cashing in on Arthur’s weakened condition. 

The idea of being together again works for Arthur and Patrick though not so much for Addison Stark, a computer nerd with the Bureau.  Being fought over is something that Arthur is not interested in on any level.  Too bad Addie has other ideas.

Reunited lovers are determined to make it work the second time around.  Testing Arthur showcases characters who feel their way around the landmines of the past to find love once more.  Though their romance is genuine the rest of the story holds little to no surprises.  Even the climax is quickly resolved with little fanfare.  The two heroes and their love rings true in Testing Arthur.  However, the protagonist falls flat this time out.

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