Series: Monkey Business Trio


GETTING ROUGH by C. L. ParkerGetting Rough by C. L. Parker
Series: Monkey Business Trio
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Bantam


Shaw Matthews and Cassidy Whalen have gone against each other both professionally and privately.  However, when it appears that Cassidy has the next big thing in the bag, she does a runner and Shaw wins the sports star by default.  Not willing to garner his win as a sympathy bid, Shaw chases after Cassidy to her small home town and finds that to win the challenge fairly he needs to give more than he wanted to. Of course, Cassidy soon discovers that what she left behind years ago may just be willing to pick up where they left off when she spread her wings to discover a world beyond.

Getting Rough was a sizzling hot read that packed a wallop from the opening pages to the conclusion.  Shaw and Cassidy really got down to business upon their first meeting, and it moved quite quickly from there.  Perhaps that strong relationship foundation was established in the first book, Playing Dirty.  Once I got past the quickness of this quirky couple, I was all in for the ride that C. L. Parker promised.

Getting Rough had some fantastic secondary characters that really cinched the whole atmosphere of the small town setting that the tale embraced.  However, I did find that the potential third point in this triangle sprang in from left field upon occasion and really had a lot of nerve to do so in Getting Rough.  That was just a small sticking point with me, that still lingers a bit, but not enough to have been disappointed in this read.

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