Series: New York's Finest

CUFF ME by Lauren Layne

CUFF ME by Lauren Layne
Cuff Me
by Lauren Layne

Series: New York's Finest #3
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Police officers Vincent Moretti and Jill Henley have been partners for years and during that time they have grown to care deeply for each other. But neither has been willing to make the move to take their relationship intimate and jeopardize their friendship. Things come to a head when Jill is forced to take time off to care for her mother in Florida. While there she meets Mr. Perfect and accepts his marriage proposal. Vin is blindsided when she returns engaged. Can Vin finally take a chance before Jill is lost to him forever?


I’ve never had the pleasure of reading Lauren Layne before and boy have I been missing out! Cuff Me was just what I was looking for. At times I wanted to shake Vin for his pigheadedness while still desperately wanting him to wake up and grab Jill before it was too late. I truly enjoyed this story and you can bet I’ll be back for more of Layne’s New York Finest series!

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