Series: Novella

BREAK FOR ME by Shiloh Walker

BREAK FOR ME by Shiloh WalkerBreak For Me by Shiloh Walker
Series: Secrets & Shadows, Novella #2
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press

Reviewed by Jo

Jensen Bell was twelve when her life was turned upside down with the mysterious disappearance of her mother, yet she has worked hard to overcome that. Now she is a cop in her tiny town of Madison and a damn good one if you ask her.  One of the bad things about staying in the small town you grew up in is that you know everything about all the guys and that can really affect your private life.  Jensen has been going through a really dry spell lately but the new and highly sexy defense attorney just rubs Jensen the wrong or is that the right way?


Dean West applied for and moved to a new position in the town in Indiana and that included leaving his high paying, high powered job for that of a DA – a job that makes you more enemies than it does friends.  One particular person that Dean would love to become a very close and personal friend of is Jensen and yet their jobs as cop and DA put them on the wrong side of the table more often than not since they met.


Jensen can’t believe that Dean had the gall to approach her after his latest stunt of doing a deal with a drug scum and even worse the atmosphere between them is so thick with lust that if anyone struck a match the entire place would go up.  Jensen is tired of fighting her desires and can’t believe that Dean has been in the same frame of mind this entire time.  They combusted the very first time they come together and just when it looked like Dean and Jensen could find a way to be together and still be assets to their jobs, a new element is dropped onto Jensen and her family.  The town of Madison has just given up one of it’s secrets and it could tear all of the Bells and their lives apart yet again if given the chance.  Jensen and Dean have fought themselves, town prejudices and just about everything else to have a chance at the passion they have just started to explore. The question is do they have the strength to overcome this last hurdle and find the keys to just what really happened that night Jensen’s mother disappeared?


Take a hard working small town cop and a flashy district attorney import, add sparks every time they see each other and you have a combination that will lead to either a passion of a lifetime or war that will last forever.  Jensen and Dean solve this question in Break for Me in a spectacular way.  The cards seemed to be stacked against Dean and Jensen ever getting together in a loving way, just because of their jobs.  Yet I loved seeing that both of them were willing to reach across that divide and grab on to the passion that was just waiting to ignite between them.  As I read what led Dean to leave his high powered job and life, my heart ached for both of them – they had both lost so much.  Yet I was sure they would find a way and then the next shoe dropped and I wasn’t sure that even Dean’s super ability to think clearly or their love would be enough to carry Jensen through this latest and most hurtful find.  I loved how Jensen and Dean not only reached for their golden ring but showed Madison just what they had together.  Break for Me is a great mix of suspense and passion that not even hurtful pasts could destroy.  Two Bell siblings down and I’m highly anticipating to see how this last sister finds her happiness at last in the next installment of Shiloh Walker’s Secrets & Shadows series.

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