Series: Old West

FORBIDDEN by Beverly Jenkins

FORBIDDEN by Beverly Jenkins

FORBIDDEN by Beverly JenkinsForbidden by Beverly Jenkins
Series: Old West #1
Genres: Historical, Western
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Avon

Eddy Carmichael’s dream is to one day open her own restaurant.  With determination, she plans to move from Denver to San Francisco where there are more opportunities to be found.  However, along the way, Eddy quickly learns that being a young, beautiful, unaccompanied, black woman brings misfortune and difficulty.  After narrowly escaping a near death experience, Eddy is saved and nurtured back to health by a handsome white businessman.


A former Civil War Union solider, Rhine Fontaine enjoys the privileges of being a white man.  No one other than his siblings and his best friend/business partner know that his mother was black.  He has built a successful, respectable life in Virginia City, Nevada.  All is well until he crosses paths with the breathtakingly beautiful Eddy Carmichael.  For the first time in his life, Rhine wants to throw caution to the wind by being his true self and openly unite with the woman who sets his soul on fire.


I found Forbidden is a fascinating, enlightening, charming, and intriguing novel.  From the first page, I am mesmerized and dismayed by the historical aspects, attitudes, and opinions about race relations after slavery.  While, I fancy detailed sexual encounters that paints a very descriptive picture, the sensual interactions between Eddy and Rhine are sweet, ambiguous, and very satisfying.  Their courtship is pleasurable and very conventional for their time period.  Eddy is smart, hard-working, tough, and very wise especially when it comes to handling all the single townsmen attention.  Likewise, Rhine is multifaceted, smart, fair-minded, kind, and compassionate.  I so loved everything about this story.  From Rhine’s innermost turmoil, to Eddy’s inward strength.  Ms. Jenkins’ writing is so rich and factual that I could see Forbidden as a movie!  I Joyfully Recommend this book for all to enjoy.

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