Series: Paramour Collection

MAESTRO by Elizabeth Coldwell

MAESTRO by Elizabeth Coldwell
by Elizabeth Coldwell

Series: Paramour Collection #3
Published by Totally Bound Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Jaclyn Wiltshire, more commonly known as Jax, lives for opera and she really loves her job as the chief costume designer.  While she is cleaning up costumes from the last performance at the London Opera Company, Jax is approached by the company’s artistic director to learn just who the male lead will be and to discuss some of the costumes with him.  Jax can’t believe who she will have in her hot little hands for the run of the show.  Even if she is years older than him, no one says she can’t look and dream while fitting him for his costumes.


Kieran Vale is the hottest male lead in opera right now and while he may be young, Kieran knows his own mind in all things.  So when he meets the chief costumer for his newest show, Kieran knows right away that Jax is the woman for him.  But first he has to show her that he is much more than a great body and vocal cords.


Jax finds it hard to believe that Kieran wants anything more than a mild flirt with her, yet when she is given a chance to share a hidden passion with him, Jax gives into her dreams.  As their nights heat up, things get a bit kinky and the entire time Jax is waiting for Kieran to tell her their fling is over. Jax has wondered if she will ever have a family like her friends have. Kieran wants to give everything to Jax, if only she can get past her fear that he will leave her for someone younger and sexier. As if.


When a younger man finds the woman of his dreams in an older woman he is trusting his body to, it’s going to take every bit of his abilities to prove their passion is just the beginning of a lasting love.  Kieran takes on just that job with Jax in Maestro.  Jax was a character I just loved from the very beginning with her well-rounded life, and I found myself hoping that the only piece missing would be just around the corner.  Actually, Kieran was in her design studio at the opera company and hot enough to melt the fabrics.  I loved just how Kieran threw down the kid gloves when he went after Jax.  There were many places where I laughed and a few where I was shaking my head at what was happening.  Best of all, I loved how Jax and Kieran found their way around the worse type of mischief that could have torn them apart.  Maestro is exactly like a firecracker: short, hot, and filled with sparks. Yet, I never felt like I was missing something when it was over. That is a true mark of a well done novella.  Bravo Ms. Coldwell.

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