Series: Power Up!


Killer Thoughts
by Marie Harte

Series: Power Up!
Published by Loose Id Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Retired agents of the PWP or the Psychic Warfare Program are forging ahead and making new careers and lives for themselves.  Two of the men opened a state of the art gym in part because they have to work out strenuously to counteract the aftereffects of their psychic conditioning.

One of the first agents in the team, who was lucky enough to escape experimentation, is master forger and thief Ian Ryder.  Everyone in the team is aware that Ian is unable to stay out of trouble no matter how many times he’s cautioned.  Ian’s current nemesis is another PWP agent he’s working with, gazillionaire and powerful psychic Owen Stallbridge.  The problem for Ian isn’t really work related, it’s the intense lust he feels for Owen. It’s an itch Ian has absolutely no intention of getting scratched.

From his perspective Owen has every intention of getting the little thief in his bed as soon as possible.  It’s frustrating Owen to no end that a man from his past, whose depravity knows no end, is stalling the billionaire’s attempts at wooing Ian.  Taking care of the thorn in his side is unfortunately the priority before Owen can continue his seduction of the sexy man.  First things first and then the thief will belong to him. 

The Power Up! series opens the scene for the wild roller coaster drama Killer Thoughts. Ian and Owen’s intense romance will seduce and enchant the reader with their provocative love story.  Intelligent witty dialogue, a stimulating plot, and sexual encounters that blaze make Killer Thoughts pure entertainment.  Though the large cast of characters from previous books occasionally overwhelms there’s no question this is Ian and Owen’s story.  Killer Thoughts satisfies on every level.

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