Series: Ravens of War


KIRA’S WARRIORS by Elle BoonKira's Warriors by Elle Boon
Series: Ravens of War #4
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Menage, Paranormal
Source: Author

The very last thing Kira Matsuko wants is for Raven warriors Garrick Theon and Thantos ‘Thane’ Odysseus to follow her to the family residence in Japan.  With the demon Shimigami after their chosen mate the men have no intention of leaving Kira vulnerable.  She insists she has hidden talents of protection, but the men won’t budge.


It is a long standing family curse hanging over Kira’s head that has the warriors so worried for her safety.  Finding their mate after so long Garrick and Thane refuse to be complacent where she’s concerned.


They learn that the Japanese version of the Grim Reaper has blackened the Matsuko family name.  To make matters worse the Grim Reaper took possession of Kira’s older brother at the moment of his birth.  Kira believes that she can set her brother free from the curse.  Garrick and Thane will do anything to help, except risk Kira.


An excellent addition to the Ravens of War series, Kira’s Warriors kicks the action into high gear.  Three strong willed, intelligent adults let their emotions get the better of them and the sparks most definitely fly.  The sexual tension is thick.  The sexual encounters are explosive.  Their threesomes orgasmic.  Kira’s Warriors twists and turns in bold, inventive ways as the demon taunts them.  What happens next is anyone’s guess in this seductive series.


JAKLYN’S SAVIOR’S by Elle BoonJaklyn's Saviors by Elle Boon
Series: Ravens of War #3
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Raven warrior demi-gods Grayson Phine and Coltrain Mercury fulfilled their duty towards Zeus, as well as their brother warriors by defeating the mighty Cronos.  Balance has been restored for the gods and the time has come to claim their fated mate.  At the height of their battle their mate was revealed in wolf shifter Jaklyn Marx.  Her actions helped to protect Zeus’s daughter and send Cronos back to Hell before she disappeared back to her home on Earth.


Abandoned by her mother and brutalized by her father Seamus because she was unable to shift the only love Jaklyn knew growing up was from her aunt and best friend twin brothers, Link and Abe Adams.  Their wolf pack was unique in also sharing a gypsy heritage.  Picking up their lives and moving their trailer homes to other sites was a way of life for them.  When Seamus almost whipped Jaklyn to death at nine the pack finally took permanent action against the black hearted wolf.


Though Jaklyn is unable to shift she does have other talents the pack honor, such as seeing glimpses of the future.  Knowing that her mates are coming for her Jaklyn leaves the safety of the pack.  The last thing she wants is to be bound to anyone at this point in her life, least of all two mates.  Mentally blocking Gray and Colt from finding her is frustrating her persistent mates.  What Jaklyn is unable to see in the future however is that she desperately needs Gray and Colt, to love her and to protect her from Seamus who is back from the dead and gunning for his little girl.


Jaklyn’s Saviors are hot, hotter, and sizzling hottest when loving their one and only mate.  Bold adventures are balanced within a pulse pounding suspenseful plot where the large cast of characters battle and love until the last page ends.  Gray and Colt bare their souls to gain Jaklyn’s trust.  Once united their passions burn bright.  Jaklyn’s Saviors can be read as a standalone book, but it would be better to read the series in order since characters from previous books take part in this plot. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Jaklyn’s Saviors.


TWO FOR TAMARA by Elle BoonTwo for Tamara by Elle Boon
Series: Ravens of War #2
Published by Siren-BookStrand Source: Author

Reviewed by Lisa

Tamara Mejia is a human seer.  She’s seen her own murder foretold with a vision of crows.  For that reason Tamara lives each day to its fullest, embracing all that life offers.  Since her teenage years she’s been best friends with Selena Ramos, always knowing that her BFF is something special.


After Selena was revealed to be a goddess and then married Ravens of War Max and Malcolm King life should have settled down, at least somewhat.  It wasn’t to be however because two other Ravens of War also created by the great god Zeus realized that Tamara was their own Fated, their mate.


Rafe Blackstone and Vin Thorn have done their duty to the gods on Olympus and rejoice in finding Tamara Mejia.  No matter how many roadblocks she puts in place they won’t give up.  They don’t know of Tamara’s vision of death, they only know that together they will complete each other.  There’s also the matter of Zeus’s father Cronus who’s still after Selena and figuring out that the way to his granddaughter might be through Tamara.  Nothing like a few complications on the road to love.


All bets are off when the gods get involved in Two for Tamara, the second story in a unique new series.  A free spirit, Tamara is a feisty law unto herself when faced with Rafe and Vin and their insistence on her place with them.  Two for Tamara is a gritty, complex romance with the occasional tense and scary moment.  The Ravens of War series is building into something special.

SELENA’S MEN by Elle Boon

SELENA’S MEN by Elle BoonSelena's Men by Elle Boon
Series: Ravens of War #1
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Menage, Paranormal
Source: Author

Reviewed by Lisa

The Ravens of War were created by the great god Zeus. The twelve were made on Olympus and given powers of their own.  Once their duties are completed they’re sent to Earth to find their soul mates, their Fated.  The twelve are then charged with one last task, to find Zeus and Hera’s kidnapped daughter, stolen by the god’s father Cronus and left somewhere on Earth.


Businesswomen Selena Ramos and Tamara Mejia plan to expand again, this time in Kansas City.  Redneck Paradise is their brainchild and so far the bars they’ve built have been successful.  Selena’s been in contact with Max and Malcolm King to look over properties for the next site.


The twin Ravens are frustrated by their inability to find the missing goddess.  She needs to be found by her twenty fifth birthday when her powers activate.  Not understanding her powers will be dangerous to everyone on Earth.  Finding her is imperative and so is meeting their new client with the oh-so-sexy voice.  Priorities men, priorities.


A sexy, engaging new series begins with Selena’s Men.  The Ravens of War introduces hot, intelligent characters in an original storyline that totally entertains readers.  Max and Malcolm are all man, even with their gifts from the gods.  Selena is a smart businesswoman whose life is turned upside down.  This series has a great start.  Enjoy.

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