Series: Red

ALWAYS RED by Isabelle Ronin

ALWAYS RED by Isabelle RoninAlways Red by Isabelle Red
Series: Red #2
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Sourcebooks

The highly anticipated and epic conclusion to the Chasing Red duology

"Red," Caleb whispered. "Do you know how I felt when you left me?"

I looked into his eyes. The emotion I saw in them, the intensity, and the tenderness filled up my throat.

"I felt ruined. Because, Red, every time you break me apart, you put me back together. And I always come out better than before."

"So," he cupped my face, stroking my cheek with his thumb. "Ruin me."

Always Red gives the reader an honest portrayal of the myriad of emotions we struggle with while discovering First Love.

Isabelle Ronin’s Always Red is brimming with poignant scenes that will have you crying one second and cheering the next.  Caleb is the man all women want to fall in love with.  His feelings for Red are intense and the way he expresses them will make you swoon.  At one point I was thinking, “Damn he’s good.”  How can you not fall in love with him?! I did.

Veronica is such a strong character.  She has such a challenging time overcoming her issues but she wants to so bad for herself and Caleb.  I love her boldness.  She does not back down even when people are trying to pin her in a corner.  The scenes between her and Beatrice-Rose, Caleb’s former bestie, and Caleb’s mother are my favorite.  At her age, it’s rare for someone to have the staunch backbone that Red has.  She is the perfect woman for Caleb! He’s a wealthy guy used to getting what he wants.  He needs a woman that will stand up to him and tell him like it is.

Always Red captures your heart and doesn’t let go.  Be prepared for one hell of a story, packed with romance and a bit of treachery.  Always Red is the second book in a duology you must read Chasing Red first. You don’t want to miss a second of this series.

CHASING RED by Isabelle Ronin

CHASING RED by Isabelle RoninChasing Red by Isabelle Ronin
Series: Red #1
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Sourcebooks


He had everything—wealth, adoration, a brilliant future. Until one chance encounter changed everything.
The moment Caleb Lockhart spotted the mysterious woman in her siren red dress, he couldn't tear his eyes away.
For the first time in his life, he wanted something. Something he knew he could never have.
The unforgettable stranger he dubs RED.

Chasing Red is torturous in a good way.  Author Isabelle Ronin’s Chasing Red is a sexy, angsty romance that leaves the reader begging for more.  Caleb isn’t quite ready for Veronica “Red” Strafford.  She’s a fiery woman that surprises him at every turn especially when she say’s no, which she does a lot.  Red doesn’t know how to take Caleb either.  It’s hard for her to handle his generosity and the wildness of his world.  Caleb allows her to find another piece of herself that she’s kept buried.  Watching both characters grow while learning about each other is fun.  Caleb and Red are two puzzle pieces that slowly find a way to fit together.


Chasing Red is full of multi-dimensional characters, some good and some bad. It’s fun finding out which are good and bad.  Chasing Red is quite addictive with its feisty heroine and fierce hero.   I couldn’t get enough of these two and their endearing romance. The cliffhanger is killer and will have you screaming for more.

THE COMMANDER by Cat Johnson

THE COMMANDER by Cat JohnsonThe Commander by Cat Johnson
Series: Red,
Genres: Contemporary, Military
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Just when they thought they were out of last chances, love comes around again. Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 12To his men on his SpecOps team, Hank Miller is simply the commander. They treat him like he’s more than a mere man, but Hank would be the first to admit he is full of the same fears, feelings and desires. He just doesn’t let them show. The military is his life, and that’s all he needs—until he travels to Pigeon Hollow for a wedding and meets the woman his men reverently call “Mama”. Lois Gordon is nothing like Hank envisioned. Instead of the plump, older woman happily baking pies in her farmhouse kitchen, Lois is a smart, sexy powerhouse who runs Gordon Equine...and tempts him to break all his own rules. The heat between them quickly flares into a weekend fling hotter than Lois’s oven. But with Hank’s dangerous career and two failed marriages between them, forever could be too much to ask for. Warning: Contains one smoking-hot mama and a man tough enough to not need pot holders to handle her.

Hank Miller has worked long and hard for his position in the military and for the last few years he has been the commander in charge of one of the best special ops teams.  While in just as good of shape as his men, time is starting to pass Hank by it seems.  After being misidentified during a training op, Hank begins to wonder if it’s time to accept a different job.  When asked to attend a wedding for one of his men, Hank agrees to and travels to a small town and meets a woman he only knew as “Mama” and gets the shock of his life.

Lois Gordon knows that she is really young to be the mother for three adult men, but they are the best thing that happened from her disaster of a marriage at a really young age.  Lois has worked long and hard to not only keep the family horse ranch in the family but to also raise her sons to be great men.  When one of her sons decides to have a rushed wedding at the ranch, Lois agrees and does her best to be ready for the crowd of people showing up.  Lois knows that the entire special ops team, that two of her sons are part of, is arriving along with the man who runs it. 

When Lois and Hank meet for the first time an instant heat sets both of them aback as neither expected to ever feel that type of feeling again.  Between baking pies and bachelorette and bachelor parties, these two middle age parents engage in a hot and silent weekend fling.  Neither Lois nor Hank do one night stands nor flings but it seems that the cards are against them as they will part when the weekend is over.  However, neither Lois nor Hank want to forget about the passion that sprang up between them and it will take all the logical and technical experience that Hank has gained to find a way to keep Lois and his career – not to mention informing both his and Lois’s children.

A wedding brings a second chance to two special people who never expected love to sprinkle dust on them a second time.  Lois and Hank learn that passion the second time around can be even hotter and more special in The Commander.  I have to admit that after reading the entire series so far, Hank really had been just the commander to the special ops guys for me also.  But once I learned more about Hank, I knew that he deserved the same type of happy ending that his men did.  I also have to admit the same thing with Lois, she was just the mother to two of the guys, and yet again I was drawn in to her back-story as it rolled out.  I loved watching as Lois and Hank met and then experienced a hot wave of passion. I just knew they had to find a way to make their future happen. I thought that Hank’s way to get all of Lois’s sons home was very crafty.  The Commander is a tale of fast blossoming love and hot passion for one well deserving couple, combined with the humor of life happening.


MATT by Cat Johnson

MATT by Cat JohnsonMatt by Cat Johnson
Series: Red,
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Some SpecOp assignments are more special than others. Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 11Matt Coleman. Task Force Zeta’s computer expert. Certified genius. Dateless loser. He’s getting damned tired of watching his teammates pair off, while the only thing he’s had his hands on lately is a computer keyboard. Even Sam, the Omega team’s communications guy—who Matt only knows through daily instant messages—is going on missions while Matt sits home, bored and jealous. Until he finally gets a shot at an assignment in Dubai. As the only female on Omega team, Samantha Foster isn’t surprised that the mission to Dubai is all hers. After all, only a woman can infiltrate a modern-day harem to ferret out a terrorist-minded mole. The big surprise is when she’s sent along with a guest’s dinner as dessert—and finds Matt on the other side of the bedroom door. After he gets over the shock that Sam is a woman, Matt is more than happy to help her in any way he can. In the shower. In the bed. Oh yeah, and on the computer too. This book has been previously published. Warning: What happens in the harem doesn't always stay in the harem.

Matt Coleman is the computer expert for his special ops team – Zeta.  Matt might be a certified genius and a great tactician, but he is really tired of watching his fellow team members having a great love life while his is a disaster.  Matt is getting so desperate that he is taking extreme measures – online dating service.  That quickly proves to be a disaster also.  It seems that the only highlight in Matt’s day is to chat with a fellow special ops computer expert for the Omega team – Sam.  And now even Sam is getting to go on an op while Matt sits.

Samantha Foster has had to fight like crazy to be seen as a full member of team Omega and not just as a girl.  Her nickname Sam has helped but when even her commander tries to shield Sam from anything that might even possibly be dangerous, Sam knows she has a long ways to go.  When her team receives an op in Dubai, it has to be Sam who goes undercover – she is the only woman and she will have to infiltrate a harem to complete her job and find a terrorist. 

Matt is sent to Dubai because one of his programs isn’t working right.  Part of that job is staying at the sheik’s home.  But Matt isn’t about to accept the offerings from the harem that are sent his way.  That is until the night when the woman sent to him is clearly an American and a further shock – his buddy Sam is a sexy woman and she is out to capture a terrorist with no back up.  Matt instantly teams up with Sam, both in bed and out of it, to not only capture the person they are after but they might even be able to set a net that will give both teams future intelligence if done right.  Now they just need to set the trap and get out safely.  But when Matt arrives back to his room, it’s to discover that Sam is gone and he can only hope that her team came to her rescue.  When Matt gets home will he find Sam safe and will they figure out a way to explore the feelings that they found while in Dubai?

When two special ops computer experts meet in Dubai sparks fly and it’s not only in the bedroom.  Matt and Sam discover that they have much more in common than computers and special ops in Matt.  I just knew that Matt would have to have his day in the sun and was really happy to see him get Sam.  I could understand Sam’s frustration at being held back because she was a woman, even though she had qualified to be part of her team just like all the men.  I loved how surprised both Sam and Matt were when they came face-to-face in Dubai, but I wasn’t surprised that their feelings exploded because they had been chat buddies for so long.  I also loved how devious they were at setting their trap and can’t wait to see the results in future books.  I can only hope that Matt and Sam find a way to not only explore their connection together but that they discover the love that the rest of team Zeta have found.  Matt proves that love and friendship can happen when you least expect it and that it can be hot and spicy even when danger surrounds you.

BULL by Cat Johnson

BULL by Cat JohnsonBull by Cat Johnson
Series: Red, Hot and Blue #10
Genres: Contemporary, Military
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

When the going gets tough, the tough go out with a bang. Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 10Spec Op “Bull” Ford is as big as his nickname. His team, the civilians he protects, whether they know it or not, all depend on him. But beneath his stony exterior beats the heart of a caring man—unless he’s crossed. Between her job as professional harpist and fending off an ex-boyfriend who won’t take the hint, Marly feels like a circus juggler. She doesn’t need some oversized, overzealous security guard accusing her of being a terrorist—as if a five-foot-nothing woman in a ball gown could threaten anyone. Though when the real terrorists strike, she’s more than grateful to have Bull at her side...or on top, which certainly makes what could be her last breaths memorable. But after Bull takes the brunt of the explosion, Marly is left with feelings for a man who doesn’t remember who she is. And by the time the red-hot memories come flooding back, the trail to her heart may have gone cold. Warning: Contains explosive sexual encounters—literally!

Bull Ford is a special ops guy with a very specialized team.  He knows that every member has to be at their best in order to pull off their jobs, so when he takes a misstep in a training exercise and his team loses it’s his entire fault.  That same night his love life, what there is of it, goes down the tubes too.  So when Bull is given what should have been a simple babysitting job with a senator, he doesn’t expect to end up in a bathtub with a woman or the intense experience he has with that same woman and that was only part of what happened that night.

Marly Spenser is a harpist who has a gig tonight, a gig that her ex-boyfriend arranged for her.   That would be fine except the ex hasn’t gotten that part through his head yet and now Marly’s nerves are shot and her music is suffering for it.  All she can hope for is that her many hours of practice and experience will come through when it counts.  This gig could lead to many more well paying gigs.  While setting up, Marly notices a huge and handsome man who must be security of some form by how he is acting. 

Bull notices the sexy harpist right away as the night begins but when the senator shows up, it’s business as usual.  That is until Bull receives intel that there is a bomb set to go off and it’s a packed room.  To top it off, Bull learns that there was no harpist scheduled for the entertainment.  Of course Bull goes right to Marly to find out what she knows.  Things are moving fast and furious when Bull learns that Marly really was scheduled and now he must save her from the bomb while his team shows up and goes into action.  Intense emotions leads to one sexy encounter between Marly and Bull and a fright filled one.  Marly learns what happened to Bull and goes to him in the hospital, only to see something that destroys her hopes that they might have a future.  When Bull remembers that night and learns about what happened, it’s his turn to go and hope for a future between him and Marly.  Can one intense encounter turn into a loving future for two totally different people? 

One night of suspense and sex just might be the beginnings of a wonderful relationship, if fate turns in their favor.  Bull and Marly are reaching for their future and hoping on fate in Bull.  I wasn’t surprised that Bull took it to heart when a minor mistake on his part ended a training exercise in defeat – even though there were other members of his team who should have seen what was going on too.  I was hoping for Bull and Marly from the first time they met because I could already see that they both needed a new direction and a steady relationship.  I was surprised at how hot and fast they came together and later felt so bad for Marly when she heard something but didn’t understand the entire story.  I loved that Bull immediately went to Marly and put his heart on the line while explaining what had happened.  Bull is a hot and sexy night, which proves just how fast love can happen when everything is just right. A great continuation of my favorite ops team members. 

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