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ENFORCER’S REDEMPTION by Carrie Ann RyanEnforcer's Redemption by Carrie Ann Ryan
Series: Redwood Pack #4
Published by Fated Desires Genres: Paranormal
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Reviewed by Miranda

Pack Enforcer Adam Jamenson brutally lost his mate and unborn babe years ago. He hasn’t been the same since.  Adam’s pack, the Redwoods, are headed for a war with their enemy The Centrals.  The last thing he needs is the complication of an ex-one-night-stand turning his life upside down.


Werewolf Bay Milton has a secret that she hopes to keep.  Her one night with the Redwood Pack’s enforcer left lasting consequences and she needs his help desperately.


Now they must find a way to deal with each other and defeat the Centrals. Will they find love amid the chaos?


Carrie Ann Ryan’s Redwood Pack keeps getting hotter and hotter!  I’ve been intrigued by Adam Jamenson since book one.  He is so emotionally devastated it was hard to imagine him falling in love again.  And then spitfire Bay Milton walked in.  She is one of my favorite characters.  She is strong and simply perfect for Adam.  Enforcer’s Redemption is full of heady emotions, hot sex and splendid romance!


SHATTERED EMOTIONS by Carrie Ann RyanShattered Emotions by Carrie Ann Ryan
Series: Redwood Pack #5
Published by Fated Desires Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Maddox Jamenson is the Omega of the Redwood Pack.  He can literally feel all the emotions of his pack members.  His job as Omega has really limited his love life.  He fears his mate would be unable to also take on the packs emotions.  It doesn’t help that the woman he has feelings for is the outcast daughter of their enemy and his brother appears to have feelings for her too.

Ellie Reyes has been tortured by her own family for years.  She hates her former pack, The Centrals, and will do anything to help the Redwoods defeat them.  The one thing she desires is her mate but he turned his back on her after rescuing her from her family.  Now she lives each day doing what she can to help the Redwoods hoping that Maddox will one day take her as his own.

Danger has arisen and Ellie becomes a target. Maddox and his brother must protect her.  Will this finally force Maddox to claim what is rightfully his or will his brother get there first?

Shattered Emotions is a story a long time in the making and fans of Ryan’s Redwood Pack have been salivating for the story.  Ryan doesn’t disappoint with this emotionally driven satisfying romance.  Maddox and Ellie are both severely scarred by their pasts.  It is impossible to ignore the sparks flying when these two share the pages of Shattered Emotions.  As they begin sharing their feelings with each other the intensity between them grows pulling the reader along for the ride.  In need of a hot emotionally charged romance then Carrie Ann Ryan’s Shattered Emotions should be your next buy.

FORGIVENESS by Carrie Ann Ryan

FORGIVENESS by Carrie Ann RyanForgiveness by Carrie Ann Ryan
Series: Redwood Pack #4.7
Published by Fated Desires Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Forgiveness takes us back into the beautiful romance between Adam and Bay Jamenson.

Adam and Bay got off to a bit of a rocky start.  They didn’t have a chance for a lot of romance.  Now that they are getting used to being the Enforcer mated pair, Adam wants to sweep Bay off her feet.  Bay finds a mysterious locket and decides to find out the past behind it.  Adam and Bay discover more than they bargained for but importantly they discover the meaning of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a sweet story that gives Redwood fans a better glimpse into the lives of our favorite Redwood wolves.  This novella gives us the sweetest look at Adam and Bay’s life as well as an exciting emotional romance.


BLURRED EXPECTATIONS by Carrie Ann RyanBlurred Expectations by Carrie Ann Ryan
Series: Redwood Pack #4.5
Published by Fated Desires Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

Blurred Expectations takes us back into the lives of Hannah Jamenson and her mates, Josh and Reed.

Hannah is desperate to get pregnant and watching all her sisters get pregnant and give birth is killing her spirit.  Josh and Reed want children with Hannah as well.  It hurts them to watch their mate in so much pain when there is nothing they can do to help.  Life is put into perspective when an enemy comes back to haunt them.  Will this triad survive intact and find their happiness all over again?

Blurred Expectations is overflowing with emotions.  Hannah, Josh and Reed are my favorite Redwoods.  I felt so bad for Hannah.  Her struggle is touching and her men’s determination to make her happy makes for a compelling story.  Every Redwood Pack fan will love this story.

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