Series: River Wolf Pack

OMEGA ARRIVAL by Rebecca James

OMEGA ARRIVAL by Rebecca JamesOmega Arrival by Rebecca James
Series: River Wolf Pack #4
Published by JMS Books LLC Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

An agreement is reached between the River Wolf pack and the Angel Hills pack. The River Wolf pack will be giving the other pack some desperately need omegas in order to survive.  Five omegas and three betas are willing to move and not a moment too soon as the River Wolf pack implodes between two rival Alpha wolves.  When second Alpha Milo arrives from the Angel Hills pack the omegas and betas are ready to leave immediately.


Among the omegas willing to leave is Justin who has two sets of twins.  He was mated to Stone a brutal Alpha who used Justin’s timid omega personality against him.  In truth, the gentle omega was at his wits end trying to figure out how to leave Stone without the Alpha harming him.  Fate stepped in as Stone was attacked by the Turned, humans bitten by werewolves – wanted by no one.  He’s believed dead and Justin is beyond relieved.


The Angel Hills pack will be a new start for Justin and the other omegas who also have a misery filled past to overcome.  Hopefully they have made the right decision to start over.  A chance at a new future with their young.


Pack dynamics are further explored in the latest offering of the River Wolf Pack series.  Painful, powerful relationships are the focus in Omega Arrival.  This original series has a unique blend of tenderness, action, and drama with added sensuality in the mix.  Omega Arrival has heart warming romantic aspects and heart pounding danger too.  These books continue to develop into a fantastic set of stories.

THIRD MATE by Rebecca James

THIRD MATE by Rebecca JamesThird Mate by Rebecca James
Series: River Wolf Pack #3
Published by JMS Books LLC Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The River Wolf Pack has reached a crossroads.  Too many recent events, too many decisions made have altered the dynamics of life within the pack.  These changes cannot be undone.  The future of the pack is in jeopardy.


Alpha River and his half human omega mate Josiah are more devoted to each other than ever.  The birth of their twins, their female twins is unprecedented.  Werewolf packs are always all male, their omegas are the only ones capable of carrying young.  There are no females in a werewolf pack.  Until now.


Another sore point within the pack is the addition of several rogues and a coyote shifter which Alpha River has allowed.  The final straw to fan the flames is the controversy over letting Jax, the human lover of David the second alpha to live within the pack.  Even though it’s only part time it is nonetheless a major issue.  Especially with Stone, a rather loud opponent to Alpha River’s decisions, who loves to stir up the pack against their leader.


Stone’s inflammatory actions are becoming a focus for dissention within the pack.  The steadying, solid influence of Alpha River, Josiah, and others won’t be enough to stop this pack from imploding.  Change is coming.


Third Mate is a well crafted intense story intertwined with broken family pack dynamics.  Sincere, heartfelt characterizations and blazing sexual encounters rounds out this sweeping adventure in the third River Wolf Pack story.  Author Rebecca James writes an imaginative werewolf/human reality tale that is compelling and entertaining, as well as hotter than hell sexual scenes.  River, Josiah, and the rest of the cast tug and pull every heartstring in Third Mate.  The next story cannot come soon enough.

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