Series: Rock Kiss

ROCK WEDDING by Nalini Singh

ROCK WEDDING by Nalini SinghRock Wedding by Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Sarah Smith was very young and pretty naïve when she fell in love and married the man of her dreams, or so she thought.  Sarah knew that Abe and the rock group he was in was moving up when she married Abe, but she never expected how the pressures and other trip-falls of that stardom would destroy all of her dreams.  Now, it’s several years later, and Sarah has learned the hard way that dreams really don’t always come true.  Strangely enough, just when Sarah needed someone to help her, it was Abe who stepped in.


Abe Bellamy is a member of Schoolboy Choir, a rock band that has been at the top of the charts for years now.  Abe has had to struggle with his demons while the band rose in fame and part of realizing he needed help was when he single-handedly destroyed his marriage with Sarah.  Abe knows he threw away one of the best things he ever had when he forced Sarah to leave him.  Abe has had time to be clean and sober, and it hurts more than ever as Abe relives those years with Sarah.


Abe is hoping that he might just have a chance to show Sarah that he has changed and become a better man, and maybe she would be willing to give him a second chance.  Sarah is more than wary when Abe is suddenly coming around, sending her thoughtful and heartwarming gifts and just being the man she once thought she had married.  As Abe learns about what Sarah has gone through in the years since their parting, he learns that she has overcome several things that would have put most people down.  When Sarah and Abe learn that she has become pregnant, the stakes are even higher for Sarah and Abe.  As the nine months pass, Sarah and Abe learn each other again and each discovers they have fallen back in love with the other.  The questions are, can Sarah trust Abe to be her future and that of their child’s enough to give them that golden future, or is it too late for them?


Young marriages in the glare of stardom rarely last long.  Sarah and Abe learned that all too well but maybe, just maybe, they have found a way for a second chance at the love and future they tried for so long ago in Rock Wedding.  I have to admit I always wondered just what destroyed Abe and Sarah’s marriage.  Learning just what happened had me hoping even harder that Sarah and Abe would win this time as I followed their ups and downs of rediscovering each other.  Several times I cheered for them and, of course, there were the times that I wanted to give them both a hug.  What I really loved was how the band members all did what they could to help out Sarah and Abe, including using their finances.


I loved watching Abe and Sarah not only fall in love again, but also their journey to becoming parents.  Another thing I loved was seeing all four weddings and how each wedding perfectly matched the couple involved.  Rock Wedding is an awesome second-chance-at-love story and more—it is the perfect way to the love and happiness for each member of Schoolboy Choir.  After I read this story, I actually had to start at the beginning and re-read the entire series from start to end.



ROCK REDEMPTION by Nalini SinghRock Redemption by Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Rock Band
Source: Author


Kit Devigny knows all about living in the spotlight of the public having been born of two well-known public figures.  Now she is trying to break into Hollywood on her own.  Heck, she even goes by a stage name so that the only fame she is known by is what she has earned on her own.  Kit became good friends with the guys of Schoolboy Choir when they were just starting out, too.  Now, they are world famous rock stars, and Kit has a chance to mark her place in movies and Hollywood forever with a great movie.  Everything seems great in Kit’s world except for the heartbreak that she was dealt intentionally by Noah.


Noah St. John knew that he and Kit were beginning to build something special and because of issues he has never been able to outgrow, Noah made sure that Kit caught him doing something that was sure to break them apart.  Noah never wanted to hurt Kit, which is why he did what he did, and yet that is exactly what he did that night.  Now, he has lost one of the only friends he had outside of the band.  Noah would give anything to find a way to get Kit back as his friend again, even if it means facing the reoccurring nightmares that have haunted him since childhood.


Kit isn’t about to give Noah another chance to break her heart, but when she finds him after a strange phone call, Kit does the only thing she can think of—

she takes him home and makes sure he is okay and not out to hurt anyone, especially himself.  Noah knows this might be his only chance to get his friendship with Kit back again.  Things are seriously strained between them as new boundaries to their friendship and the past are put into place.  When a media report suddenly places them as the couple of the year, if not longer, at first they agree to deny it.  That is, before Kit finds out that her chance at getting the part of her lifetime is now tied to her positive media attention. Kit is not about to use Noah and their refreshed friendship like that, and yet Noah is determined to support Kit and if it means playing the boyfriend, he is all for it, no matter what it might cost him.  As their media relationship goes on, it becomes very apparent that their previous feelings are back and growing stronger by the day.  The true question is, can Noah find a way to tell Kit just what made him act the way he has and can Kit find away help Noah be the man she sees and not what his imagination shows him?


The celebrity spotlight has been known to tear apart more couples than it brings together, and yet in Kit and Noah’s case it might just be the trigger that provides the nudge needed for their forever romance.  Rock Redemption is the hard and yet loving journey that Kit and Noah take from heartbreak to passion to lasting love.  I had seen the many clues that something in Noah’s past made him the hardcore player he seemed to be, and yet I had seen other clues telling me that Noah’s actions were just a shell he showed the public.  My heart hurt as I learned just what in Noah’s past had hurt him so badly.  I knew that Kit had every right to just turn her back on Noah, and yet it was both of their inner goodness and strength which paved the way for understanding and healing for both of them.  I really loved how Noah immediately agreed to play Kit’s boyfriend even knowing what it would do to him. I also loved how Kit grabbed the ribbon of their happiness and didn’t let anything, and I mean anything, put up a wall between her and Noah ever again.


For these reasons and so many more, I am giving Rock Redemption a recommended read.  This is a story you will not want to miss, even if you haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, although I am pretty sure you will want to after this.  Noah and Kit’s story has just bounced to my favorite in the Rock Kiss series.  To know exactly why, pick up this book and read it—you won’t regret it.

ROCK HARD by Nalini Singh

ROCK HARD by Nalini SinghRock Hard by Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Charlotte Baird was always very shy, but she was feisty when needed. After a viscous attack in a place that she should have been safe, now she is shy and scared. In fact, Charlotte has nick-named herself “Charlie-Mouse.” Because even the thought of having to interview for a new job can give Charlie hives, she has allowed herself to be taken advantage of at work. Charlie’s normal day at work could get even more interesting, as new CEO is coming, and he is known for taking no prisoners.


Gabriel Bishop was known as “the Bishop” on the rugby field and as one tough competitor. When an injury took Gabriel off the field, he walked into his second love—bringing companies back from the brink of ruin. The challenge of turning a shrinking business around and making it profitable gives Gabriel the same type of rush that racing down the rugby field did. Gabriel is once again stepping in to help an established and world renowned business to take its place back in the world of elite retail shopping.


To say that when Gabriel and Charlie first met it was all but a disaster might not be strong enough. But Gabriel has always used the assets he finds to their best advantage, and Charlotte is definitely an asset for the company. Now, if he can only find a way to bring out the feisty woman he sees in her eyes when they are together instead of the timid and scared mouse, they will be an unbeatable team. Charlie doesn’t care what Gabriel’s nickname might have been before, but she has the perfect one for him now—T-Rex. As the months go by, it’s a fun loving battle between a Charlie-Mouse vs. T-Rex. It’s one that is peppered with passion as respect turns into friendship and that turns into feelings that cannot be denied. When Charlie is once again threatened by a nightmare from her past, Gabriel is going to show just why he was so good on the rugby field, and this is one T-Rex that knows how to protect those he loves.


When a quiet and timid woman with a core of feistiness meets a man known to chew up and spit out incompetents, the outcome is a book you just can’t put down.  Charlotte and Gabriel have quite a journey that will encompass everything from a shaky first meeting to friendly workmates to a romance that rocks both of their worlds in Rock Hard. I just can’t tell you how many times I laughed and cheered both Charlie and Gabriel on while I watched their relationship progress. I also really loved the chapter titles that showed up, because then I couldn’t wait to see how the title was reflected in the chapter itself. But mostly, I felt for Gabriel as he helped Charlie regain the parts of herself that had been lost to violence. Charlie’s inner strength and determination will totally have you cheering for her to kick butt on her fears and grasp every element of the love between herself and Gabriel. Rock Hard is a wonderful story about beating the odds with an adorable couple that I just want to hug now that they have it all. Before reading about Gabriel and Charlie, I only wanted to see the rest of the band have their books, now I not only want that, but I also want to see Gabriel’s two single brothers find their happy endings too.

ROCK ADDICTION by Nalini Singh

ROCK ADDICTION by Nalini Singh

ROCK ADDICTION by Nalini SinghRock Addiction by Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Reviewed by Jo

JoyfullyRecommendedMolly Webster grew up having to face a very ugly and very public scandal.  That experience has never left Molly and she lives her life doing her best to stay far, far out of the lime light.  But when your newly discovered half-sister is a publicist for one of the hottest international rock bands, it becomes hard.  When Molly and her best friend decided to attend one of the parties for Schoolboy Choir, Molly thought she could enjoy her night and stay out of the media spotlight.  That was before she had her first up close look at Fox and his sexy lip ring, the lead singer of Schoolboy Choir.


Zachary Fox is a serious hard rocking bad boy but once you have his friendship, he is also the most protective man around to those he chooses to be his family.  Fox, like all of the other band members, knows that the media, publicity and access to the band members is part of the gig.  Fox felt lust the instant he saw Molly but he couldn’t get close enough to see if she felt the same way as the party went on.  So when he saw Molly leaving, Fox made his move that ended with one hot night’s passion for both Fox and Molly.


Molly agreed to one night with Fox, sure that would be enough to cool her lust for Fox and still keep her out of the limelight.  But when Molly learns that the band is staying in New Zealand for an extended period it takes steely nerves from Molly and determination from Fox to extend their night into a month of passion.  Fox thought it was just skittishness on Molly’s part on why she wanted/needed to stay in the background – that was before he learned the truth about her past.  Now Fox knows just what type of a battle he will have on his hands if he wants to keep Molly in his life and that is ALL Fox wants – Molly forever.  A rock and roll lifestyle is a rocky road with lots of pitfalls along the way, but it’s a journey that Fox and Molly travel together facing each hurdle as a team and learning just how together they can conquer anything.  But as the media and fans learn about Molly will that trust and love be enough to overcome Molly’s fear of the media?


Passion proves that even a media stung woman and a hot rock star can find a way to be a couple in the glare of the spotlight in Rock Addiction.  Molly and Fox had very different experiences with the type of media that follow public figures and attitudes about it.  I loved how both Molly and Fox were true to themselves – tempers, misunderstandings and hot passionate interludes – as they discovered the love that came out of their initial lust.  I also loved how real each of the band members and their issues were as Molly and Fox came together.  It seemed to me that just about everything was thrown at Molly and Fox in an attempt to tear them apart.  The best part was that every issue seemed to bring them closer and closer together.  The one thing you can’t miss and seals the deal is how both Molly and Fox found a way to overcome huge issues in their pasts just by talking and loving each other.  Rock Addiction is a fun, hot and an exciting beginning to a new series with Molly and Fox’s story the best starting point.  One of the best rock band stories I have read in a long time – in that it doesn’t hide the hard things and still finds a way to bring that awesome ending that romance readers long for.


There were two side stories that I’m hoping will become stories so I can see the entire journey on how and if these characters get together.  Another great sign that a new series is going to be a hit – hitting the author’s coming soon page to see when the next books are out right after finishing the first book.  Rock Addiction is a keeper from the first word until the last one, with so many things in between that will stay in your mind long after that last page is turned and it’s also a book that I Joyfully Recommend.

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