Series: Rosewood

STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Andrea Laurence

STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Andrea LaurenceStirring Up Trouble by Andrea Laurence
Series: Rosewood #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Pocket Star

Maddie Chamberlain needs to sleep.  Having to be up before the crack of dawn to start baking requires that she goes to bed early at night.  However, sleeps never comes during the week due to the intolerably loud music coming from the town’s bar across the street.  Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Maddie calls the law enforcement every night to complain about the noise violation.


As the owner of Woody’s, Emmett Sawyer does not understand why Maddie Chamberlain moved into a house across from his bar when she knows that bar business means keeping late hours and playing loud music.


Things goes from bad to worse when Maddie and Emmett’s never-ending conflict results in a court appearance and the judge sentencing them to several weeks of working together on community service projects.


I have never loved to hate someone so much; yet, that is precisely how I felt about Maddie.  While, her reasoning is valid concerning the noise violation; her snooty manner leaves a lot to be desired.  I really like how Emmett did not allow her snobbish ways to intimidate him.  As a matter of fact, his nonsense, carefree ways makes Maddie change her outlook on life by making her realize how cruel she has been.  Seeing Maddie come to this conclusion changes my opinion of her and makes her a likable character.  The romance between Maddie and Emmett is spicy hot.  As you can imagine, their love journey is not an easy road traveled.  But watching them give into their attraction is humorous and sweltering all at the same time.  By far, the most entertaining part of the storyline is the mystery of the Penis Picasso.  I laughed for days!  Stirring Up Trouble is filled with humor, love, and a battle of wills.  All in all a good read.

FACING THE MUSIC by Andrea Laurence

FACING THE MUSIC by Andrea LaurenceFacing the Music by Andrea Laurence
Series: Rosewood #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pocket Star


Reeling from pain and heartache, Ivy turned it into a chart-topping song and catapulted her career into the stratosphere.  Her hit song, ‘Size Matters’, brought her to the top of her game, but happiness has eluded her and bouncing around from one bad relationship to another has given her great material to write songs about, but the latest foray into love has backfired for Ivy.  Forced by her manager to work on something new and help in a charity event, Ivy has returned home to her small town.  She hasn’t been back since she left, and she’s not looking forward to seeing her ex or all the questions about the ‘size’ of something either!

Blake was on the road to a great NFL career, and he wanted his girlfriend Ivy by his side.  The long distance romance these young college sweethearts had embarked upon was proving very daunting.  When Ivy couldn’t get to Blake, he made a mistake and got caught.  Not fighting for them, he let her go.  Soon, an injury took him out of the game and Blake has been home ever since.  Having to live down a certain top-selling song, hasn’t helped much either!  However, now Ivy is back, and feelings that Blake and she thought were long buried are reemerging.  Yet, outside forces are scheming to keep them apart.  Will they let down their guard enough to work past the hurts from before, or will Blake let her run from him again and not fight for their love?

Facing the Music is an entertaining, sweet romance with incredibly likeable characters!  Blake and Ivy proved that they weren’t perfect and managed to wound one another in selfish choices that they made years ago.

Facing the Music felt very contemporary and reminded me of a well-known artist of today, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  I liked that both Blake and Ivy grew over the years and that some jealousy was still evident because of a past hurt in Facing the Music. However, I did find that I was curious about some other aspects of their lives apart in Facing the Music, and I thought perhaps that they would explore that, but they didn’t.

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