Series: Rough Riders

WILD ZONE by Skye Jordan

WILD ZONE by Skye Jordan
Wild Zone
by Skye Jordan

Series: Rough Riders #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Tate Donovan is happy that his teammates are finding love but it is no longer on the cards for him. He gave up looking for the one when he found out his ex-wife was using their bed for more than sleeping while he was on the ice. The last thing he wants to do is start dating again but when he’s at his friend’s engagement party he meets Olivia who fascinates him more than he thought was possible. He wants to spend time with her and get to know her but he knows she has no plans on staying in town. Will Tate be able to change her mind and give them a chance?


Olivia Essex is home from France to help her family’s catering company get back in the black. She didn’t really plan to work while she is home but they need the help and besides it’s only for a few weeks before she leaves to go back to France to attend culinary school. The last thing this free spirit is looking for is love but she is up for a good time while she is there. The time she spends with Tate is amazing but then she finds out he’s been keeping a secret that breaks her heart and forces her to realize she cares more about him than she thought she would. With school coming up she has a hard decision to make, she just hopes she makes the right one.


Wild Zone was another winner by Skye Jordan and I absolutely loved Tate and Olivia together. In the previous book, Dirty Score, I didn’t care for Tate and his big brotherly tendencies. He came off as a real jerk so many times so I was glad to see that he could redeem himself in Wild Zone. Olivia’s trust issues revolve around her family keeping secrets so I think I understood why keeping secrets was a big deal breaker for her. After all how you can you actually trust someone after that? While Tate and Olivia might be as different as night and day they came together beautifully and really started to open up to one another.


One thing that really bothered me about Wild Zone was all the family drama that was centered around Olivia and then later Tate. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to reading close families in romance novels or that this was just a little overdone. I could see it happening once but it was a constant thing throughout the entire story.


The Rough Riders series continues to grow on me with the humor, love and of course the hot hockey players. Ms. Jordan gives her readers realistic situations and a HEA that is always swoon worthy. I hope Wild Zone isn’t the end of the Rough Riders series and there will be more to come later this year.

QUICK TRICK by Skye Jordan

QUICK TRICK by Skye Jordan
Quick Trick
by Skye Jordan

Series: Rough Riders #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Source: Author


I started the Rough Riders series with book two, Hot Puck, and to be honest after reading Hot Puck I wanted to start Quick Trick right away. Quick Trick happened to be done a little different and because it was the first book it the series I wasn’t as into it as I was with Hot Puck but I still found it an entertaining read.


Grant Saber left Holly, North Carolina behind in order to pursue his professional hockey career and he hasn’t regretted it. Just coming off surgery from his shoulder he returns home for Christmas and notices that nothing has changed in Holly but still he can’t wait to get back to his life in D.C. and back on the ice with his teammates. His mother sends him to pick up their Christmas tree but when he gets there the store has closed early. One thing Grant is good at is sweet talking, so he goes out to find the woman running the shop so he can sweet talk her into getting the tree before his mother skins him alive, but when he finds Faith she isn’t at all what he was expecting.


Faith has had a rough year, it’s been six months since she lost her father to cancer and trying to keep St. Nicholas Hardware running. After putting her life on hold while taking care of her father it might be time for her to get back out there dating wise but living in a small town it’s a little hard. When a sexy stranger tries to sweet talk her into opening her store to get his Christmas tree she thinks that’s the last she will see of him but day after day Grant comes into her shop trying to win her over. When Faith takes the plunge to ask him out things get hot and dirty fast and Faith is okay with that until her heart starts to hurt at the thought of him leaving. Will she end up being enough for him to stay or will she be left alone again to pick up the pieces?


The one thing I missed in Quick Trick was the hockey. While Grant did take to the ice with the kids in the community it wasn’t the same as reading about him playing in the NHL, but that was a really a minor thing for me. I liked Quick Trick; it was cute, funny and freaking Hot! Grant and Faith had funny banter and fabulous chemistry right from the beginning.


Once in a while I come across a hero who turns me inside out and Grant was that for me. He has a reputation for being a player but I loved how he just gravitated to Faith from the very beginning because she is not usually the type of woman he would fall for. He showed he could be sweet, sexy and alpha in all the right places plus he was a dirty talker which I just loved.


I also really liked Faith and the fire she had in her to make the store a success not only for her herself, but for her deceased father because he loved it. She was strong but I also loved how she showed her insecurities to Grant and talked things out with him before making some crazy decisions.


Of course in any good romance comes drama but with Quick Trick Skye Jordan kept it very minimal which I was grateful for. Since Quick Trick is the first book in the Rough Riders series we are introduced to some of Grants teammates and honestly these guys cracked me up. I’m really looking forward to meeting them and reading their stories. It looks like I won’t have to wait too long because every month Ms. Jordan will be publishing a new one. Yippee! If you’re looking for a quick read that’s filled with holiday spirit, love and a happily ever after you won’t want to miss, you have to check out Quick Trick.

HOT PUCK by Skye Jordan

HOT PUCK by Skye Jordan
Hot Puck
by Skye Jordan

Series: Rough Riders #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Source: Author


Reviews are about honest opinions so here it goes, I actually passed on reading Hot Puck the first time because of the amount of pages. For some reason I always feel that the less amount of pages will leave the story would missing something but when I came across Hot Puck again I decided to take a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did. Skye Jordan is a new author to me and I can happily say not only did I love Hot Puck but devoured it in one sitting that’s, how much I loved it.


Beckett Cross is the defenseman and captain of the Rough Riders. While he enjoys playing and his teammates there is one special woman in his life which is his daughter, Lily. After getting knocked around during the game one night his team doctor insists he go to the hospital to get properly checked out but, the stubborn man that he is, he resists until he passes out and wakes up to a beautiful EMT holding him down. Beckett is fine with one night stands but with the feelings Eden is bringing out in him he isn’t sure the impact it will have on Lily and until he knows for sure what is really going on between them he wants to keep that part secret, but will not telling Eden the truth now damage their future?


Eden moved from California to the East Coast to start over and while working as an EMT she is also taking classes to become a paramedic. She hasn’t had the best past and knows nothing about hockey so when Beckett asks her out she doesn’t take him seriously. Eden has been stuck existing and not really living, scared of what could happen until she decides it’s time for a change and while she might not be ready for a relationship yet she could try to be bold and have some fun between the sheets. She never expected Beckett to be totally different than when she first met him which is making her fall for him hard. But when Beckett’s past comes to light she starts to doubt their relationship and wonder if she made the right choice this time.


Did I already say I loved Hot Puck, because I really did. While there was a little drama here and there it didn’t take up the entire book and Ms. Jordan really did focus on their blooming relationship. Sure they both had pasts but it Eden’s that really broke my heart but I loved how Beckett just knew, although he didn’t know all the details yet he was really reading her and her reactions to everything.


Beckett hasn’t had a special someone in his life in such a long time but I loved how addicted he was to Eden. While his first priority was his daughter, Eden was second which just showed how serious he was about her. I really liked these two and thought that they had fabulous chemistry in and out of the bedroom. Eden turned out to be strong even though she didn’t think she was and Beckett was truly swoon worthy.


Ms. Jordan brought a different light to hockey romance and for that reason I will be sticking with the Rough Riders series. I loved Hot Puck so much I am actually starting book one as soon as I can. The best part of Hot Puck is that you don’t have to be a fan of hockey to love this story. Already I am looking forward to seeing where this series will go and which hockey hottie will be the next to take the big fall off the ice.

LONG TIME GONE by Lorelei James

LONG TIME GONE by Lorelei James
Long Time Gone
by Lorelei James

Series: Rough Riders #16.5
Published by Self Published Genres: Erotic, Western
Source: Reviewer


Calvin McKay isn’t a big fan of weddings, but since his brother is the groom, Cal is there to support him.  When Carson needs to sneak away from the upcoming nuptials for a bit of alone time with his wife to be, Cal is called upon to distract the bride’s younger sister Kimi.  Only, upon first sight, Cal is the one that has a hard time concentrating.  Getting to know Kimi is one of the hardest things Cal has ever done; especially since he knows that she is his forever.  One thing is stopping this romance and that is age.  Kimi is still young and has a lot of living to do before becoming his woman, so Cal gives her the freedom she needs.  Hopefully this freedom will lead her straight back to him.


Yowza!  This book is just a dose of oh-my-goodness with hot cowboy meets erotic yumminess all in one package.  I’ve always loved Cal McKay and I have always wondered about his relationship with his wife – after all they did spawn those handsome and naughty twins…but that is another story.  Cal is everything a cowboy is thought to be and more. Kimi is just as sweet but is way more determined than I gave her credit for when I first realized her and Cal’s story would finally be told.  Together their relationship – once it begins – is erotic, loving, and one of the best I’ve ever read.  I can’t even begin to express how much I love this series or recommend it enough.

REDNECK ROMEO by Lorelei James

REDNECK ROMEO by Lorelei James
Redneck Romeo
by Lorelei James

Series: Rough Riders #15
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Western
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

The last McKay standing is knocked to his knees... Rough Riders, Book 15 Three years ago, Dalton McKay looked across the altar and saw the woman he knew he'd love for the rest of his life...only it wasn't his bride. That's when he took the McKays' love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation to new heights-fleeing the ceremony and Wyoming. Now a family issue has brought Dalton back to Sundance, giving him a chance to prove to everyone-especially the woman he thought he lost-that he's a changed man. Aurora

Dalton McKay left town three years ago amidst a cloud of shame after he left his fiancée at the altar.  It took standing at the altar for him to realize that he was actually in love with someone else.  It has taken a while but Dalton actually knows who he is and what he wants now.  An emergency brings him back to his hometown but what he really wants is to win the heart of the woman of his dreams.


Rory Wetzler has always been attracted to smooth talker Dalton MacKay but she is determined not to fall for his sweet moves this time.  Unfortunately, he’s in her path every time she turns around.  So she gives in and decides a little sexual healing is in order.  She’s a strong woman, she can have hot sex without involving her heart, Right?!


Can Dalton rebuild bridges with his family and capture Rory’s heart?  Find out when this Redneck Romeo comes home to play.


Lorelei James brings readers another sensational Rough Riders novel with Redneck RomeoRedneck Romeo is so damn good.  Dalton has a lot to make up for where Rory is concerned and a bit with his brothers as well.  Rory and Dalton made me laugh so many times.  The sexual tension between them is as sweet as it is sexy.  There is a lot of growth in Redneck Romeo.  Dalton and Rory grow as people as well as a couple.  I love how supportive Dalton is of Rory’s dreams and ideas.  I found Dalton and Rory to be quite inspiring.  Redneck Romeo is an unforgettable love story!

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