Series: Secrets & Shadows Novella

BURN FOR ME by Shiloh Walker

BURN FOR ME by Shiloh WalkerBurn For Me by Shiloh Walker
Series: Secrets & Shadows Novella #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press

Reviewed by Jo

Tate Bell has wanted Ali Holmes for just about as long as he can remember.  In fact he spends his nights at her house and then steals away as dawn comes, keeping their relationship a secret.  Tate knows that this isn’t fair to Ali or her children, yet he can’t seem to get past a horrible event from his past and the anger from it that keeps him from moving on with his life.  The night Tate heard his parents argue and his mother, Nichole, left never to be heard from again.  So much emotion is bottled up in Tate from that night until now, the majority of that is his deep anger at his father.  Tate knows that his sister’s have forgiven their father and have gone forward with their lives, unlike himself, who’s been drifting through life.


Ali Holmes loves Tate like no other, but she has just about given up hope that he will ever be able to overcome the events of his past. Events that just won’t let him move forward with her and accept the love that is just waiting for them to grab it.  After yet another night of Tate arriving in the dark of the night, then leaving while everyone’s sleeping, Ali has had it.  It’s time that Tate accepts her, her kids and their relationship. Ali decides to give Tate one last chance and issues an ultimatum that she knows could very well backfire on her and break her heart.


To say that Tate is shocked when Ali puts their nights together on the line, doesn’t quite cover it, still Tate can’t make the changes that Ali needs to move all of them forward.  Ali breaks her own heart and tells Tate that she is done unless he can start living is the present, out of the past once and for all and that she isn’t going to wait for him while he tries.  Tate knows that Ali would probably be better off without him and yet once her door is closed to him it’s the best type of wake up call.  Tate suddenly tries to see those so long ago events as his sister’s do and how they were able to go forward even though their missing mother still weighs heavy in all of their thoughts.  Tate has finally done what he never thought he could do,

talk to his father and actually see that night through an adults eyes instead of that of a teenager.  Heck he even has visions of what his future could be, that is if Ali can find it in herself to give him just one more chance and believe that he has put the past to rest once and for all.


A pair of lovers fight for their chance to have it all in a tiny town where secrets are deep and hidden from view in Burn for Me.  Ali is fighting with her heart in hand for Tate to see what they have before it’s too late.  Tate finally sees what his anger and mistrust has done to his family, his life and his love, but is it too late?  I was cheering for Ali when she finally stood up to Tate and made him choose their love or his past.  I wasn’t honestly sure if Tate could do what she was asking, yet I was hoping beyond hope that somehow he could find a way to forgive what he perceived happened in the past and step in to the loving arms of Ali.  I knew he had achieved it all the night he asked Ali for another chance, proved to her that all he was interested in was a future with her and that the past hurts were finally on the mend.  Burn for Me is a great preview into the Bell family and the secret past that changed all of their lives so long ago.  The tension between Tate and Ali all but smolders with passion and the degree of suspense will keep you turning the pages as fast as possible.  I can’t wait to see what happens with his sisters and just what other mysteries that tiny town is holding back.

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