Series: Shifter Protector Specialists Inc.


Purrfect Protector
by S. A. Welsh

Series: Shifter Protector Specialists Inc. #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Top model Kale Andrews has finally reached the height of his professional goals.  With his older brother Caleb working as his manager they’ve got a handful of years before someone else claims the fickle hearts of the public and the designers who need him for their ad campaigns.  Accepting that there’s always a certain percentage of crazies Kale dismisses his brother’s claims that he’s got a dangerous stalker.  At least he could discount Caleb’s worries until a truly nasty package arrives.


Caleb insists on hiring a bodyguard from the Shifter Protection Specialist to follow Kale as he fulfills contract obligations abroad.  Kale still thinks protection is unnecessary though the longer saber tooth shifter Aleksi trails him the more intrigued the model becomes.  It also seems that the shifter is finding the line between professional protection and personal interest is blurring.


Before they know it Kale’s stalker has taken things to the next level and become violently dangerous to everyone around the model.  Pretending there’s nothing to worry about is no longer an option.  As the body count raises so too does Kale and Aleksi’s feelings for each other.  Protecting Kale must become Aleksi’s only focus until the stalker is caught.  Once he’s safe all bets are off.


A sexy, feisty mystery comes to life in Purrfect Protector, the first book in the exciting new series Shifter Protector Specialists Inc.  Sassy model Kale is more than a pretty face which his sensuous shifter mate Aleksi soon learns.  Along the way the model also realizes he needs to rein in the bad behaviors he’s accumulated in order to earn Aleksi’s heart.  Their deadly adventure does at least allow for some scorching hot encounters.  This fast paced suspenseful story takes readers on a wild ride which balances between their developing relationship and Kale’s deadly stalker.  Lusty fun and a scary nut job. Purrfect Protector rocks.

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