Series: Southwestern Shifters

RESCUED by Bailey Bradford

RESCUED by Bailey BradfordRescued by Bailey Bradford
Series: Southwestern Shifters #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Thanks to loving grandparents Gabriel Staley has a good home in Shasta where he earns an income as a web designer.  Though it hurt to realize how bigoted his parents were when Gabe came out he had the support of his grandparents and a few good friends in town.


Childhood friend Deputy Todd Benson and town vet Dr. Adam Soames, along with Gabe do their best to rescue abandoned dogs before Sheriff Kaufman gets a hold of them.  The gay hating sheriff seems to relish destroying them as soon as he finds them.  Gabe has even built kennels on his property to house the animals until he can find them new homes.


An emergency call from the deputy sends Gabe to an elderly lady’s home to rescue a wounded wolf.  The injured animal has been shot, but they’ve got to move fast before the sheriff hears about the wolf.  Gabe feels an intense need to protect the animal, something stronger that he can’t explain.


Shifter Mika Blackwell is on his own after being kicked out of his pack.   Alpha Zane refuses to tolerate a gay shifter so Mika is sent packing from the only home he’s ever known.  On his own and wounded during a moment of consciousness Mika realizes that his savior is also his mate.  Explaining his nature and the meaning of mates is going to be an interesting conversation.


Solid friendships and fated mates introduce a terrific new series.  The first installment in the Southwestern Shifters books, Rescued offers engaging characters, scorching hot sex, and a mystery to solve.  Gabe and Mika’s relationship is primal and bold.  A secondary drama in the plotline gives readers time to cool off from the intense romance.  Rescued has a well balanced sensual romance and a story of caring friends who matter to each other.


RETROGRADE by Bailey Bradford

RETROGRADE by Bailey BradfordRetrograde by Bailey Bradford
Series: Southwestern Shifters #11
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Alpha Anax Marcus Criswell and his mate Nathan Grant are taking a momentary breather after recently defending their New Mexico pack yet again.  Threats may have quieted down but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot going on within their pack.  The decision to become fathers had been weighed up and with the pack doctor Shania offering her help the countdown has begun.  Before long they will be holding their children for the first time.


Since the births are a ways off and the annual gathering of every Alpha Anax on the planet won’t be for a few weeks Marcus and Nathan decide to take a mini vacation.  Though there are objections from their guards the two stand firm and quietly leave for the Grand Canyon on their own.


Not more than a handful of days pass on their trip before trouble finds the true mates in the form of Asher, a starving teen wolf who desperately needs help, yet is hesitant to ask for it.  The young wolf has some big surprises in store for the Alpha and his mate.  And that’s only the beginning because the other Alpha Anaxs are beginning to arrive.


Book eleven in the Southwestern Shifters series offers another exciting adventure in Retrograde.  Mates Marcus and Nathan use their brains rather than brawn with excellent results.  When they aren’t being smart, they are exploring each other in great detail.  This storyline twists and turns with major plot points.  One thing is certain, the Southwestern Shifters series is never, ever dull.  Retrograde bounces and dips.  Hold on for all the action.  A fan wouldn’t hurt either.

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