Series: Stormy Weather


TROPICAL DEPRESSION by B. A. TortugaTropical Depression by B. A. Tortuga
Series: Stormy Weather #2
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Southern heat and humidity can’t stop the passion Galen ‘Len’ Frost and Shane Barton feel for each other.  They’ve had troubles, made mistakes, and seen it through.  Hell, they even have a pet gator living in the kiddie pool in their back yard these days.


Retired football player Len runs a small bait shop near their house while Shane works as manager and bartender at a popular hot spot nearby.  Recently Len was given the opportunity to buy into a ball team and decided to give it a shot.


They have full, busy lives, but they always put their relationship first after learning from past mistakes.  Len’s new venture however is beginning to take up every spare minute and more, plus he’s going out of town a lot.  Never seeing each other is starting to put a strain on a once hot and heavy love life.  Changes better come soon or the mistakes they once made are going to come back to bite them, hard.


Feel the steamy, sweltering heat as the Tropical Depression takes hold.  Character development continues to expand in the second Stormy Weather book as the lovers deal with several issues.  Key to Len and Shane’s problems are being too busy with business and not enough time for romance.  Carnal loving takes a back seat to emotional drama in Tropical Depression.  A realistic, satisfying slice of love and life.


RAIN AND WHISKEY by B. A. TortugaRain and Whiskey by B. A. Tortuga
Series: Stormy Weather #1
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


The heat and the beach lured Shane Barton.  When school break was up his friends returned home and Shane chose to stay.  His family refused to understand and broke ties with Shane as well.  Taking a deep breath Shane found a tiny apartment and became one of the best bartenders in town.


Inheriting a rundown bait shop and house in a sleepy Florida town seems like providence for Galen Frost. An intended life in pro football crashed and burned because of sabotage and Galen’s own destructive actions.  It’s taken awhile to get back on his feet, but now Galen is ready to make the shop a success and his life meaningful.


From the moment Shane spots Galen in the bar sparks fly between the pair. One passionate, sensual night becomes two, three, and soon they are together in every way possible.  Neither expected for this to happen, but they won’t question their good luck either.  A vacation together seals the deal.  Galen and Shane are a couple.


Life couldn’t be better for the lovers.  It simply couldn’t be better until of course the past rears its ugly head and Galen’s actions ruin everything they’ve built between them.  The possibility of fixing his mistakes are slim to none.  First, of course, Galen has to pull his head out of his #@*. Then, begging will be involved.


Scorching hot, sizzling, and loving, Rain and Whiskey highlights a developing relationship between a spunky bartender and an emotionally distant ex-ball player.  Rain and Whiskey shows the good, the bad, and the very ugly sides of love.  From zero to sixty the heat is on for these characters.  Through it all Shane has a heart of gold, Galen on the other hand hits a rough spot that isn’t pretty to witness.  Juicy and yet real, the first book in the new Stormy Weather series is able to shine in the sun.

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