Series: Stray Cat Hustle


CATNIP AND HOCKEY STICKS by Stephani HechtCatnip and Hockey Sticks by Stephani Hecht
Series: Stray Cat Hustle #2
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
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As Alpha for a Stray Cat pack Hansen fully accepts responsibility for the shifters under his care.  He’s always treated his charges exactly the same, no favorites.  Growing up his father wasn’t a good role model as a husband, father, or Alpha so Hansen knows the difference.


Life was going fine for Nevel until he shifted and suddenly became a pariah to his family.  Homeless, starving, and scared, though he’d never admit it, Nevel was parked behind a dumpster when Hansen found him.


The firm belief in treating everyone equally becomes a big problem for Hansen after he falls for Nevel.  Feelings are mutual.  Nevel would like nothing better than to be with his Alpha as his mate.  Hansen won’t budge however which is causing huge friction in the cat shifters home.  It’s starting to affect everyone so something’s got to give.  The sooner the better.


The Stray Cat Hustle series begins with a sweet love story in Catnip and Hockey Sticks.  Naïve emotions and miscommunication lead Hansen and Nevel’s romance astray.  Their clumsy attempt to fix the problem is the crux of this tale.  The characters are pleasant and the story holds promise, though the snarky dialogue is somewhat too full of smart aleck comments.  Catnip and Hockey Sticks is simply a lovely little romance.

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