Series: Task Force Hawaii

HOSTILE DESIRES by Melissa Schroeder

HOSTILE DESIRES by Melissa SchroederHostile Desires by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Task Force Hawaii #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense


Dr. Elle Middleton is an English rose transplanted in Hawaii.  You would think that she would feel out of place, however, Elle has never felt more at home than here in Hawaii and with her new friends.  Yet, Elle has learned that sometimes you can’t trust those you think are friends in the past when she was violently attacked while on the job in England.  Because of just how nasty that part of her past was, Elle took an instant attitude against one of the Task Force members—

a sexy Scot.


Graeme McGregor couldn’t believe when he got the job and became a part of the Task Force. After all, his background was in the military, not in police work.  But it was the perfect job to help Graeme adjust to life after the military and yet be able to use his skills to the best of his abilities.  Graeme is attracted to the medical examiner of the Task Force, and he doesn’t understand why she is so unfriendly to him, as she has been since they first met.  Not that it has dampened his attraction any.


When a murder that Elle is sent to investigate while covering for the HPD suddenly becomes connected to an old cold case, Elle and Graeme are forced into working together to see if they can track down the killer of a young girl—a killer that was never caught.  Elle and Graeme begin to collect everything they can about the old case and soon discover that something strange was going on during that investigation.  Slowly, they both begin to uncover more and more evidence of a botched case.  The question is, why?  Was it just because murder wasn’t common in Hawaii back then or was something else going on?  While gathering the clues in their cold case, Elle and Graeme discover that their attraction is mutual and just why Elle was so mean when they first met.  Now their passion is alive and vibrant, and their cold case has become an extremely hot case—one that when the final showdown happens, will either take down a cold-blooded killer, or it could affect the Task Force forever.


An English rose and a Scotsman have moved to paradise in Hawaii, yet their relationship is mired in a search for a cold-blooded killer in Hostile Desires.  I fell for Graeme right away with his compassion for both Elle and the young girl whose killer they were now searching for, not to mention his rescue dog.  Elle’s past was horrible and I could understand why she acted as she did to Graeme originally.  I loved watching as Elle and Graeme worked their way past all the hurdles between them and as they fell deeply in love.  At the same time, I enjoyed watching as they used everything they had to track down the killer of a young girl and bring him to justice.  When the killer was announced, I found that I had half-guessed correctly, but I’m not going to tell you which half, because that would just give too much away.  What I will say is Elle and Graeme’s romance and search for the truth is well worth the time to sit down and enjoy.  I can also say that I’m really loving this series so far.  If you haven’t read the first book in this series (Seductive Reasoning), I would encourage you to grab it first and then go on to Hostile Desires.  But if you just want to read about Elle and Graeme, their romance does stand alone, too.

SEDUCTIVE REASONING by Melissa Schroeder

SEDUCTIVE REASONING by Melissa SchroederSeductive Reasoning by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Task Force Hawaii #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author


Emma Taylor has a brain that makes her very unique, both in how she can see things others can’t right away and with her photographic memory.  Emma lives life exactly how she wants, even if she is out of step from most of the people around her.  Emma has lived on her own since she was a young girl after an ill-fated vacation that left her alone.  Emma has lived in several places, but now she has found a place for herself in Hawaii, and she has even agreed to help a new specialty task force when needed.


Martin “Del” Delano is an ex-Army Ranger who now is the boss of the newly formed task force in Hawaii.  Most of Del’s team members are either ex-special forces or the very best in what they do.  While the team is pretty new and finding their way both internally and externally, they are professionals who take on things that the Hawaii police department can’t and when it’s either too early to bring in the FBI or for politics they aren’t wanted.  Del especially is still getting to know all the personalities of his team members and how they come together.


A new and very public case has fallen into the team’s hands—one that has everyone in Hawaii’s attention.  This one not only has the public up in arms, but also has the police, the Mayor, and the Governor demanding answers, and yesterday at that.  Del and his team already know this killer isn’t a normal one and that they will need to pull every string they have to catch him before he can leave the islands.  That means pulling in Emma, a woman that Del was immediately attracted to. Emma agrees to work with the team and Del, even as the attraction between Emma and Del makes it hard for them to keep their minds totally on the case.  Passion explodes as they work closely while putting together clues to track down the killer.  The killer is always one step ahead of the team as the case gets hotter and is almost too hot to handle.  However, the killer didn’t factor in some things—the determination of the task force and Emma’s spectacular mind.  Time is of the essence as the team closes-in on the killer. Will they be in time to save another victim, and have they found all the clues to stop the killer?


It’s murder that will bring a task force leader and a top researcher together with passion and suspense as the background in Seductive Reasoning.  Most people would never have put Del and Emma together as a couple if just looking at their backgrounds on paper.  Yet, I saw immediately that the passion between them was just waiting to explode and did it ever just as the suspense and danger cranked up to another level.  I really enjoyed watching the behind-the-scene interactions of the entire team and loved watching as Emma and Del figured out just how their relationship could work.  I also enjoyed the really interesting mix of characters and their back stories in this new world Ms. Schroeder has given us.  When I read a suspense, I always try to follow the clues and see if I can figure out who is behind it all before it’s announced.  This time I’m happy to say that Ms. Schroeder had me in circles until the team announced who it was, and the final twist was excellent.  While Emma and Del’s romance might not have been traditional (who needs traditional?), it was exactly right for them.  Seductive Reasoning is chock full of suspense and passion with just the right touches of humor from the team and with everyday life experiences to keep you turning the pages.  I can’t wait to see the next Task Force Hawaii book and what challenges will be faced.

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