Series: Terra

SONG OF SOULS by S. J. Frost

SONG OF SOULS by S. J. FrostSong of Souls by S. J. Frost
Series: Terra #3
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

It may not be the most lucrative career, yet Lark wouldn’t trade his gift of song and lute playing for anything in the world.  The same couldn’t be said of his gift for seeing and communicating with the souls of the dead.  Lark’s special talent most definitely causes problems with the love of his life.


Master thief Zain, also known as the assassin Black Fox, has never failed on a mission.  Falling in love with a minstrel who can see the souls of the dead is causing all kinds of difficulties between them, though if asked Zain would as soon cut off his talented arm as stop loving Lark.


Things have been quiet lately in Forest’s End, maybe too quiet.  At least it seemed so until bodies began turning up.  An evil permeates the poor sections of town.  An attempt on Lark’s life one late evening adds to the feeling of danger.  Someone is stalking the minstrel and it’s not for his beautiful voice, at least not completely.  Lark and Zain may be forced to call upon their friends to help them rid Forest’s End of an ancient enemy.  Their love will certainly be put to the test.  As long as Zain doesn’t break Lark’s heart everything else can be worked out.  Including catching a monster.


Tumble into the third spellbinding Terra tale Song of Souls.  A rich blend of fantasy, romance, and drama takes readers on an incredibly lush, addictive ride.  This well written masterful plotline opens the door to tell Lark and Zain’s difficult love story.   Song of Souls focuses on the lovers, but characters from previous books return to help save the day.  Fans will love hearing from everyone in the large cast in this standalone tale.  Author S.J. Frost has boundless imagination where the world of Terra is concerned, Song of Souls is the latest magical offering.  And accepted with great pleasure.


KNIGHT OF FIRE by S. J. FrostKnight of Fire by S. J. Frost
Series: Terra #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher


Sir Karrick Brenton and the Thirteenth Legion are sent to Forest’s End to investigate rumors of wrongdoing by Duke Bartell.  They arrive to find that the Duke and his warlock’s evil had nearly destroyed the city before a handful of gifted men were able to bring him down.  Introduced to the group Karrick is deeply intrigued by Dragon Speaker Torran.  The gift of being a dragon speaker is extremely rare, indeed the royal family is one of the few who can claim to the skill.


No sooner do they bring down the enemy that Sir Karrick tells them they’ve been requested to journey to the capital, Dragon’s Landing by King Orrin.  The King has great need of their skills, in particular a dragon speaker.


Though their journey will be swift Karrick begins romancing the shy dragon speaker.  Likewise Torran is smitten with the muscular knight, yet they come from different worlds.  Torran doubts they can share a future.  It will be up to Karrick to prove their future is already written in the stars, together forever.


Knight of Fire is the perfect blend of exciting adventure, scorching passions, and a trail of mysteries to unearth.  Author S.J. Frost pens a fresh style of age old romance in this entertaining tale of knights, dragons, and lovers.  The pace is fast, yet everything unfolds in the proper time.  Fall in love with Torran and Karrick.  Enjoy visiting with characters from the previous book and salivate with anticipation as we wait for the next story.  Escape into Knight of Fire and leave this world behind.



TO THE OTHER SIDE by S.J. FrostTo The Other Side by S. J. Frost
Series: Terra #1
Published by MLR Press on 2013-05
Genres: MM

Reviewed by Lisa

When Garrett Evergard is rescued by the witch, Bryson Summers, he discovers an alternate world unlike anything he's ever imagined, and when that world is threatened, he'll do anything to save it and the man he's grown to love. Garrett Evergard is a finder of secrets. As a biologist and environmentalist, it's his job to go into wild lands and uncover their mysteries in order to save them. In the Pacific Northwest, he races against logging lobbyists to save a section of temperate rainforest, but the forest seems reluctant to give up her secrets. Until a fateful meeting with a rare spirit bear opens the door to wonders beyond anything he's ever imagine, the greatest of those being the beautiful man who comes to his rescue. As a witch and Gatekeeper, Bryson Summers is used to living a solitary life. He lives between two worlds, Earth and Terra, feeling not fully part of either, and dreams of meeting someone who understands him. From the moment he sees Garrett, he believes -- and hopes -- he's looking upon a twin soul. Dragons, unicorns, and a witch with enchanting brown eyes, Garrett tries to make sense of a world so different from anything he's ever known. But his mind and heart are open, and he finds himself drawn more to Bryson with each day they spend together. When Bryson and the gate that links the two worlds fall under threat, Garrett is willing to do all he can to protect them, even if it means facing down dark magic.


Traveling the world in order to stop the greedy from developing untouched landscapes, environmentalist Garrett Evergard is currently trying to keep Washington politicians and developers from clear cutting in the Pacific Northwest next to the National park.

After days with nothing special to show Garrett comes across exactly what he needs, a spirit bear.  Very rare and typically found in the far north Garrett starts snapping pictures and taking video.  He forgets to watch his step, slips and falls down a deep ravine which causes severe injuries and unconsciousness.

Raised between two worlds Bryson Summers is a witch from a long line of witches.  He is also the current Gatekeeper between the worlds of Earth and Terra.  It is the spirit bear who takes Bryson to the injured human.  Though it’s normally frowned upon he takes Garrett through the Gate to Terra to heal him.

The environmentalist awakens in a fantastical place of dragons, unicorns, and one very sexy witch.  As Garrett heals, they inevitably grow closer.  Neither says the ‘L’ word, but the feeling is there. They both have responsibilities however in different worlds.  Garrett must face Washington while Bryson continues to thwart the local Duke who wants control of the Gate for himself.  Finding a way to be together won’t be easy, but it is the only answer.

Flawless! The perfect blend of sensual, vivid characterizations and an intricate plotline comes together in To the Other Side.  Clever word building with layered descriptive phrasing that puts the reader into Terra without going overboard with narration.  Garrett and Bryson are meant for each other, no arguments.  And the secondary characters are just as interesting.  To the Other Side is a book impossible to put down even when it’s after midnight.  I Joyfully Recommend To the Other Side.  Impatiently waiting for Book 2, can you hear my foot tapping? Hmmm?

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