Series: The Agency

ICY CONTROL by Elizabeth Lapthorne

ICY CONTROL by Elizabeth LapthorneIcy Control by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: The Agency #8
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher


Robert Stevens is an agent with the Agency and right now he and his partner, El, are working on a stolen painting case.  Rob has known Sally for the majority of his life and has always tried to protect her.  That includes from himself, his dangerous life, and the love he has had for her for most of his adult life.   However, now Rob has been convinced to contact Sally and see if she has any connections that could help them locate the painting.


Sally Langtry is an artist and while she might seem fragile, she has a backbone of steel when needed.  Sally always has time for Rob, and she looks forward to each time he shows up at her place. Even if most of the time it is with food to make her eat while she is wound-up in her art.  Sally is very happy to see Rob the day he appears at her door early on a work day, and she is amazed when he tells her what is going on and then asks for her help.  Sally never thought that Rob would ever show her that part of his life.


The day that Rob asks for Sally’s help is a turning day in their relationship in more ways than one.  It is the day they can no longer ignore the feelings between them and passion explodes before either realizes what is going to happen.  The painting is soon discovered and, upon examination, the mystery on why this particular painting was stolen starts to be revealed.  As Sally and Rob investigate these new clues, they face deadly danger while trying to figure out how to clear the painting from all other attempts to take it.  Rob is facing his worst nightmare as Sally has been threatened because of the danger of his work.  But Sally is there to show him that their friendship and love is stronger than anything that might threaten him.  The question is, can Rob come to terms with any future threat that Sally might face because of his work, or will he let it destroy their love just as it is beginning?


A savvy agent and a dreamer artist finally acknowledge their love amid the danger in Icy Control.  I found that the title totally described Rob and his attempts to keep Sally free of the danger that surrounds his life.  I really enjoyed watching as Sally tore down each of his ideas about what she could face and if she could handle his love.  I really wasn’t surprised when their passion totally exploded the first time that Rob asked for Sally’s help in a case.  I found that Rob and Sally were the perfect team in many ways as their story unraveled. I had to smile as the perfect way of keeping the painting safe in the future was put into place.  Rob and Sally have many, many loving years ahead of them with Rob making sure that Sally eats while in the middle of an artistic masterpiece—not all has changed now they have their love.  Icy Control takes love ignored and danger to a new place as love is found and control is lightened up in order to protect against future danger so love can be free to grow.

BURNING INTENSITY by Elizabeth Lapthorne

BURNING INTENSITY by Elizabeth LapthorneBurning Intensity by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: The Agency #7
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher


Eleanor Williams, known as El to her friends and co-workers, is an agent for the Agency. She and her partner, Robert Stevens, are usually brought into cases that are going to be difficult for one reason or another.  Just now, El and Robert have been given the job of conducting an interview with a criminal who is believed to have been part of a painting heist from the National Gallery. As the interview and facts become clearer, El knows that they are going to need insider help, and she turns to an ex-boyfriend, James.


James Waters is a part time gentleman thief with connections that no one in the Agency could ever hope to have. He and El came together for a brief and explosive time, and then her work tore them apart. James is amazed to answer his door to find El there after all the time that has past. However, once they talk, it’s like they were never apart.


Passion interrupts before El has a chance to tell James about the case that has brought her to his door.  When they do get around to talking about the case, James agrees to team up with El to locate the missing painting. Locating and following the clues takes James and El from one situation to another, until they finally go with their instincts and follow the clues to the painting itself.  All of this happens while they overcome the bridge of time that was between them and learn just how strong their love really is.


A lady spy and a gentleman thief team up to locate a stolen painting and rediscover a passion that could have been lost with time.  Burning Intensity brings El and James back together to solve a crime against the National Gallery of England.  I really loved watching as El and James rediscovered their love and then moved it forward all while tracking down a missing painting.  Their journey was filled with suspense and passion from start to finish. Burning Intensity takes you along the discovery of love while giving you just a touch of suspense.

PASSIONATE VENGEANCE by Elizabeth Lapthorne

PASSIONATE VENGEANCE by Elizabeth LapthornePassionate Vengeance by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: The Agency #5
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Abigail Turner only went to the doctor for a checkup and when her blood tests came back, she agreed to a series of shots meant to help her with a deficiency.  In reality, she agreed to the beginning of a nightmare of pain and confusion. Abigail can’t understand what is happening with her body lately, but in a weird dream a knight saves her and gives her hope.  One night the man with her knights face breaks into the room Abigail is being held in and rescues her. 

Lucas Sloane is an agent for the Agency and he knows better than to let anyone he comes across while working a case to affect him.  Yet, from the first time he learns of what is going on with Abigail, Lucas is driven to find and save her.  Research shows Lucas and his partner just where Abigail is being held now and that is all he needs.  From the moment that Lucas walks out of that place with Abigail, he is determined to be her hero in real life.

Abigail isn’t sure if she can believe the story that Lucas and his partner tell her about the shots she was given and the doctor who gave them to her.  However, Abigail knows that if they are telling her the truth, then she wants vengeance for all the pain and suffering she has gone through.  Lucas agrees to let Abigail help them track down and capture the doctor, but at a distance from the danger.  While this is going on, the passion that was instant from the minute they laid eyes on each other is distracting both Lucas and Abigail.  In Lucas’ profession distractions can mean you or your partner getting seriously hurt or killed.  When the doctor is located, it takes everything Lucas has to keep his mind off of Abigail and on the mission.  When things go sideways during the mission, will Lucas and his partner make it out to their loved ones?

An agent and a victim come together in a blinding passion amongst a dangerous case in Passionate Vengeance.   Lucas and Abigail have to find a way to finish the case that brought them together while getting a handle on the feelings that are flaming between them.  I wasn’t surprised to see Lucas pushed until he found the location where Abigail was being held.  I wondered if Abigail could possibly feel the same as Lucas after everything she had been put through but it was very easy to see that Lucas was helping her deal with it all.  I enjoyed watching as Lucas and Abigail worked to finish the case while exploring what they were feeling.  When the final battle unfolded, I wondered if Lucas would get out and be able to have the promising future with Abigail that seemed so bright.  Of course, love won that day for everyone.  Passionate Vengeance is filled with suspense and passion with bits of friendship and humor that made it a page turner.

PASSIONATE IMMUNITY by Elizabeth Lapthorne

PASSIONATE IMMUNITY by Elizabeth LapthornePassionate Immunity by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: The Agency #3
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Coming of Age, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

 Kimberly Melmoth is a scientist who has always craved a grand adventure.  When a friend’s husband requests her help, Kimberly jumps at the chance to help out an investigation with the Agency; it’s a dream come true to Kimberly.  She might admit out loud that it’s a simple task, but inside she is doing the happy dance and hopes that she can find some way to increase her part.  Kimberly is also hoping that she just might find her Bond and passion.

Tristan Walters has been a spy for a long time and when he is asked to investigate a mystery found in the records of the Agency mole, he jumps at the job.  After all, Tristan’s last partner was killed recently because of the mole.  This is a way for him to try and put that hurt behind him and to help the entire Agency move on.  However, Tristan is blindsided by the passion that springs up when he meets the fun blond scientist who has agreed to help out.

Although Kimberly was hoping for a bit of passion with her mission, even she was surprised how fast it hit and that Tristan feels the same.  That first day it was hard for both of them to keep their focus on the job and not on each other and their mutual feelings.  It quickly becomes obvious that something strange is going on at a laboratory from the data and when it’s decided that a break in is necessary, Kimberly wrangles her way into that job too.  Tristan might have agreed to bring Kimberly along, but he knows that keeping her safe is his and his partners’ job.  That instant passion bubbles over just as the most dangerous part of the job is about to begin.  Will Tristan be able to keep his mind on looking for the data and answers or will having Kimberly there beside him be one distraction too many?

An unexpected job brings an adventure seeking scientist the love of her life in a handsome spy as they look for answers in Passionate Immunity.  I could tell that nothing was going to slow Kimberly down when she was given the chance to help out the Agency.  I could tell that Tristan was still having a hard time from the killing of his partner.  Yet, when he is offered the task of investigating a mystery located in the mole’s records he never expected to find love at the same time.  The quickness of meeting to erotic explosion proved to me that both Kimberly and Tristan were meant to be together.  I was surprised that Kimberly was allowed on the break in.  Again, it was her expertise in lab work and data that brought her and Tristan together in the first place.  While Kimberly and Tristan’s future might be figured out, the things they found at the lab only brought up more questions and answers.  I can see that a book 4 will be needed at the very least to answer the additional questions.  Passionate Immunity is a quick moving story with erotic passion and deadly danger and just light hearted enough to bring a smile.

INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE by Elizabeth Lapthorne

INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE by Elizabeth LapthorneIntimate Knowledge by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: The Agency #5
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Steampunk
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Jennifer Mabbot needed to get away and do some soul searching, so she took some time and went to a well-loved camping site.  One night Jennifer was awoken by the sounds of someone by her camp. Wondering what is going on, Jennifer followed the sounds and found a man burying something.  Thinking it was a personal thing to that man, Jennifer watched for a bit and then went back to her tent and forgot about it.  That is, she forgot about it until strange men looking for something attacked her in her home.  Scared to death, Jennifer calls the one person she knows will protect her.

Saul Haslen works for the Agency and knows very well what can happen to innocent people who get in the way.  When Saul receives the call from Jennifer, he instantly works out a plan to get to her, to keep her safe and discover just who is after her and why.  Saul has kept several things from his childhood friend, two of them being the reality of his work and his passion for Jennifer.  With danger surrounding Jennifer, Saul knows it time for him to open up about both and hope he won’t lose his friend and love.

Jennifer has always felt safe with Saul and it came as no surprise to her just what his work really entailed.  Protection just came naturally to Saul.  When they both open up about the feelings they had been hiding from the other, the passion that had been long denied came forth stronger than ever.  Balancing out the need to explore their love and to end the danger that threatens Jennifer, Saul and Jennifer team up to follow the clues and discover what Jennifer saw that night went much deeper than a man burying personal items and that the Agency was already involved.  Saul wants to be in on ending the threat to Jennifer, but he also wants to keep her safe.  The question is now, who are the good guys and who is the bad guy and just how is the Agency involved?

Lifelong friends finally open up to the passion between them when danger comes to call.  Saul and Jennifer discover just what has been between them all along in Intimate Knowledge.  I loved how Jennifer knew without a doubt she could call on Saul and he would help her.  I also loved how Saul dropped everything when he got her call to do just that.  When their passion blazed immediately and hotter than ever, I wasn’t surprised because it was obvious to me that it was only waiting for an opening.  The twists and turns that appeared during the course of Saul and Jennifer investigating just what was going on kept me off from figuring out just what was going on and who was doing it.  The only thing I know for certain is that the passion between Jennifer and Saul is one that will last for a very long time and that something odd is going on in the Agency right now.  I can’t wait for the next visit to that very interesting Agency for my next clues.  Intimate Knowledge takes Saul and Jennifer from best friends to passionate lovers to a mixture of the two combined with a strong love all while they work to end the threat to that very love.

FLIRTING WITH DANGER by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Skye Adams learned a few years ago what her father, Victor, actually did on the job and ever since then she never knows when plans might have to be quickly changed. After all when the Agency tells you do to something, you go take care of it.  That is why she is currently waiting forContinue Reading

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