Series: The Boys of Bishop


INDECENT PROPOSAL by Molly O’KeefeIndecent Proposal by Molly O'Keefe
Series: The Boys of Bishop #4
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Bantam


Ryan Kaminski has a knack for reading people.  When Harrison Montgomery walks into the bar she tends, she spots the vulnerability “Ken doll” tries to hide.  Never realizing exactly who she is tangling with between the sheets, Ryan soon discovers she is trapped and blackmailed to pose as something she is not.  Having no choice but to give in, Ryan goes along with the Montgomery scheme and soon finds herself falling in love with the real Harrison—the one she hadn’t seen since that one night.

Harrison Montgomery is adamant that he is not his father, and he means to steer clear from anything that even closely resembles what his father had tangled with during his political career.  However, when it comes out that Ryan Kaminski has wound up pregnant from their one night stand, Harrison must scramble to contain the fallout that could ruin his political ambitions!  Virtually blackmailing Ryan to save his name, Harrison soon finds that he may be willing to forego some things in order to attain something else, but can he convince Ryan?

Indecent Proposal is a fast-opening, spicy read that ratcheted up the tension quickly, and then explored a more solid foundation between the protagonists upon which to build a lasting relationship.  Harrison and Ryan got the bedroom action out of the way from the first few pages in Indecent Proposal, which left room for the depths of them to be more thoroughly explored without churning on the sexual chemistry.  Harrison’s public persona was a hard façade, but he hid a vulnerability that Ryan spotted right on and his mother named from their first meeting.  I also enjoyed that Ryan was pretty tough with Harrison’s cold matriarch, but knew when to rein it in, in Indecent Proposal.

Once I got past the quick moves on Harrison’s and Ryan’s behalf, I found Indecent Proposal to be an enjoyable read that explored the many facets of the characters involved in this tale.

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