Series: The God Hunters


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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
THE GOD HUNTERS by Mark ReedThe God Hunters by Mark Reed
Series: The God Hunters #1
Published by Dreamspinner Press on 2013-02
Genres: Fantasy, Gay, Science Fiction
Reviewed by Lisa

With a boyfriend like Mason Wyler who is a frustrating enigma of a man, David Ruger figures he’s allowed a little leeway in deciding where he stands in the relationship.  David feels drawn to Wyler but there’s something so elusive about the guy that he’s afraid to truly commit.

Of course when Wyler does finally open up David thinks his boyfriend’s losing it, big time.  Definitely loosing it, until the moment Wyler shifts David to a place called the Expanse where different realms coexist and humans are a great rarity. 

The mechanic from St. Louis is far from home and his two dogs, though granted he’s not in Oz.  David is introduced to the unimaginable and expected to cope when faced with life and death situations.  Meeting the Colt brothers, Doug, James, and Bryan becomes the only thing holding David together at one point.  He also learns that his arrival wasn’t a fluke and that he will come face to face with a destiny that could possibly change the Expanse forever.  Maybe his boring old life wasn’t so bad…

The God Hunters scores as a larger than life imaginative, original tale of destiny and fate.  A vivid descriptive story that seems primarily aimed at fans of science fiction.  Otherworldly beings populate the Expanse and special powers are gifted to a select few.  David’s honorable character is challenged as events unfold around him and destiny calls in The God Hunters.  Sexual situations are scarce, though the concept of love is explored with more than one partner.  This ‘fish out of water’ tale will leave readers wondering what new and exciting adventure awaits David in Book two.


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