Series: The Harvest

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. Church

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. Church

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. ChurchJourney's End by M. A. Church
Series: The Harvest #2
Published by Self Published Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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The Earth trembled the day their skies were filled with Tah’Narian starships.  Dialogue between the human race and the aliens eventually hashed out an agreement.  We will supply young adult males for several years consecutively to become mates to the Tah’Narians.  After they have completed their harvest the aliens will leave Earth alone.


As usual, what typically happens to those taken in the human harvest doesn’t ring true for Dale who’s mated to starship Captain Keyno Shou.  On the way back to his new home Dale goes into estrus weeks early to experience the joy and suffering of his body, readying itself for a possible pregnancy.


Going through a male pregnancy is something Dale never, ever in his wildest dreams imagined experiencing.  Of course neither did he expect to end up living on another planet mated to a Tah’Narian and loving him.  But facts are facts, especially when Dale starts waddling.  His human and alien friends are also about to deal with the same issues.  Gearing up for parenthood Dale discovers that the adventures, whether scary or fun, are far from over for them all.


Author M.A. Church wraps The Harvest story with another winner in Journey’s End.  Incredibly warm, generous, steady Dale handles otherworldly life experiences with aplomb, humor, and strength.  The characters as a whole are engaging, alarming, and believable.  From chaotic situations to deadly dealings to utter craziness Journey’s End is a powerful tale. Journey’s End is the perfect escape ride. Male alien pregnancies are never the same once this motley crew is done. And, the author is able to make it a believable plot point rather than a gimmick.  I Joyfully recommend Journey’s End.  So good.

TAKEN by M. A. Church

TAKEN by M. A. ChurchTaken by M. A. Church
Series: The Harvest #1
Published by Storm Moon Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher


In the year 2050 Earth is made cruelly aware of intelligent life among the stars after Tah’Narian starships enter the atmosphere.  Their race is dying after chemical warfare was used by another warrior planet.  They make a bargain with the leaders of Earth for young males to use for breeding purposes.  A lottery is set up that will last for seven years and then the aliens will leave forever.


Dale Michaels knows that he is lucky because his age doesn’t fit the criteria for the international lottery.  It was traumatic enough to watch as his best friend Chad was dragged off in front of him and there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening.


There is no way for Dale to comprehend what’s happening when he is dragged from his home shouting and pleading a mistake’s been made as his parents did the same.  Dale is taken for a medical exam where his pleas are still ignored. Becoming too hysterical he’s drugged and then wakes in a bed aboard a Tah’Narian ship.


A new life begins as the mate of Keyno Landium Shou, the ship’s captain.  It’s a heartbreaking start for their relationship, one that Dale thought he was safe from even imagining.  Dale plans to use stubborn pride and anger to keep Keyno at arm’s length, yet his mate’s gentle kindness and primal sensuality slowly crumble the wall around Dale’s heart.  The young human is about to experience the adventures of a lifetime.


The foundation is laid for a riveting adventure in Taken, the first book in The Harvest series.  Dale thought he was safe though he mourned the loss of his best friend.  High emotions of sorrow turn to terror when he is Taken.  Acclimating to something you’re fighting against doesn’t work.  In the end acceptance is the only answer.  Dale’s new life is filled with love and drama, excitement and romance.  It’s a wild time for a young human in Taken.  Addictive entertainment.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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