Series: The Master and Servant

CELLULOID CAGE by Crawford Rhine

CELLULOID CAGE by Crawford Rhine
Celluloid Cage
by Crawford Rhine

Series: The Master and Servant #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: BDSM, Futuristic, MM
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In his last year as a college student Brand figured his chances to be called upon as a Servant go unanswered.  Soon to reach the cut off age Brand is stunned to be told that he’s finally been chosen.  With little time to get his affairs in order Brand receives his instructions and travels to an unknown location where he will spend the next few years as a twenty-four/seven submissive to an unknown Master.


Arriving at his destination Brand deduces he’s in New Orleans.  Taken inside a dark mansion he undergoes an intense sexual game with four unknown strangers at the command of his mysterious Master. Lucky for Brand the stranger he enjoys most is the man who has bound them together as Servant and Master, action adventure big screen star Zane Wooding.


The Dominant actor has particular sexual tastes and wants someone who can’t ruin him in the press.  Zane is also looking for a real D/s relationship rather than a fawning fan pretending.   Master and Servant begin to explore and enjoy what they have between them.   Certainly there will be some bumps along the way, but neither expects another to pervert their relationship.  The stakes have been raised.  Winner takes all.


Celluloid Cage is a down and dirty in your face carnal story.  The third installment in the Master and Servant series takes a look at the relationship between a submissive college student and a well known popular Dominant actor.  A plausible storyline links from one heavily erotic scene to the next.  Looking for a hot and heavy story? Celluloid Cage is the answer.  The downside is that the whole Master and Servant plot point is never really explained, no helpful back story either.  Never gross – definitely raw.

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