Series: The Mythean Arcana

FATE UNDONE by Linsey Hall

FATE UNDONE by Linsey HallFate Undone by Linsey Hall
Series: The Mythean Arcana #5
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Bonnie Doon Press

Logan Laufeyson, more commonly known as the God Loki, has been on the human world since his actions got him kicked out of his home world. For the most part, he has enjoyed his interactions with the humans.  But for these many years, Loki has been trying to track down and destroy a prison that he learned was being built to lock up and hold all the gods in.  Loki has no intention of being locked up in any prison if he can help it.  Finally, he has a clue as to where the prison is, and now he just needs to find the way to destroy it before it can be completed.


Sylvi is a demi goddess who was kicked out of her home world because of her love for Loki, which saved him, but left her with nothing but ashes and a need to begin anew.  Sylvi finally ended up at the University and has helped them keep both the humans and the Mythean safe.  Sylvi has worked hard to forget the heartache that made the change in her life necessary.  That is, until Loki suddenly shows up on her doorstep, once again hurt and needing her help.  Sylvi at first wants nothing to do with him, yet she can’t help her inner need to help Loki once again.


Loki and Sylvi begin a leery partnership to discover just what or who is behind this prison meant to keep the gods all within its walls.  The hunt is dangerous at every turn and only Loki and Sylvi, with the help of their friends, are able to follow the many clues as to who is behind the structure and, more importantly, how to destroy it.  During this time, Sylvi is having problems denying her love for Loki, which has not only not diminished during their many, many years apart, but has only grown stronger.  As the clues come together, Loki and Sylvi have determined the only way to get rid of the prison, and it will threaten not only their lives, but their love once again, and this time it might be forever lost.


On the human world, a battle will be raged to protect the gods from a threat against them, and two lost lovers will be the only ones who can overcome it in Fate Undone.  Loki has much to account for, but the worst of it is what he did to the demi goddess who dared to love him.  Sylvi has spent the centuries since Loki left her in coming to terms with her reality and making a new place for herself.  I was amazed at how Sylvi even gave Loki a chance this time, and yet I could see that Loki really did love her. I enjoyed watching as Loki and Sylvi battled to defeat those that would take control of the gods and demi gods and maybe, just maybe have a second chance at their love made an interesting journey.  I loved how both Loki and Sylvi risked everything, including themselves, in order to protect the other.  In the end, it really was love that gave them that second chance.  Fate Undone is full of intrigue and passion, with the best touches of suspense and true friendships included.

ROGUE SOUL by Linsey Hall

ROGUE SOUL by Linsey HallRogue Soul by Linsey Hall
Series: The Mythean Arcana #3
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Bonnie Doon Press


Andrasta (“Ana”) is the Celtic Goddess of Victory now, but once she was a human who was just a very good archer that came to the notice of the gods.  When she was given the choice of either killing the current God of Victory or dying herself or even watching her much loved brothers be killed, Ana agreed to kill a man she was coming to love.  She ended up in a worse hell known as the Otherworld, where the Celtic gods lived.


Camulos (“Cam”) knew he has escaped his fate when he was “killed” by Ana.  Since that fateful day so long ago, he has been working on helping humans, but keeping a very low profile, because after all, he was supposed to be dead.  However, Cam was not really surprised when Ana showed up in the Amazon to find him.  What he was surprised by was her request to help her find a way to escape the Otherworld.


Cam agrees to help Ana, but as their quest goes on, they find out that one of the only ways for Ana to escape is to be defeated by another who is a better archer than she is.  The only person to do that would be Cam, and there is no way he wants to take his old job back.  As Cam and Ana look for another way for her to get out, they are discovered by the other Celtic gods, and they are not happy that: 1. Ana left their home world, and 2. that Cam is still alive.  But even more interesting is that while trying to find a way for Ana to get out, they stumble upon why the Celtic home of the gods is so different from all of the other gods.  They are determined to right the horrible wrong that was done to the Celtic gods eons ago.  But when it’s all over, will Ana and Cam be able to find a way to escape the Otherworld and be able to live on Earth and experience just what their love will hold?


When the present and past Celtic Gods of Victory come together, it’s passion that holds them along with a need to escape the world where the Celtic gods live in Rogue Soul.  Ana never wanted to be more than accepted for what she was—a woman warrior like her brothers were.  Cam was born to be the Celtic God of Victory, yet when he learned of a woman who could possibly be a better archer than him, he never expected to be attracted to her.  I enjoyed watching as Ana and Cam not only fought their attraction, but also fought for a way for both of them to have a chance at love.  It was a long and twisty road, but one that not only gave them a future, but also allowed Ana and Cam to give the Celtic gods something that had been taken from them so long ago.  Righting a wrong has never been as spectacular as it was during that battle.  Rogue Soul is full of suspense and a love that almost wasn’t to be, but found a second chance and the best of all the redemption of a spiteful betrayal.

STOLEN FATE by Linsey Hall

STOLEN FATE by Linsey HallStolen Fate by Linsey Hall
Series: The Mythean Arcana #4
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Bonnie Doon Press


Fiona Blackwood is an Acquirer, or at least she was until she wasn’t able to fulfill her fate to locate and secure the Book of the Worlds.  Not finding the book and fulfilling her prophesy will lead to a fate of losing her mind, which is something that Fiona isn’t about to give into without a fight.  Giving herself one last chance to find the book, Fiona has tracked down two thieves, one of whom put a spell on the Museum where it looks like the book has been placed.


Ian MacKenzie was placed into a prison run by the Immortal University and placed into hard labor for years, all because he blew up part of a museum.  Ian might be a Mythean, but he is a forgotten half-breed who discovered his gifts on his own and became a gentleman thief.  Now Ian is just working at getting through each day until his release or is given the chance to escape.


Fiona breaks Ian out of the prison…well half-breaks him out as one of the Council members gave her the means.  They only have a short period of time to break into the museum and get the book before Fiona’s boss steps in or, even worse, they have learned that the book was part of a barter to a god, and he really wants the book for bad reasons.  When the book is stolen right in front of Fiona and Ian’s eyes, they go to the Council to gain the help they need to find the book and get it back before the god can destroy it and bring war back to Earth.  Neither Fiona nor Ian are on the good side of the Council with the jail escape and the missing book and even getting it back may not be enough to get them both on the right side again.  Yet, Ian and Fiona are going for it and hoping for the best and a chance to let the love that has sprung up between them grow.


A thief and an acquirer of ancient artifacts become a close and personal team which started by necessity and grew into a loving relationship in Stolen Fate.  I would have done the same thing as Fiona given what her fate held.  I also could understand why Ian agreed to the terms even knowing the entire time he was going to use Fiona, if given the chance.  The sparks that sprang up between them were surprising and yet not, as they had the same interest in historical artifacts, albeit for different reasons.  I really enjoyed watching as they became a team and then worked to defeat the gods and retrieved the book that held Fiona’s sanity. The last twist that truly gave Fiona and Ian their shot at love was a great one, and I love that their story will have to pop up again to save a true friend in need.  Stolen Fate is a great story of second chances, at fate, at love, and at friendships along with a good punch of suspense.

SOULCERESS by Linsey Hall

SOULCERESS by Linsey HallSoulceress by Linsey Hall
Series: The Mythean Arcana #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Bonnie Doon Press


Esha Connor works for the Immortal University, now at least, but she is used to being on her own and, actually, she still is even surrounded by the many people at the university.  That is because Esha is a Soulceress, a powerful one even being as young as she is and apparently the last one of her kind.  Esha was an orphan and has never known the closeness or feelings of friends, family, or even a close relationship.  Because Soulceresses get their power from the energy of others, the other Mythean’s just aren’t comfortable with that.


Warren Campbell runs the Immortal University along with a Goddess and a Council, which he heads.  Warren has worked hard to gain his position, and yet he is hiding a secret from those around him.  Long ago, Warren made a choice to save lives after not being able to save the one life he had been hired to safely transport.  Warren has good relationships with just about everyone at the university, except Esha.  There are two reasons for this: one is his attraction to her that is so intense, and the second is his secret that only she can really see if given the chance.


Esha and Warren end up teamed together when a powerful Soulceress, Aurora, escapes the prison she was in.  Esha has agreed to go on this hunt, but for very different reasons than Warren. She wants to meet the only other living Soulceress, while Warren wants to destroy her or at least get her back into the prison she escaped, and he can only do this with Esha’s help.  As Warren and Esha work together, their attraction becomes a passion while at the same time there are things that each is holding close that isn’t allowing a true partnership.  When the clues that Aurora has given Esha leads them to a place that was once the Soulceress stronghold, many answers are given to Esha and Warren.  Now in order for both Esha and Warren to get what they are both after it will take all the teamwork and understanding between them to make it out alive.  Esha might have just found all she ever wanted only to lose it in a matter of hours, and Warren might lose more than what he gave away.


A powerful woman and a man with a powerful secret come together on a journey that will give them all they ever dreamed of in Soulceress.  Esha had only faced adversity in her life, and I really wanted her to get something she wanted by the time I learned her story.  Seeing Warren trying to keep his secret and not give in to his attraction to Esha had me just shaking my head.  I wasn’t surprised at just how hot their passion ran once given the chance.  The truth about just how Esha, Warren, and Aurora were intertwined was an excellent twist.  I also loved how in the end it was the snubbed ones who won the day.  Soulceress takes suspense and passion into new twists and turns before letting love of all forms win the day.

BRAVING FATE by Linsey Hall

BRAVING FATE by Linsey HallBraving Fate by Linsey Hall
Series: The Mythean Arcana #1
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Diana Laughton works in a college and is working towards becoming tenured.  But lately her dreams have been affecting her in waking times as well as at sleep—deeply disturbing dreams.  They show death, war, and the last minutes of a woman’s life.  Even more disturbing is that now Diana can actually hear this dying woman’s thoughts and feel her emotions.  Then if it couldn’t be worse, Diana ends up on the run from demons.  Just what is happening?


Cadan Trinovante is a Mythean Guardian, and one who has been around a very long time.  He has just been given the task of locating a human who is about to learn of her past life and if she can remember and do what she has been sent back to do, then she will become a Mythean.  As a Guardian, Cadan is to help, but he cannot give any information to the person trying to remember and figure things out.  Just before Cadan leaves, he learns that the woman he is being sent to is the reincarnated queen Boudica, a woman he loved and lost so long ago.


Diana is happy when she is suddenly helped by a man that would turn any woman’s head, but she also wants to smack him as he knows things he won’t tell her.  The instant attraction she feels towards Cadan is almost as unnerving as the inner feeling of betrayal towards a man she has never met before.  Cadan is torn as he is drawn towards Diana, and yet he knows that when she remembers Boudica, it might put a wall between them that cannot be surmounted.  When Diana finally remembers it all and figures out what her mission is, it becomes a battle against the demon underworld and Diana and Cadan, along with a bit of help from the University which governs all of the Mythean’s secrets.  But will winning bring Diana and Cadan together again or can some hurts never be overcome?


An ancient pair of lovers in a new time and with new identities just might have a second chance if they can defeat demons and betrayal in Braving Fate.  While Cadan has lived centuries with his memories, Diana is just awakening to what was, and she is trying to merge her present with her past and figure out just what her mission is.  I’m really not sure which would be harder, Cadan’s  life or Diana’s merging of lives.  What I do know is that trying to defeat demons and to fight a passion that is coming back to life at the same time is not something I would want to try.  I could understand both Cadan and Diana’s moments of impatience and frustration. Yet, I was so happy when not only did they win their mission, but they also found the way to accept their pasts and look toward their long future together.  Braving Fate is a tale filled with suspense, danger, and passions both old and new, along with a look at a new and very interesting world.

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