Series: The Sons of the North


The Warlord's Wife
by Sandra Lake

Series: The Sons of the North #1
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher


Independent Lida is used to fending for herself.  When her husband, the love of her life, died he left her with a gift. Unfortunately, his family called her a whore when they discovered her pregnancy and sent her packing.  Now she has a beautiful daughter and lives with her family.


Jarl Magnus is a celebrated Warlord looking for a sturdy wife to bear his sons.  He makes an offer to wed Lida and expects no objection.  He was sorely mistaken.  After much deliberation Lida agrees to marry him.  He doesn’t understand why Lida isn’t content to be his wife and wallow in his riches.


Lida and Magnus have no trouble in the bedroom but if they don’t learn to communicate outside the bedroom their marriage is doomed. Danger lurks on the horizon. Will they learn to communicate before it’s too late?


Author Sandra Lake’s debut novel The Warlord’s Wife is a gem! I had such a wonderful time reading this novel.  I even finished it in one sitting.  Lida has been dealt a rough set of circumstances. She isn’t keen to be under someone’s thumb.  But Magnus makes a deal she cannot refuse.  At some points both Lida and Magnus aggravated me because they are so darn stubborn. For two people that are so hot in the bedroom they should be able to talk outside it for five minutes without making each other mad.


Poor Magnus! While his male chauvinist side rubbed me the wrong way at times I felt bad for him as well. He could not figure out Lida’s mind but he really wanted to.  There are some really funny moments in the story as well.  Ms. Lake has created multi-layered loveable characters.  I could not get enough of Lida’s daughter Katia and how Magnus was with her.  Magnus and Katia’s relationship was adorable.


The Warlord’s Wife has it all; a feisty couple, cute kids, bad guys and an outstanding plot.  When Magnus and Lida begin working together as a team they cannot be defeated.  I loved taking the journey to happily ever after with them!   I look forward to the next book in the series, The Iron Princess.

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