Series: The Suits Undone


One Night with the CEO
by Mia Sosa

Series: The Suits Undone #2
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
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After reading Unbuttoning the CEO I knew right away I was going to have to read One Night with the CEO. Normally CEO romance books aren’t on the top of my list to read for the simple fact that the majority of them sound the same but Mia Sosa brings a fresh voice to these sexy men in the three piece suits.


One Night with the CEO is the second book in The Suits Undone series and it features Karen, who is Graciela’s sister and Mark who happens to be Ethan’s best friend. Karen heads out with her sister and her sisters friend Mimi to celebrate graduating college and getting into med school. While the ladies are enjoying themselves drinking and dancing Karen’s sister invites her fiancé and his friend to come to meet them so she can share the news of where the wedding will be held. On the way to the bathroom a drunk Karen runs into a very hard body that is attached to an attractive man, Mark.


Mark and Karen hit it off right away but when Mark finds out that Karen is Graciela’s younger sister he knows he has to stay away from her. Of course this isn’t going to be easy because they are all headed down to Puerto Rico for the wedding. The closer Mark and Karen become the more they begin to want one another but with starting med school Karen doesn’t have time to date. When this causal relationship starts to grow into something more, the two of them have to decide if they can make it work or stop their causal affair now.


From the very beginning I liked Karen. She was bold, driven, funny and just seemed like the type of person I would want to be friends with. Mark on the other hand wasn’t the typical CEO type that I have read about in the past. He was charming, fun, had a little arrogance but was really down to earth. The moment he met Karen you can tell he was interested but he backed off in order not to make it messy for his friend and her sister. These two plan on becoming and just staying friends but once they take it to the bedroom oh boy does it get hot and they often say sometimes friends become the best lovers and I think that happened to these two characters. While fighting their attraction and desire they really did start to build a foundation for a friendship.


The one issue I had was with Mark’s problem with their age difference. It was mentioned so many times I honestly got tired of hearing about it. While Mark was finally getting ready to get in the frame of mind to settle down, Karen just wanted to have some fun. But you know what they say about the best made plans and that’s what happened with these two but in the end I’m so glad they ended up working things out.


I loved the change of scenery that Ms. Sosa brought to One Night with the CEO. Puerto Rico was the perfect place for this couple to have fun and get to know one another better. Also the descriptions were to die for and made me feel as if I was there along with them.


The secondary characters brought some excitement to this story. Mimi was a barrel of laughs and I honestly am looking forward to her story. I just hope Ms. Sosa keeps her as funny and outspoken as she has been. The way her and Daniel butt heads there must be more of a story there and I can’t wait to read it! Overall, One Night with the CEO was a fulfilling read that I would tell all my friends to check out because these CEO’s are yummy and not like the others.


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