Series: The Wherlocke Series

IF HE’S DANGEROUS by Hannah Howell

IF HE’S DANGEROUS by Hannah HowellIf He's Dangerous by Hannah Howell
Series: The Wherlocke Series #4
Genres: Historical
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Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.

Reviewed by Vanessa

New York Times bestseller Hannah Howell’s extraordinary Wherlocke family returns with the story of a passion that will heed no resistance, no matter how deadly…When Lorelei Sundun first finds Sir Argus Wherlocke in her garden, she’s never heard of the mysterious Wherlocke clan-or their otherworldly abilities. That changes the moment she watches Argus-the most tantalizing man she’s ever seen-disappear before her very eyes. What she’s witnessed should be impossible. But so should falling in love with a man she’s only just met…Pursued by a madman intent on harnessing the Wherlockes’ talents as weapons, Argus meant to seek help from his family, not to involve a duke’s lovely daughter in the struggle. But now, the enchanting Lorelei is his only hope for salvation-and the greatest temptation he’s ever faced…Praise for Hannah Howell and If He’s Wicked

Lorelei Sundun, the daughter of a Duke, discerns a naked man standing in her father’s garden.  The apparition that soon fades has requested her assistance by way of contacting his family.  Lorelei is at first reluctant to believe her eyes, but she soon sets out to do as the Argus Wherlocke has asked.  With her uncanny ability to find anyone or anything, Lorelei soon uncovers the place that Argus is being held against his will.  Rescuing him was the easy part.  Now she finds that he has captured her heart, and she would like to capture this reluctant man’s heart as well!

Argus Wherlocke has let his guard down to his own peril.  In trusting someone else, he has been captured and has endured torture and beatings while being cuffed to his bed in a dark, dingy cellar.  Using one of his gifts, he inadvertently reaches out to Lorelei for help before he is removed from this earth permanently.  Soon Argus discovers that he has jumped from the pot into the frying pan by hiding out with the lovely Lorelei Sundun.  Because now he finds that, despite his avowals of being an honorable knight, he is very attracted to the aristocratic woman who has freed him from his bondage.  Argus can NOT offer marriage to Lorelei as he doesn’t believe in it, but he can’t ruin her either.  Will he be able to steer clear of the temptation that is Lorelei as he and his “gifted” family uncover the treachery that is after them, or will he soon find himself dragged to the altar to make Lorelei a suitable husband?

If He’s Dangerous began as a very intriguing mystery with very likeable characters that you wanted to unravel and get to know.  It was full of humor and an innocent heroine who sought knowledge through books.  If He’s Dangerous has all the characters, plots, and intrigues that are rampant in Hannah Howell’s earlier works.  I found myself drawn into the mysteries of If He’s Dangerous, but I soon felt that it was too similar to some of Hannah Howell’s previous stories.  I had read several before and had to stop as I felt they were too much alike and I couldn’t distinguish between any of them.  Yet, If He’s Dangerous wasn’t a total bomb for me because the protagonists and her family were quite entertaining.  The explanation for Argus and Lorelei’s easy acceptance of one another was very believable given that her family is so eccentric.  Argus’ push/pull of Lorelei was even slightly amusing as he fought his desire and temptation to have her despite his honor and knightliness to not spoil her good name.

Introducing so many characters can be off-putting as you try to keep them straight, but they just added to the colorful cast in If He’s Dangerous.  I’m sure that I would have gotten more out of If He’s Dangerous had I read the previous books, but I was not completely lost with this one.  I understood why Argus didn’t want to tangle with Lorelei, and I believe you can gain much satisfaction from If He’s Dangerous if you are a Hannah Howell fan.

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