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DEADLY DECEPTION by Kris NorrisDeadly Deception by Kris Norris
Series: Til Death #3
Published by Totally Bound on 2013-10
Genres: Erotica, Suspense
Reviewed by Jo

Another dead body-another victim of convicted serial killer, John Davies. There's just one problem-Davies is dead. Special Agent Mallory Reeves knows there must be a logical explanation for the body uncovered in a back alley of Seattle's urban district. The markings, the pose, the evidence-it all points to one man-John Davies. But seeing as Davies was just executed for his crimes, the new case appears to be the work of a ghost. Unfortunately, Davies isn't the only invisible man in Mallory's life. Just her luck, the Bureau wants another agent added to the team, one who worked the original case. And it's no coincidence that it's Sawyer Kent-her estranged husband. Special Agent Sawyer Kent has a lot of questions and few answers, including if he's even got a shot at regaining the affection of the woman he loves. It seems a feat more impossible than the case they're working, especially since it doesn't look as if Mallory's in the mood to welcome him back home. But when the killer starts evolving, adding nuances to his crimes that are aimed directly at Mallory, Sawyer's left with only one course of action. Find the bastard before she becomes his next victim.

Special Agent Mallory Reeves believes she is just finishing a job as she prepares to watch the execution of a killer she helped capture.  Mallory is trying very hard to not remember just how much that arrest cost her.  She believes this is the ultimate end of the matter until she is pulled away from the execution and to a murder scene that earmarks the man she just watch being prepared for execution.  What the heck is going on? 

Special Agent Sawyer Kent left Seattle after the capture of John Davies, a murdering madman.  Sawyer left while his partner and lover, Mallory, was still recovering in the hospital believing it was the best option then.  However, now it appears that a dead man is on another murdering rampage and this time he seems to be trying to hurt Mallory by his actions.  Sawyer might not know what the situation is between him and Mallory, but he is not going to allow anyone to cause her such pain. 

Mallory is in a serious dilemma when Sawyer shows back up and is assigned to her and her new partner to solve this latest murder puzzle.  Sawyer is acting like she should know why he left like he did and Mallory’s body is all about them taking up where they left off but her mind is not so willing to forgive.  Both Sawyer and Mallory are experiencing the intense heat of their feelings while working to solve the mystery of how a man who was executed could be murdering people and know so much about Mallory and her past.  When the murders become close and personal to Mallory, it appears she might be on the hit list.  Sawyer and Mallory will put their skill and minds together in order to find out who is really behind these murders and why they are so targeted to Mallory.

Two special agents with a hot and heavy past must solve two things at the same time – the hurdles in front of their love and a murder mystery – before one of them runs out of time.  Deadly Deception brings Mallory and Sawyer back into contact after their explosive love affair.  I certainly felt that the air was explosive when Sawyer and Mallory were brought back together, but I wasn’t sure if that heat would lead to more anger or into bed.  I found out quickly enough that their passion was hotter than the misunderstandings that stood between them.  This would have been hard enough to get through, but when you throw on that they had to find a killer before he got to Mallory it made their journey so much harder and hotter.  I love how the clues were sprinkled throughout the story and seriously didn’t come up with the killer in my mind until it was revealed.  I love it when that happens.  I also loved how this time Mallory and Sawyer took the time to learn more about each other’s past instead of being rolled over by the passion.  Deadly Deception is intriguing in a couple of ways – a doozy of a murder mystery and a pair of lovers given a second chance to keep the love they found during their dangerous jobs.

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