Series: Twilight Texas


A Wedding for Christmas
by Lori Wilde

Series: Twilight Texas #7
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well at least in Twilight, Texas it is. In the previous book, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Katie Cheek and Gabi Preston swap houses for the holidays and I’m so glad Lori Wilde is giving her readers the other side of the swap in A Wedding for Christmas. I may have only started this series with the pervious story but The Twilight, Texas series is becoming one of my favorite series by Ms. Wilde, especially the Christmas stories.


A Wedding for Christmas shows the other side of the house swap from the previous book, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and while Katie Cheek is in L.A. the last person she expects to run into is her brother’s best friend and her former childhood crush, Ryder Southerland. When Ryder tackles her thinking she is the stalker of his client it quickly brings back the memory of her first kiss with him. After things get hot and steamy the next morning she leaves and heads back home only to be haunted by that wonderful night that she will never forget. Katie has no hopes of seeing Ryder again since he hasn’t been back in thirteen years but a year later her brother, Joe is getting married to Gabi and Ryder is the best man opposite to her maid of honor. She can act normal around him, right?


Ryder is back in Twilight, Texas after thirteen years. After losing his mother at a young age and his father kicking him out at sixteen he had no reason to come back to the same place who labeled him the town’s bad boy. His Father is losing the ranch and Ryder thinks it might be time to move on from the past and his best friend Joe is getting married and he can deny it all he wants but he is looking forward to seeing Katie again. He doesn’t regret what happened between them a year ago and if he’s honest with himself he hopes it will happen again, but when Katie ignored his calls and texts he decides to let it be. Will Twilight, Texas become his home again or is returning to L.A. what he really wants?


I absolutely adore little sister falls in love with brothers best friend stories. There is something very sweet and romantic about them that just draws me in every time. While this trope has been done over and over again it never gets old for me. At first I didn’t think Katie and Ryder had much chemistry since they were both holding back, but once they were around each other more frequently I could see the feelings they were keeping hidden.


In every story I usually find myself favoring one character and for A Wedding for Christmas that character was Ryder. He had such a sad childhood my heart broke for him over and over again. I wanted to reach out and just hug him, but I was glad Katie was the one he ended up with and not because they have been friends forever but because she helped put him back together so to speak.


There were a few things in the beginning that had me trying to figure out how the ending would go and of course it went that way then Ms. Wilde surprised me on the turn of events and where she took these characters.


When I’m in the mood for a heartwarming story Ms. Wilde is one of my go to authors. A Wedding for Christmas was truly a delightful read and has me wanting to start the Twilight, Texas series from the very beginning. This sweet yet heartwarming story will lift your spirits and get you in the holiday mood.


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