Series: Under Wolves

AN OMEGA’S HEART by Amber Kell

AN OMEGA’S HEART by Amber KellAn Omega's Heart by Amber Kell
Series: Under Wolves #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


The War Council has sent wolf shifter Conley Elnon to ferret out a traitor in Alpha Gage’s shifter camp.  Volunteering for undercover work is the only way Conley feels he can absolve his guilt over losing his family in the wolf/vampire war.  As Conley closes in on head cook Denel the traitor causes a massive explosion and gets away in the ensuing chaos.


Further complicating his efforts Conley comes face to face with Jacob, his mate.  The thrill of finding his mate is tempered by the mole getting away. It’s a horrible decision but the wolf shifter is determined to avenge his family so he leaves the camp without Jacob.


Following Denel to another shifter camp Conley makes a horrible discovery.  This Alpha is working with the enemy.  Something evil is going on.  Something deadly.  The War Council is nowhere in sight to save Conley.  Good thing Jacob is an excellent tracker as well.


At long last the Under Wolves series returns.   Enjoy the triumphant new story, An Omega’s Heart. Torn between duty and bonding Conley balances emotional needs and logical decisions.  The consequences are the focus of this plotline.  There’s excitement and adventure sure to please readers.  Caution however, this series needs to be read in order to fully appreciate.  An Omega’s Heart has a smart blend of romance, drama, and unexpected chills.  Hopefully the wait for book three comes sooner than later.

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