Series: Valen's Pack

RUN WITH THE MOON by Bailey Bradford

RUN WITH THE MOON by Bailey BradfordRun with the Moon by Bailey Bradford
Series: Valen's Pack #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

It is called End Times by everyone who survived.  Shifters are now the dominant race after disease decimated the human population almost to the point of extinction.  Shifters were immune and luckily unaffected by the human diseases.


Tradition dictates that if a male is born with a distinctive birthmark that wolf is destined to become an Alpha.  When that wolf matures he must leave everything and everyone he knows and strike out on his own to create a new pack.


The time has come for Valen to leave his pack.  He’s put it off as long as he could but it’s time to go.  Saying good-bye to his family and leaving the pack lands behind Valen is stunned to come across humans for the first time in his life.  Valen can’t believe it when a gorgeous blonde male takes the satchel Valen set down moments ago.  He wants his things back and he also wants to get to know the sexy stranger.


From the moment Valen sets his eyes on Aaron Olsen their fates become entwined.  Incredible highs and deadly lows.  Nothing will be the same for Alpha Valen and his new mate Aaron Olsen.  His human mate.


Intense drama.  Passion and suspense.  Run With the Moon features a heart pounding action packed tale.  Engaging characters are forced to deal with a very uncertain future in this original plotline.  Valen and Aaron struggle to do the right thing in this alternate time line.  There’s certainly never a dull moment in Run With the Moon.  The shifter and the human will have readers rooting for their unusual romance.

EXODUS by Bailey Bradford

EXODUS by Bailey BradfordExodus by Bailey Bradford
Series: Valen's Pack #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The wolf pack and the remaining human villagers combine for safety and survival after attacks by rabid humans.  Beta wolf shifter Rivvie has his hands full helping his brother Alpha Valen and his human mate Aaron Olsen.  His duties are much easier to handle than his feelings for Aaron’s older brother Matthew, who insists he’s only interested in women and won’t give Rivvie a chance.


When the humans had their own village Matthew was considered quite a catch.  Handsome, strong, and the son of their leader Matthew had been very popular with the ladies.  The merge has shaken his ego because the women have set their sights on the male shifters.  Matthew also has to deal with his interest in Rivvie, an interest that he’s fighting against.


Bringing two vastly different groups together to live peacefully is a constant headache for the Alpha, Aaron, and Rivvie.  If that wasn’t enough of a problem the newly formed packed has to contend with deadly weather patterns and many more rabid humans.  It will take a catastrophe for Rivvie and Matthew to see what is right before their eyes.  Here it comes…


Faced with one realistic calamity after another Valen’s Pack stands strong in Exodus.  Everything is thrown at the valiant pack, including a spicy romance between Rivvie and Matthew.  They are either going to kill each other, die broken hearted, or finally become true mates.  A wild twist no one saw coming ups the ante for the Exodus.  Sexy, scary, and fantastic, Exodus is a serious page turner.  What will happen next?

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