Series: Venomous Mates


THE STRIKE OF THE DIAMONDBACK by Jackie NachtThe Strike of the Diamondback by Jackie Nacht
Series: Venomous Mates #4
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Happiness had lost all meaning for diamondback venom Striker.  His parents were murdered before his eyes and then for endless months he was tortured by a pack of crazed anti-venom.  A last ditch desperate attempt at freedom is won with the aid of strangers.


Broken inside and out it takes everything within Striker to even touch his saviors and mates, spider wasp TL and fire ant Rio.  As for his two mates they can’t believe after so many months together that they have been blessed with a third mate.


An unlikely alliance between a fire ant colony, anti-venom, spider wasps, and a host of others means relative safety for them all.  They learn through rumors that Venom City’s corruption is spreading so it’s time for the alliance to take a stand.  The risk of death is worth the chance of a permanent, safe home for everyone, including Striker and his newly discovered mates.


The wild adventures of the Venomous Mates violently erupt in The Strike of the Diamondback.  Scarred within and out, tortured Striker struggles to regain his footing in this emotional drama.  This very imaginative tale fascinates with the human and venomous cast of characters set within a near future Earth.  Tensions mount, lovers scramble for poignant moments and all hell breaks loose in The Strike of the Diamondback.  Dark entertainment at its best.


THE SPUR OF THE PLATYPUS by Jackie NachtThe Spur of the Platypus by Jackie Nacht
Series: Venomous Mates #5
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Decades in the past scientists released a toxin over the human population.  The results were horrifying.  Many died.  Most who survived mutated into what became known as venoms, a human venomous hybrid.  A very small percentage was untouched and labeled anti-venoms.  Each subsequent generation has passed down their original DNA.


The time for action is here.  Factions of venom and anti-venom have united to retake Mission Territory.  Banded together they have a chance to reclaim their homes and gain a foothold from a powerful enemy.


Arriving at nearby Point Loma before the fight they are met by platypus shifters who’ve made the area their home.  Their leader Flex agrees to house their children and non-fighters.  They can stay there in safety as long as Prescott, an anti-venom also stays behind.


Recognizing Prescott as his mate the platypus shifter’s only thought is to protect him.  Unfortunately the anti-venom doesn’t see it that way.  He’s furious.  Flex doesn’t know that Prescott has been a warrior for his own little group for years.  Prescott is fully capable of fighting.


They may be fated mates but they are also strangers.  Who will take the first step?  Gracefully give in or defy destiny.


This sexy series strikes again.   In the fifth installment of the Venomous Mates series, The Spur of the Platypus matches a fun loving shifter with a prickly human mate.  The character driven story focuses of Flex and Prescott’s rocky romance rather than the battle to come.  Their love story flames and burns bright.  The Spur of the Platypus is a spicy addition to a unique, entertaining series.  Enjoy the mates as they emotionally combust.


PURSUED BY THE WANDERING SPIDER by Jackie NachtPursued by the Wandering Spider by Jackie Nacht
Series: Venomous Mates #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

On the brink of starvation Julius and his three human friends are saved by the enemy, venom, the leaders of Mission Territory.  Still recovering and gaining strength Julius is freaking out because each night a stranger appears at his bedroom window no matter what precautions they take.


A wandering spider, Boone is convinced that Julius is his mate and intends to spend each night protecting him.  When he finally introduces himself and his best friend T.L, a spider wasp, the news he brings to Julius isn’t good.  There’s an imminent plot to murder the leadership of Mission Territory.


It’s ironic that Boone was considered a threat and turns out to be their savior after leading Julius, his friends, and their mates to a new home, a hive where a large group of venom and humans peacefully live together.  Fearing that the hive is also in danger Boone, T.L, and Julius are sent to a fire ant colony to enlist their help.  If both groups band together maybe they can reclaim Mission Territory and start over, in peace.


The plot thickens and the excitement builds in this wholly unique series.  An innocent, naïve human is Pursued by the Wandering Spider in book three of the Venomous Mates series.  Boone and his skeptical mate brave deadly enemies in this wild adventure and learn the true meaning of commitment.  Julius realizes that being Pursued by the Wandering Spider ain’t half bad with a passionate mate.  Their mating is complete, the war is still brewing.


THE STING OF THE DEATH STALKER SCORPION by Jackie NachtThe Sting of the Death Stalker Scorpion by Jackie Nacht
Series: Venomous Mates #2
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The current generation continues to pay the price for the toxins released into the atmosphere decades ago.   The four separate territories of Venom City house the deadly mutated humans called venoms as the few humans or anti-humans alive barely survive.


Recently four humans were found and saved by the venomous leader of Mission Territory and his men.  One of them, Wilder, a Deathstalker Scorpion immediately knew that anti-venom Leif is his mate.  Each starving to death Leif is in the worst shape, barely able to swallow broth.


Weeks later and Leif is slowly regaining his strength thanks to Wilder who continues to nurse his mate back to health.  When word comes to them that they’ve been betrayed Wilder worries that Leif isn’t strong enough to run.  The only certainty is Wilder’s promise to protect Leif.  To his last breath if it comes to that.


The deadly and unique world of Venomous Mates returns in The Sting of the Deathstalker Scorpion.  It’s another exciting story focusing on the odd pairing of human and mutated human in a world where each day could be the last.  The Sting of the Deathstalker Scorpion features an inventive cast of characters fighting for survival in a very scary reality.  A chilling place.  Everything’s changed.  Except the characters’ completely human emotional turmoil and their desire for love.



INTOXICATED BY THE KING COBRA by Jackie NachtIntoxicated by the King Cobra by Jackie Nacht
Series: Venomous Mates #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The airborne toxin was released seventy-five years ago, apparently without thought to what the long term consequences would be for the human race. Those that lived fell into two vastly different camps.  Most took on the physical attributes of venomous creatures which passed on to any progeny.  A small percentage remained human.  Called anti-venoms they are hunted down for the healing powers of their blood.


Born with the additional DNA of a King Cobra snake, Kalder rules Venom City with an iron fist.  His two lieutenants are the only men he trusts, especially after the recent death of his brother Killian.


Living by their wits Reese and his friends are slowly starving to death.  So desperate that Reese attempts to find food in the outskirts of Venom City.  Quickly discovered by Kalder the King Cobra takes pity on Reese and allows him to leave with food.  Brought together a second time Kalder realizes that he’s found his mate and he will do whatever it takes to keep his anti-venom safe.  The tables are turned however when it’s up to Reese to save Kalder.  But, will he?


Author Jackie Nacht invents a complex, unique world with Intoxicated by the King Cobra.  This brutal, unflinching time period is complicated and fearsome for everyone in one form or another.  Frightening creatures with human souls fight for survival.  It’s even dangerous for Kalder to show a softer side to Reese.  An intriguing premise. Intoxicated by the King Cobra is a terrifying tale with heart.  And fascinating.

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