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IDOL by Kristen Callihan

IDOL by Kristen CallihanIdol by Kristen Callihan
Series: VIP #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

After reading Kristen Callihan’s Game On series, I knew I liked her writing style so when Idol was offered for review I had to jump on the chance to see what she would have in store for her fans and already I’m in love with this new series. The VIP series is a rock star series and at first I wasn’t sure if I could read another rock star romance but Ms. Callihan proved me wrong and I fell for Idol right from the beginning.


Liberty Bell has been alone since her parent’s death over a year ago. She has a routine on her family farm that she inherited and also works from home. Since her house is a little secluded she doesn’t meet or talk to a lot of people and sometimes she really does prefer it that way, but when she finds a bum on her lawn and decides to help him instead of calling the cops she has no idea how different her life is going to become.


Killian James is part of the biggest rock group, Kill John, but this last year he has taken a break after tragedy struck the band. On the one year anniversary he gets drunk and ends up crashing his bike in the front of Libby’s house. In a drunk haze he meets this spit fire of a woman and is relieved that she has no idea who he is or why he’s there. He finds out the next day, when he is sober, that he will be her new neighbor much to Libby’s dismay but Killian believes this will be a good change for him. As the weeks start to go by they become friends and spend a lot of time together. But as their attraction to one another gets stronger it becomes time for Killian to get back on the road and he has to make a choice to leave the woman who brought music back into his heart or ask her to come with him. Only he isn’t sure what Libby will do, all he knows is that he isn’t ready to give her up.


Of course with any rock star romance I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Idol but I was thinking Killian would be the typical rock star with multiple women and lots of sex who was full of himself. While his time with women was mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised that Killian wasn’t like that at all. Ms. Callihan showed Killian in a different light and I believe because of that I was more into Idol than I thought I would be.


Liberty was really a great heroine; she was sarcastic, funny and really independent. From the moment she was introduced I knew I was going to like her. At first she had no idea who Killian even was and when she found out she pretty much still acted as she always did. She didn’t go all fan girl and throw herself at him which made me enjoy her character even more.


The bond between Killian and Libby was unstoppable. They spent time getting to know one another and building a solid friendship before moving into a physical relationship which I really liked. Killian also gave Libby the gift to dream and showed her the support she needed to venture out of her comfort zone and do what she wanted to do for once. I loved that he was her biggest fan and wanted to give her everything she wanted even though he knew that there was a chance they couldn’t be together any more. That took real guts and made me love Killian even more.


Idol was one of the best rock star romances I have ever read! It was funny, sexy, and really hard to put down. The characters were all interesting and intriguing and already I am looking forward to reading more of the VIP series. It looks like it’s Gabriel Scott’s book next and after getting to know him a little in Idol I can’t wait to see what Ms. Callihan has in store for him. The VIP series is now officially on my auto buy list because it’s really that good. Trust me if you haven’t read Idol you are missing out on one hunky rock star and a heroine who can make him fall to his knees.

MANAGED by Kristen Callihan

MANAGED by Kristen CallihanManaged by Kristen Callihan
Series: VIP #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

After reading the first book, Idol, in VIP series I knew right away I wanted to continue on with the next book. As soon Managed hit my email there was no stopping me on starting this hilariously funny and sexy read. Gabriel intrigued from me from the beginning and I’m so glad he received his own book.


Gabriel Scott is the manager of the most successful rock band which is kicking off their tour in London, and while he likes his life neat and in order, flying scares him. When he finds out that the flight is over booked and one of the seats he has purchased has been given to another passenger he is not pleased. Sitting next to this chatty girl is going to drive him crazy, but with the hours they spend in the air talking and trading sarcastic barbs, he finds he doesn’t want to see her go when they land. As their flight starts to come to an end Gabriel is shocked to find out that Sophie was hired to handle the bands social media which is why he should stay away from her, but something in Sophie calls to him and as the days begin to pass she has not only worked her way into his life but also into his heart.


Sophie Darling is trying to move on from the past year where she has made some mistakes, so when her potential new employer bumps up her coach ticket to first class she is going to soak it up even if she doesn’t end up getting the job. Sitting next to one of the hottest yet arrogant asses she has ever met won’t stop her from enjoying herself, even if it is at his expense. Sophie didn’t actually plan on liking him, but the more time she spends with him the more she sees the man underneath the suits and his cold demeanor.


From the moment Gabriel and Sophie graced the pages of Managed I enjoyed every minute with them. They had funny and sarcastic banter that had me chucking from the very beginning. I loved Sophie and her smart and sassy mouth, I thought she was a great heroine and as much as she gave it to Gabriel he gave it right back. Gabriel came off as hard and unfeeling at first but when Sophie starts chipping away at the walls he has built up I loved learning more about him and the past. I wouldn’t say I felt sorry for him because it made him the man he was today but it was lonely and I hated that he still kept himself so closed off even from his friend/band members.


I for one didn’t want Managed to end and loved every moment of reading it. Of course Managed was focused on Gabriel and Sophie but it was also great catching up with the band members who we are slowing learning more about with each book that is released in the VIP series. Kristen Callihan has written a fun, sexy, and not your typical rock star romance that has me more than hooked and eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

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