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MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS by Robyn CarrMy Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr
Series: Virgin River #20
Genres: Contemporary, Holidays
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA


This Christmas is a time for healing in Virgin River as two souls descend in search for a path to take. 


Angie LeCroix was injured in a devastating car accident. After months of rehabilitation she can finally get around on her own but now she’s uncertain what to do with the rest of her life.  Before the accident she wanted to be a doctor but now all she can think about is helping people right now. She wants to give back and years of medical school is not what she has in mind.  Her mother’s adamant refusal to hear this new plan of Angie’s has her running off to her Uncle Jack Sheridan in Virgin River for some TLC and hopefully a holiday that will shed some light on her future. 


Navy pilot Patrick Riordan was born to be in a plane but after his best friend dies in a plane crash Patrick is unsure about what he should do next.  He vowed to take care of his friend’s wife and child but first he has to get his head straight.  His brothers’ seemed to find themselves in Virgin River so he thinks that’s the perfect place for him at the moment. 


Patrick and Angie cross paths and sparks fly.  They are both in need of healing but will they find it in Virgin River or will they only find more heartache?


Christmastime in Virgin River is always a special time.  After visiting this series so many times, I feel like I’m coming home to family as I read each new story.  I love the Christmas stories.  All of the traditions that the town uphold always make me giddy.  Angie and Patrick are both strong characters in need of a new direction.  Each has experienced a monumental life change and they need to get centered again.  However, when they meet in Virgin River their lives may become more complicated.  I love the way their relationship proceeds.  I love the way they open up to each other and how each time they share more their paths become a little clearer.  Any Christmas in Virgin River is My Kind of Christmas!  Fans of the series will not be disappointed with Angie and Patrick’s story and especially those who adore the Riordan clan will enjoy this.  It was great to revisit all of the Riordans and their expanding families. 


My Kind of Christmas is a holiday keeper!


My Kind of Christmas can be read as a stand-alone novel.


BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Robyn CarrBring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr
Series: Virgin River #16
Genres: Contemporary, Holidays
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Miranda

This year, Becca Timm knows the number one item on her Christmas wish list—getting over Denny Cutler. Three years ago, Denny broke her heart before heading off to war. It's time she got over her silly college relationship and moved on.So she takes matters into her own hands and heads up to Virgin River, the rugged little mountain town that Denny calls home, as an uninvited guest on her brother's men-only hunting weekend. But when an accident turns her impromptu visit into an extended stay, Becca finds herself stranded in Virgin River. With Denny. In very close quarters.As the power of Christmas envelops the little town, Becca discovers that the boy she once loved has become a strong and confident man. And the most delicious Christmas present she can imagine.

Three years ago Rebecca Timm’s heart was shattered when her longtime boyfriend called it quits and went to war. Her life is about to change once again. Becca believes her current boyfriend is about to propose and she’s just not sure she is over the one that ran away. When her brother announces a friends fishing and hunting trip, Becca knows her ex will be there. She sees it as the perfect opportunity to close the door on her greatest heartbreak. 

The past few years have been pretty hard and confusing for Denny Cutler but things have finally started going right now that he’s landed in Virgin River. He is a part of a booming heirloom gardening business, Jilly Farms and he’s made plenty of friends. When he arranged a fun weekend for his friends and war buddies he never expected the love of his life to walk through the door. Letting Becca go was the dumbest mistake Denny’s ever made and if there is any chance of getting her back he’s going to take it. When an accident turns her one week vacation into several, Denny and Becca learn about the adults they turned into and discover the holiday spirit along with the town of Virgin River. Can Denny win back the woman he loves or will this be their final goodbye?

Bring Me Home for Christmas is a delightful Christmas romance. While this is not my favorite Virgin River book I am so happy that Denny got his story. I’m a huge Denny fan and so want him to be happy. I really like Becca and Denny together. There were times I felt like certain past elements were reiterated one too many times. It kept distracting me. When the couple finally sees through the past hurts the story started rocking and rolling. I love Christmas time in Virgin River! It is fabulous to get to share so much time with my favorite Virgin River citizens and especially around the holidays. I love the traditions that the town carries out and the goodwill that is spread. I loved experiencing Christmas in the town through Becca’s eyes! Robyn Carr’s beautiful town and stunning characters make me want to jump on the first flight to Virgin River! I always have this shiny happy feeling after reading a Virgin River novel.


HIDDEN SUMMIT by Robyn CarrHidden Summit by Robyn Carr
Series: Virgin River #17
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA

Reviewed by Miranda

Sick of running into her cheery ex-husband and his new wife, Leslie Petruso accepts a job at the Virgin River branch of Haggerty Construction and takes the high road right out of town. Now she's got Paul Haggerty's business running like a well-oiled machine. In fact, things are so busy Paul jumps at the chance to hire an extra set of hands.Just like Leslie, Conner Danson has been burned by love. But if Leslie was disappointed by her relationship going bad, Conner was decimated. He's got no time for women…although he spends an awful lot of time pretending not to notice Leslie. And she's pretty busy

Leslie Petruso has had enough of her ex-husband and his lovely new wife. He may be happy and want them to be friends but Leslie has no desire to put on a happy face for her cheating ex any longer! Since the town of Grant’s Pass seems to fall at her ex’s feet she sees only one option: it’s time to move. Leslie takes the secretarial job at Haggerty Construction in Virgin River. 

Conner Danson has had a rough time as well. Recently divorced Conner is moving to Virgin River to hide. He witnessed a murder and has been threatened by the high profile suspect. Conner’s not too keen on moving to a small town or being separated from his baby sister and her two boys. However, after his family’s hardware store was burned down he was left with little choice. Conner also takes a job at Haggerty Construction. 

Sparks fly over coffee for Conner and Leslie. Neither is eager to get into deep relationship so playing it light and easy suits them both. It doesn’t take long for these two to realize that getting serious has its benefits. As Conner’s trial date looms closer he rethinks his original assumptions about small towns. Virgin River may be the perfect place for him to start life anew and if Leslie’s by his side all the better. If Conner can survive the trial and Leslie her ex they may have the foundation for everlasting love. 

Hidden Summit is a sweet addition to the Virgin River series! Conner and Leslie are perfect for each other. Conner comes off very negative in the beginning. He does have a right to be perturbed over his situation but he has things to be grateful as well. Virgin River is the perfect place for him to find the real Conner. Leslie needs Virgin River just as bad as Conner. She needs a place that recognizes her for the beautiful smart woman she is so that she can see it herself. I was touched by Leslie’s situation. Divorce is tough and it’s easy to lose yourself in the aftermath. I love Virgin River so much. It is like visiting family as I read about these characters and each novel introduces new people to love. I get so excited every time I read one of these novels. Robyn Carr and her enchanted pen have given Virgin River and the characters life in my mind. I just love these people. To live in a place where people look after one another and wish only the best upon others is truly sensational. Hidden Summit is all about second chances in life and love. The romance in Hidden Summit is realistic and delightful.

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