Series: Warlocks

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. Somerton

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. SomertonElemental Hope by L. M. Somerton
Series: Warlocks #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Evrain Brookes is possibly the most powerful new warlock the world has ever seen.  He wouldn’t be as strong however without his lover Dominic Castine, a human gardener who Evrain needs as a conduit to channel his gift.  Their relationship is growing by leaps and bounds alongside their ability to work magic.


Recently they were able to stop an evil warlock whose thirst for domination endangered everyone.  Unfortunately, the Octis Coven, a group of witches are now aware of Evrain and they will stop at nothing to acquire the young warlock’s blood for their own use.


Word has reached the lovers that the warlock they already battled and the Octis Coven have joined forces.  Getting a hold of either Evrain or Dominic would be very bad.  Capturing them both could prove deadly.  Being smart and being safe may be asking too much of the cocky young warlock.  Hopefully Evrain’s desire to protect Dominic will keep them safe from harm.


Passion and drama go hand in hand in Elemental Hope, the second book in the Warlocks series.  Intense romance explodes from the pages as Evrain and Dominic further explore the bounds of their love.  Suspense from the get go, twists and turns throughout treat readers to a wonderful story.  Elemental Hope can easily be read as a standalone tale, yet the intricate plotline benefits from firsthand knowledge of book one.  A potent brew of magical love, Elemental Hope absolutely satisfies the reader’s thirst for a great story.

ELEMENTAL LOVE by L. M. Somerton

ELEMENTAL LOVE by L. M. SomertonElemental Love by L. M. Somerton
Series: Warlocks #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

On his twenty-first birthday Evrain Brookes discovered that he’s been living a lie.  A lie of omission perhaps, but a lie nonetheless.  Evrain had gone from believing himself a normal young man to finding out he’s a warlock destined to control great magical power.


Leaving his parents and young sisters behind in Scotland, Evrain and his godfather Gregory traveled to Portland, Oregon where he’d begin a career in design.  Evrain’s beloved grandmother Agatha lived in a cottage outside the city.  When they arrived for a visit to her home she began to explain that his heritage went back centuries.  Typically there are witches in each generation of their family, but occasionally a warlock was born who was always gifted with greater talent.  Being born on All Hallow’s Eve, he was certain to have inherited immense power which Agatha would teach him to harness.  Evrain wouldn’t however reach his full potential until he found love, which would be essential for channeling his magic.  It would seem that his grandmother had been busy searching for someone Evrain could grow to love.


Gardener Dominic Castine never minded the trip outside of the city to work on Agatha’s extensive gardens.  He also never expected to garner the attention of her sexy grandson, especially covered in dirt and twigs.  The shy gardener didn’t think that Evrain would be interested in him at all.  But once they are together Dominic is willing to follow Evrain’s every lust filled command.   In time perhaps love will follow.


They may not have time for their love to develop.  Unfortunately another warlock is envious of Evrain’s potential and zeros in on them both with deadly intent.


The compelling start to the Warlocks series begins with Elemental Love.  The main character receives the shock of his life when his true heritage is revealed.  Dangling a hot gardener with a heart of gold in his face Evrain swallows his fears.  As their romance evolves darkness chips away their happiness.  Evrain and Dominic have great chemistry together and a touch of BDSM is definitely felt at times.  Multiple layers of plotline strengthen Elemental Love.  Strong characters and a riveting story make for an exciting first book.  Can’t wait to see what happens next…

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