Series: Werewolves of Manhattan


WOLF WHISTLE by A. C. KattWolf Whistle by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #7
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

At one time Richard Kerrigan was on top of the world.  The valedictorian graduate from MIT accepted a position in Chicago with Switched Power Designs to jumpstart a promising career.  Life however became one painful lesson after another as first his father and then his mother died from illness.  A decision by his superiors at work caused Richard to blow the whistle and testify in court.  After that he was fired using trumped up charges and became a pariah in his chosen field in the city.  He worked two part time jobs to keep a roof, a shoddy roof over his head and little else.  The final insult was avoiding Davilor Kasun, a Serbian mobster who refused to believe Richard didn’t belong to him.


At the end of his rope and close to giving up hope Richard can’t believe it when his best friend from childhood, Julio Reyes, shows up.  Introductions are made to the people in Julio’s life and it takes less than a minute for Alpha Julien Bellaire to know that he’s found his Alpha Mate in the downtrodden redhead and whisks him off to NYC.


It’s time for all the Alpha Mates to converge, including Julio and help Julien bring his mate into the world of the loup garou, the wolf shifters.  At first Richard is simply thrilled because Julien and the other men he’s met lead Garou Industries, the most powerful, profitable corporation in North America. A company he can easily work for in his chosen field.  Telling him the true reality of his future is something Richard is about to learn.  At the same time they find out that Kasun was murdered and the police are looking at Richard.  Life certainly hasn’t been easy for Richard and it looks as though he’s got a few more hurdles to overcome.


Author A.C. Katt understands how to craft a good story with interesting characters, emotional drama, and an action filled plotline.  Conflict, romance, and a well paced storyline are bound within Wolf Whistle.  Though this seventh installment in the series is lighter on extreme drama there’s still plenty of tension to go around, as well as solid characterizations to keep readers enthralled with Richard and Julien’s love story.  Enjoy Wolf Whistle, you can’t help yourself


HENRI’S LITTLE ONE by A. C. KattHenri's Little One by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #8
Published by MLR Press Source: Publisher

Eighth on the North American Council, Director of Security Henri Giraud is the one remaining council member without a mate.  Their gods have been more than generous thus far granting the honorable Alphas their omegas with special gifts.  Henri knows it’s just a matter of time before he finds his mate, but the werewolf can’t help pining for his beloved.


The Russian Council on the other hand is being controlled by a madman whose thirst for power grows more unstable by the day.  Alpha Fydor Chernof has managed to eject the one decent Alpha who could best him.  Worse, Chernof discovered the whereabouts of a young omega with incredible gifts. He has Vitas Kosloff under his control as he waits for the boy to come into his power.


So far Vitas has been able to refuse Chernof.  To punish the young omega for his stubbornness Vitas has been forced to lay in a hole, in the dirt and filth, in chains for months.  The omega has also been injected with a drug to prevent the change and heal from the constant beatings he’s forced to endure.


Weak and suffering from pneumonia Vitas is smuggled out of the country and sent to the North American Council members.  All agree that steps must be taken to neutralize the out of control Russian Alpha once and for all.  One look between Giraud and Vitas seals the two as mates.  Plans are quickly drawn to marry and mate the pair before Chernof can interfere.  Everything is falling into place. One misstep however can prove deadly.


The Werewolves of Manhattan mate the last of their Council in the intense eighth book of the series.  Henri’s Little One is a character driven, suspenseful tale certain to please fans of this series.  And though new readers can certainly understand this book they would be far better starting at the beginning.  Layered with great characterizations, a solid plotline, and a spirited romance Henri’s Little One gives the reader a satisfying story.  In turn sweet and passionate as well as dangerous when necessary, Henri’s Little One is a welcome addition to a great series.

JULIO’S WOLF by A. C. Katt

JULIO’S WOLF by A. C. KattJulio's Wolf by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #6
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Alpha Etienne Daurensbourg is a centuries old wolf shifter who sits on the Loup Garou Council of North America, works for Garou Industries, and controls a large pack headquartered in Chicago.  Certainly a full life, yet he’d trade it all away if it meant finding his mate.


Apparently the gods were listening and took pity on Etienne as he meets former prostitute Julio Reyes visiting the mate of a Council member.  Julio has been saving his earnings as an independent prostitute so that he can go to college and someday start a hair salon and day spa.  With the help of Alpha Davidoff and his mate Donal, a former prostitute, Julio is about to have his dream come true. Needless to say, Julio believes he doesn’t have time for a relationship though the sexy Etienne does interest him.


When a vicious attack almost kills Julio everything he’d planned takes a step back.  This isn’t the way Etienne wanted to woo his mate especially, when he keeps having setbacks.  All that matters now is healing Julio.  The next step will take some serious discussions.


Truly a nail biter at times, Julio’s Wolf grabs the reader with engaging, intriguing characters and a pulse pounding direct plotline.  Julio and Etienne’s compelling romance is more emotional than others in this popular series.  The fast paced, consistently intense storyline works well within the frame work laid out.  A riveting drama, Julio’s Wolf is the real deal – Julio has met his match.


MARKING KANE by A. C. KattMarking Kane by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #4
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Kane Brady left the rural Midwest for the big city hoping to be able to openly explore his sexuality.  The death of his beloved father meant a chance at a new life.  With a degree in teaching Kane chose McClellan High School in New York.  What he didn’t expect was continual confrontations with the basketball coach and two of his students who played on the team and refused to do assigned work.  Kane’s refusal to bow to their threats had horrific repercussions.


Alpha Gabriel Martin is thrilled that three of the other Alphas have found their mates in a relatively short period of time.  Repeated prayers to their goddesses have Gabriel hoping for the best.


Barely surviving the brutal attack Kane literally falls into Gabriel’s arms on a snow packed street.  He doesn’t understand why a complete stranger is willing to take him home and treat him like spun gold while helping him heal.  Kane is too badly traumatized at the moment to figure out the mystery that is Gabriel.  To accept that they are destined mates and that the Alpha will do whatever it takes to help Kane recover.


Marking Kane is simply the beginning for an Alpha and his fated mate.  Book four in the Werewolves of Manhattan series is the latest excellent addition.  Considering the difficult subject matter Marking Kane is a sensitive, emotional story that manages to keep the reader firmly involved in Kane and Gabriel’s complicated romance.  Goddess given intervention aside, Marking Kane is a compelling book that works.  This series keeps getting better and better.


SCARRED MATE by A. C. KattScarred Mate by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #3
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

A freak accident badly scars eleven year old Colin Callahan’s face.  Between his father’s feelings of guilt and his mother’s unwillingness to forgive their little family is fractured forever.  By the time Colin is an adult his parents are both gone, leaving him with nothing more than sad memories and a permanent scar.


Third on the North American loup garou Council, Alpha Marc Thierry would rather be back home in the wilds of the Great Lakes states or parts of Canada than the brownstones of NYC any day.  Duty calls however and Marc is ever obedient to the needs of his people and his Alpha.


Fate gives Marc the best reason of all for being in the city after he orders Chinese for dinner on the cook’s night off.  The young man delivering his meal is none other than his mate.


Internally Marc is frantic to keep Colin at his side now that he’s found his mate while externally he’s forced to take things slowly so as not to spook his human.  Desperately insecure because of the scar Colin can’t understand why the suave, sexy Marc is interested in him.  It’s difficult enough to accept a loup garou lover. But, bottom line – does Marc want him because they are supposed to mate or because he loves him?


The perfect balance of action, fascinating characters, and taut tension, Scarred Mate absolutely delivers a wonderful story.  Colin is a walking, talking ball of emotional angst living in a bubble of his own making, while Marc desperately yearns for a mate.  The addition of characters from the first two books in the series brings another delightful layer to this tale.  Scarred Mate is a riveting, emotionally challenging romance definitely worth reading.  Hopefully there’s a fourth book somewhere on the horizon.


Chief Alpha for all of the North American werewolves Armand Le Marche has honored Remy Clavier by naming him as second in command to the North American Council of werewolves.  It is a valued position and one that Remy would love – to refuse.  Remy never lobbied for the job, the responsibility, and the headachesContinue Reading

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