Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge

Enticing His Navy Seal by Charlie Richards

Enticing His Navy Seal by Charlie Richards
Enticing His Navy Seal
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #43
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Disgusted with the corruption caused by a fellow Councilman bear shifter Regales Colearian travels to Stone Ridge, Colorado.  The Councilman would like to interview Alpha Declan and members of his pack who uncovered the illegal activities. He’d also like to talk to some of the shifters rescued from the clutches of scientists experimenting on them.  The bear shifter won’t stop until everything wrong is exposed.

Navy Seal Armand Theodore Conway flies to Colorado to check on his fellow military buddy Hess who’s supposed to be dead.  His many and varied skills convinced him that Hess wasn’t really dead and Theo is going to find out why he faked death. And, Hess doesn’t know it yet but Theo is well aware of the paranormal world.

The pack decides to throw an inpromptu welcoming BBQ for the visiting Councilman and also invites the flock they’d recently saved from one of the scientists’ facilities.  Since Theo is staying with the flock he’s also invited to the party.  

Regales is over 400 years old,old; set in his ways and the last thing he wants especially right now with all the council problems is a mate.  But,But once he scents Theo all bets are off. The Navy Seal knows about shifters, mates not so much and he’s not gay. Talk about a mess of major proportions.
The long running popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series brings its 43rd story to life with Enticing his Navy Seal.  Fans love each and every story in this series because the characters are always engaging, fresh and complex.  There’s a camaraderie that enhances each storyline and somehow makes the characters relatable. Enticing his Navy Seal gives Regales and Theo almost insurmountable issues to deal with.  Watching them untangle the mess is extremely entertaining.



Succumbing to His Nature
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #41
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Abandoned as a child Adisa Derringer was found and raised by the Horseman of War. When Adisa grew up he chose a career as an Enforcer for the Shifter Council.  At the moment he’s in the doghouse for not following the orders of a narrow minded, arrogant council member.  Lucky for Adisa that council member Grandis is willing to request his services.


Reports have reached the Shifter Council which must be looked into involving the Stone Ridge pack.  An anonymous source is saying that Alpha Declan McIntire and his pack is getting power hungry.  Councilman Grandis must investigate the claim.


Adisa and Grandis aren’t there long before a problem arises, a big problem in the form of a feral shifter recently rescued after years of captivity.  The huge wolf is so messed up and so aggressive he’s unable to shift to human.  And he’s Adisa’s mate who’s now torn between protecting his charge or getting through to his mate.  The timing certainly sucks.


A multi-layered plotline showcases a wild and bumpy ride titled Succumbing to His Nature.  The incredibly popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series celebrates book 41 with special shifter mates involved in a tangled adventure.  Satisfying from start to finish.  Succumbing to His Nature adds another winner to a very long list.

THE HATED FINN by Charlie Richards

THE HATED FINN by Charlie Richards

The Hated Finn
by Charlie Richards

Series: Werewolves of Stone Ridge #39
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

For the last couple of years Finn O’Riley has sent regular shipments to Crystal Lake Pharmaceuticals.  They are his biggest client and typically sent payment right away, but for some reason the check is late and he can’t get a hold of his contact.  Finn needs to know if there’s a problem and if he’s got to find new clients to buy his ostrich meat.


By choice he lives alone and works alone. His solitary life is the way Finn likes it though the days are long and he’s doing all the work without any help.  Traumatic events in the past make the decision to live by himself easy for the ostrich farmer.


Fully recovered from the damage he received while being tortured for information on his closest friend, vampire Viktor Minsky is chomping at the bit to get to work for his new coven in Stone Ridge.  Finally getting the okay Viktor is asked to track down clients of Crystal Lake Pharmaceuticals, the cover a group of scientists were using to run illegal experiments on kidnapped shifters.


Arriving at O’Riley’s Ostrich Farm Viktor is about to question the stranger when he scents the air.  He can’t believe that the man is actually a shifter and could be the one he’s always searched for.  Not entirely positive because a taste of blood is necessary, the vampire is almost certain that he’s found his beloved.  Then again, how could a shifter be working with the enemy?  With these thoughts running through Viktor’s head he’s stunned as Finn O’Riley tells him to leave, permanently.  Definitely not a good start.


The consistently entertaining Wolves of Stone Ridge series features a new love story in The Hated Finn.  A feisty shifter and a stoic vampire match wits in the 39th installment of the popular series.  This character driven tale brings forth patience and understanding as readers get to know Finn’s secrets and Viktor’s ghosts.  Easy pacing and a genuinely enjoyable storyline allow The Hated Finn to let this romance flow.



Rediscovering Himself
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #40
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Everyone in the Stone Ridge pack is horrified as they figure out how long the bongo shifter they recently rescued had been captured.  Stolen from his herd and subjected to illegal experimentation by scientists without a conscious, the shifter has maintained his bongo form for more than half a century.


Somewhat plump, geeky Drako Rundin happily accepted his new friends’ request for help as they drove cross country with their ostrich flock.  Picked on by bullies at home the only person Drako would miss is his sister who thinks he’s nuts to move.  Never mind, it’s a whole new world now that Drako knows about shifters and vampires and the rest.


Arriving at the Alpha’s home, the craziest thing happens as a bongo shifter rushes from the nearby forest and changes into a sexy man who claims to be Drako’s mate.  Talk about new life experiences…


Always expect the unexpected with the Wolves of Stone Ridge series.  Enjoy the latest entertaining tale, the fortieth romantic book titled Rediscovering Himself.  Another character driven plotline with charming shifters and humans tasked with unraveling romantic complications.  Sweet, naive Drako and his traumatized, innocent mate have a long road ahead.  Count on their friends in Stone Ridge to be there as Drako’s mate is Rediscovering Himself.  The ‘feel good’ series continues to deliver.



Cracking the Big Lug's Shell
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #37
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Vadim Kuznetsov is one of the last in his family coven to remain single.  He has yet to find his beloved like most of his family has done. It’s also been quite a while since Vadim has indulged in sex.  The vampire is large, very large – all over.  In the past, lovers have complained of his size which has given the shy vampire somewhat of a complex.  Most of his time is spent honing his computer hacking skills for the family and keeping his mind off sex.  Currently he’s trying to crack into Sugar Creek Pharmaceuticals computers.  They suspect the company of abusing and torturing paranormals.


Kendrick Hollister recently broke up with his wealthy boyfriend Douglas.  The guy was definitely not a keeper.  Ken had put off dumping the guy because he was great in bed.  Being a size queen wasn’t a good enough reason to stay, it really wasn’t.


Taking a break from his computers Vadim is late in joining the family at a restaurant to celebrate a beloved’s birthday.  Finally arriving Vadim barely sits down before instinctually realizing that one of their waiter’s is his beloved.


Serving a large group in the backroom, Ken doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to the big guy that came in late.  He simply knows he’d like to get to know the big guy. One is intrigued.  One is scared.  Fate matched them perfectly.  They just have to realize it and stop a jealous ex in his tracks.


The Wolves of Stone Ridge series continues to excel with the 37th installment titled Cracking the Big Lug’s Shell.  The characters deal with insecurity and the emotional toll it can take.  Sweet Vadim and bold Ken prove that size and looks can be deceiving in any relationship.  Another pleasurable story for the long running series, Cracking the Big Lug’s Shell is a fun, erotic tale.


A little flock of recently rescued avian shifters are finding their way in the world.  Some prefer to stay within the confines of the home given to them by the Stone Ridge pack Alpha, reading and watching the television, but others are literally spreading their wings experiencing everything the area has to offer.   HectorContinue Reading


For thirty some years wolf shifter Parker Jones had a loving relationship with the human Donnie.  Fate proved cruel and took Donnie from him with cancer.  Though decades have since passed the wolf continues to grieve for his lost love.   At the weekly shifter pack poker night everyone is invited, including the new vampireContinue Reading

FOR THE LOVE OF A WOLF by Charlie Richards

Volunteer firefighter Stake Dolan knows how to fight fires with great skill.  What he doesn’t know how to do is keep his mouth shut.  Dolan spends so much time with his foot in his mouth he’s learned how to hop quite well.  The worst of it is that he doesn’t understand half the time what’sContinue Reading

BRANDING AN ICY HEART by Charlie Richards

Surviving a vicious attack, Remy Smithson has insisted on attending the trial to see justice served to the animals who almost killed him.  They will serve time, while Remy will always need a cane to walk, even with the extensive therapy he’s endured.   Agreeing to attend a party with friends at a fancy estateContinue Reading


True to his Kodiak bear shifter nature, Hessian ‘Hess’ Roshburg is an easy going, rambling kind of guy.  Too much of an Alpha without wanting the responsibility it entailed, Hess left home and his family long ago.   At the moment he’s in Stone Ridge, Colorado to visit his old friend Dillan Shoreman, a felineContinue Reading

PINT-SIZED PROTECTOR by Charlie Richards

Recently a team from the Stone Ridge pack freed more than a dozen kidnapped, traumatized shifters from a hidden laboratory in Russia.  On their return to Colorado most recuperated and left, though a few joined their pack.  One troubled shifter, an Andean mountain cat has yet to show his human side.  So far he’s refusedContinue Reading


Borscht Kuznetsov and his many siblings left their old coven’s restrictive rules to strike out on their own to form a separate coven.  Their two youngest brothers have found their beloved and live in Paris and the U.S. while the family coven remains in Russia.   Superior surveillance equipment alerts the family to four intrudersContinue Reading

PAWS FOR CHANGE by Charlie Richards

Several years ago Derek Sommers sided with his parents when they turned their back on his younger gay brother Deke.  Always regretting his actions Deke was never aware that their father blackmailed Derek into agreeing with them.   His father’s announcement of Derek’s upcoming nuptials with a detestable woman is the last straw.  Derek’s workedContinue Reading

HAPPY FURRY NEW YEAR by Charlie Richards

Wolf shifter Rowan St. Paul is truly happy his friends are finding their mates.  Begrudging others isn’t part of the high school history teacher’s makeup, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling a little jealous.  Hopefully he will find his fated mate soon.   Forced to repeat his senior year after he’s caught hacking intoContinue Reading

THE VAMPIRE’S GEEK by Charlie Richards

In the grand scheme of things geeky lab assistant Toby Dallow wouldn’t have found himself in the small mountain town of Stone Ridge.  But it seemed the right thing to follow his boss there after discovering they’d been duped into performing illegal experiments.  Finding out the truth of shifters and other beings was something elseContinue Reading

TRUSTING HIS RAT by Charlie Richards

Freed from the cage he spent eight months trapped within and from the drug confining him to his rat form, shifter Paolo Muccio is grateful to the Stone Ridge pack for giving him his life back.  Their hospitality includes staying with the pack until he can locate his own family and friends.   A relaxingContinue Reading


Rumors of a brutal dingo shifter pack holding human slaves unfortunately proved to be true when a team investigated.  After a savage fight only a handful of the pack and the humans survived the team’s assault.  Wolf shifter Yates Cruner from Stone Ridge is sent to take the traumatized humans to heal within his pack. Continue Reading

THE WOLF’S HEALING TOUCH by Charlie Richards

Wolf shifter Byron Ziegler is part of a delegation sent to work with government officials so that the captured mad scientist and his data don’t fall into the wrong hands.  The last thing the shifter community wants is for the government to use the information unwisely.   Introduced to Dr. Edwin Aldridge the wolf instantlyContinue Reading

THE MOUNTAIN MAN’S MATE by Charlie Richards

The day Jason Truollo was backhanded by his homophobic stepfather the college student knew it was time to leave.  His only option is a bus ride to the home of his uncle Raul Braga in Stone Mountain.  Arriving at his uncle’s place Jason is more than astounded to find Raul in a committed relationship withContinue Reading

CRASHING THE COMICON by Charlie Richards

When the Vampire Council dispatches Sebastian ‘Seb’ Russo to Stone Ridge, Colorado to facilitate a meeting between shifters and the human government the usual private jet is unavailable, so the vampire is forced to take a commercial flight instead. What seems an inconvenience at first becomes good fortune when Seb realizes his beloved or soulContinue Reading

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