Series: Wyverns

STEEL TRAP by L. M. Somerton

STEEL TRAP by L. M. SomertonSteel Trap by L. M. Somerton
Series: Wyverns #5
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Nelson Jeremiah Hatchet, aka Hatchet, is a big, bad member of the Wyvern motorcycle gang.  He causes mayhem and breaks the law.  Trouble written all over him.  The cover works to protect him and the Wyverns from anyone knowing the good they do.


The gang follows the commands of the mysterious Horatio Trap who seems to see all and know all before everyone.  His go-between is the equally enigmatic Mr. Smith who supplies them with everything necessary for their undercover work.


Over the past months Hatchet’s been on a slow burn waiting for the moment to pounce on the elusive Mr. Smith.  The biker is trying to tell himself that simple lust is at play, but he knows he’s fooling himself after one night with Mr. Smith in his bed.


Their latest assignment involves a drug cartel operating in Phoenix using slave labor.  To get in with the dealer Hatchet will have to kill the man posing as a buyer- Mr. Smith.  All of the Wyverns will be there to back them up.  Hatchet just wishes he could stop worrying about a part-time bed warmer in harm’s way.


Black continues to hide its white hat in Steel Trap where exhilarating twists and scorching hot loving returns in the fifth book in The Wyverns series.  Gritty, intense characters once more carry a dangerous plotline to an exciting climax.  Raw sexual encounters flame bright between Hatchet and Mr. Smith.  Fans will eagerly devour Steel Trap and new readers will become equally addicted to this wonderful series.

SAND TRAP by L. M. Somerton

SAND TRAP by L. M. SomertonSand Trap by L. M. Somerton
Series: Wyverns #4
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The Wyverns motorcycle gang is having a little down time for a change.  Everyone thinks they are this big bad gang, but they are actually the good guys, well for the most part.


Since everything is quiet gang member Francis Redway aka Crow is going to make a move on their newest recruit Shelton.  Crow’s been circling around the intriguing little dude for a while, wondering how he’d respond to the biker’s dominant sexual personality.


Shelton eagerly agrees to a dessert trip to get to know Crow better.  All is going well.  Not even a violent dust storm that blows up stops them.  Unfortunately, after the storm Shelton wanders out when he sees something that wasn’t meant to be uncovered.  Desperate men don’t want their secrets known.  It will be up to Crow and the rest of the Wyverns to save one of their own before the worst can happen to their new recruit.


Dive back into the wild and dangerous world of The Wyverns in Sand Trap.  Book four in the popular, gritty series focuses on their latest initiate and the savage Crow.  Their Dom/sub relationship has more to do with emotional bonds than physical BDSM acts  and works well toward their developing romance.  Steamy sex and a tense climax culminate in a very entertaining tale.  Great chemistry and lots of fast paced action make Sand Trap a solid addition to this series.

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