Series: Yakuza Pride


Yakuza Courage
by H. J. Brues

Series: Yakuza Pride
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Even though it’s been several years since Brendan O’Farrihy was a Navy Seal he still has flashbacks to the disastrous mission that killed one Seal and badly injured another on his team.  He traded in that night for a career in a special investigator/private eye though he continues to keep his sexuality on the down low for fear of what the men from his past and future contacts would think.


His latest case takes him to the lush Hawaiian Islands to check up on the son of a U.S. Senator.  Kenneth Harris was kidnapped while in Japan by a Yakuza crime family and after his release he settled in the islands with five Yakuza of all things.  Brendan’s told to find out if Senator Harris’s son is living with them because he wants to or because he’s being forced to.


With the help of one of his old team members who happens to live there surveillance is easily established.  But Brendan quickly learns that everything he’s been told isn’t the truth.  Nothing adds up.  The Senator has ulterior motives and his son’s happiness is the least of what matters to the politician.  Making matters worse or at least more confusing, Brendan is falling hard for one of the Yakuza.   Calling this supposedly easy job FUBAR is putting it mildly.


This intricate, thrilling story twists and turns and satisfies completely.  Pitting retired military, Yakuza, and a less than truthful political family against each other finally reaches the critical point in Yakuza Courage.  The flavor of the islands, the Japanese way of life, and a man with a weight of guilt on his shoulders makes for an intense, detailed and meaty story.  The cast is large and their customs varied so the reader does need to pay attention, but it is worth it. Yakuza Courage shines.  From Brendan’s love to making the guilty pay Yakuza Courage proves its worth.  Enjoy!

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