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COZEN by Bethany-Kris

COZEN by Bethany-KrisCozen by Bethany-Kris
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
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coz-en (kuz-uhn)
1. trick or deceive.
• obtain by deception.

She was named most appropriately.

Cozen Taylor has more than earned her place as one of North America’s most successful thieves. Her name is whispered amongst criminal elite as the go-to thief when someone needs a heist.

She has never failed.

A call from the Miami-based Astor family could change all that with a job that seems almost impossible to complete. The mark should be simple—a stolen family heirloom, the man who has kept it hidden for over twenty years, and six months to return the piece to its rightful owners.

Nothing is ever that easy.

Three-hundred million for a successful heist. No smart thief would turn the offer down. Cozen didn’t expect a complication like him to put a kink in her plans, though. Sargon Makri—tall, dark, gorgeous, and entirely dangerous. For her life, her heart, and for the success of the heist.

The last thing Cozen needs to be thinking about is Sargon, and how she can get him into her bed … especially when he just happens to be her mark’s bodyguard. The thrill of the job has never been more addicting to Cozen, and she will risk everything to make the heist a success.

But at what cost?



Who can you trust is one of the major themes in Bethany-Kris’ latest release, Cozen. Who can you trust with your heart and most importantly your life?

Cozen Taylor is the most famous thief in America. She’s looking to retire when she gets roped into one final job which turns out to be the largest and most dangerous of her career.

Sargon Makri is a hardened killer with no allegiances.  He is a lethal bodyguard who recently found himself protecting one of the deadliest criminals in the U.S. His life is monotonous until a sexy waitress upends his life.  He wants her…he wants her bad…it’s just too bad his boss wants her as well.

Cozen is a highly entertaining read.  I found it a fast, fun exciting romance.  I particularly enjoyed the thrilling intrigue.  The sparks between Cozen and Sargon are swift and scintillating.  I loved that Cozen is such a badass in her field of expertise. It was great that she never shrunk under the daunting circumstances of the heist. She was determined to never rely on Sargon to save her.  If you are looking for sinfully erotic sex, steamy romance and excellent storytelling plus one heck of a twist then Cozen is for you.

THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. ScottThe Case of the Guilty Ghost by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott
Series: End Street Detective Agency #6
Published by Love Lane Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Author

The vampire realm is in chaos.  Their king, Ettore sacrificed himself for his brother.  As Bob mourns the loss of Ettore in private his soul mate Sam Enderson is dealing with a lonely existence without his lover for the first time since they met.


Meanwhile the vampire god Aset Ka is giving his newest subject an unbreakable command.  Ettore will be sent back to the land of the living for seven days.  He must return balance to the realms.  That’s his only clue.  If Ettore is unsuccessful in his mission there will be dire consequences.


The youngest Prince Radim appears to claim the throne which cannot be allowed.  He has embraced the dark arts and become pure evil.  Love, hate, and the mystery of balance must be reclaimed for the realms to regain peace.


It’s all in a day’s work for Sam Enderson and company.  No problem. Easily solved. Right.


Fans of the End Street Detective Agency will cheer as the latest story is released.  The Case of the Guilty Ghost unfolds with an intricate plotline, fast pacing, and complex characterizations.  This story begins immediately after the last book finished so it might take a moment to get back into the rhythm of this drama.  Having said that it doesn’t take long to sink back into their world.  The imaginative storyline gives Sam and Bob another wild adventure to tame and enemies to overcome. And luckily for us, The Case of the Guilty Ghost gives readers another enthralling story to embrace.

MATE CALL by Amber Kell

MATE CALL by Amber KellMate Call by Amber Kell
Series: Dragon Men #5
Published by Self Published Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Author


Colton Lanx was born among the stars.  Knowing of no other life Colt joined the Exploration Guild to become a certified navigator.  He loves to travel through the universe where he believes he belongs.


From the moment Colt was assigned to his latest posting the captain took an instant dislike of him.  Passing close to the planet Dragait takes precise calculations which Colt has input.  Apparently, the captain doesn’t trust his calculations and re-enters his own.  Colt’s father was born on Dragait and it seems the son will be dying there as the ship becomes locked in the planet’s gravity field and begins to break apart.


An escape pod saves Colt’s life, but it also changes his life in every way possible as he comes face to face with King Zeir Dragonfire.  Suddenly the navigator’s future is no longer among the stars. Colt will be forced to choose between what his head is telling him and what his heart yearns for…


Mate Call returns readers to the sensual, stubborn Dragon Men series.  Honorable, intelligent Colt has his life interrupted in ways he’d never imagined while at the same time King Zeir discovers his past was a lie.  Both characters have life altering decisions to deal with in this challenging drama.  The well balanced storyline keeps everyone on their toes.  Extremely satisfying from beginning to end, Mate Call has everything an entertertaining story needs with a complicated romance, hot sex, and a handful of troubles to overcome.  It took awhile for Mate Call to arrive, but definitely worth the wait.

LETHAL LIES by Rebecca Zanetti

LETHAL LIES by Rebecca ZanettiLethal Lies by Rebecca Zanetti
Series: Blood Brothers #2
Published by Jove Genres: Suspense
Source: Author

Heath Jones is on the hunt for The Copper Killer; a serial killer who tortures and murders red heads.  Heath and his brothers are also running from a dark past.  Once he finds the Copper Killer he plans to take on the evils from his past.  The last thing he needs is a woman interfering.

Anya Best is a criminal psychologist out for revenge.  The Copper Killer kidnapped her sister and Anya feels like it’s her fault.  She is the one that involved her sister after the Copper Killer began leaving her notes and photos of his victims.  Anya decides it’s time to be the bait and draw out the killer and she’s going to use Heath to do it.

Author Rebecca Zanetti continues the Blood Brothers series in style with Lethal LiesLethal Lies tells Heath’s story.  Zanetti has created a dark and twisty tale with the Copper Killer case.  I had no clue who the killer was!  All my guesses were wrong and I love when that happens.

Heath and Anya have an immediate connection; one that goes beyond passion.  I enjoyed these characters both are intense and determined to get justice for the people they love.  Lethal Lies is packed with emotion it really tugs at the heartstrings.  Heath and Anya share a very fierce action filled story.  Lethal Lies is a fun electrifying ride.

I’ve really fallen in love with Ryker, Heath, Denver and their thrilling story.  These men and the women they fall for are characters you can root for and stand behind.  I cannot wait to find out what happens in Denver’s book Twisted Truths!

Lethal Lies is the second book in Author Rebecca Zanetti’s Blood Brothers series.  It’s not necessary to read Deadly Silence first but it definitely makes the story more entertaining.

DARK PURSUIT by Jessica Jarman, Bronwyn Green, Kris Norris, & Paige Prince

DARK PURSUIT by Jessica Jarman, Bronwyn Green, Kris Norris, & Paige PrinceDark Pursuit by Bronwyn Green, Jessica Jarman, Kris Norris, Paige Prince
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Rising Blood by Bronwyn Green


The hunt is on…


Newly reluctant partnered Vampire Hunters, Harper Yovanoff and Elliot Zielin are in hot pursuit of a very powerful, dangerous vampire who has maliciously been targeting and turning hunters into the very thing they hunt.  And, to complicate matters, a strong attraction is rapidly brewing between Harper and Elliot.  With many lives on the line, will they be able to put their conflicts aside and work together to put a stop to the evilness at hand.


If you are looking for a vampire storyline filled with a kick-ass heroine and an overly confident hero, then Rising Blood is just what the doctor ordered.  I will admit there were times where I wanted to smack Elliot upside the head because of his self-assured attitude.  I really enjoyed watching Elliot win Harper’s heart even before she consciously admits her true feelings.  My only request is I wish the plot could have been longer, lengthwise, for more character development.



Tempted To Death Jessica Jarman


Secrets come to light…


Tara Wilcox is hiding a secret and because of it she runs away from the two men she loves – Paranormal Hunters, Luca Castell and Oliver Gordon.  Now Tara is back and reveals her secret to her lovers.  Will Luca and Oliver welcome Tara back with open arms or will they destroy her because of the monster that hides within?


Overall, I liked Tempted To Death; however, I did not feel the sincere connection between Tara, Luca, and Oliver.  Whereas, the love is believable between Luca and Oliver; Tara almost feels like a third wheel in their threesome relationship. I can tell that each man loves her for who she is and that she loves them; however something was missing for me.  Nevertheless, the plot is fascinating, the sexual encounters are super-hot and the characters are amiable.  Note: this is a MMF and it contains MM love scenes.



Grave Measures by Kris Norris


Not all souls go peacefully …


Supernatural Hunters, Arrynn Baker and Daniel Cartwright now have first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to be a victim of an obnoxious supernatural being.  Daniel is being hunted by the ghost of his dead girlfriend.  Dealing with this issue brings Daniel and Arrynn closer together awakening their secret desire to cross the professional line and become lovers.  Will Daniel and Arryan be able to banish his dead girlfriend’s spirit once and for all before she succeeds in completing her mission of bringing Daniel with her into afterlife?


This novel gives me food for thought.  Grave Measures is edgy and interesting with some chilling tidbits thrown into the mix.  The plot is not like a horror movie type of scary per say, but it does have a things that go bump in the night type of flair.  Arrynn is my kind of heroine.  She is no shrinking violet and refuses to allow anyone, whether living or not, to take her man.  Likewise, Daniel is a strong, yet honest type of guy who is unwillingly drawn into a severe situation.  Together they are a force to be reckoned with both in and out of bed.  All in all, a very good read.



Next Lifetime by Paige Prince


Another chance at everlasting love…


Sarah, now known as Caitlin, is a witch/vampire hybrid.  In order to save her then lover, William, from the evil clutches of Bastian, a malicious vampire sire, Sarah casts a spell for him to be return to her in the future.  Fast forward a hundred years later, William is reborn as Lucas, a very powerful vampire hunter who is determined to rid the world of all vampires.  And, to make matters worse, Bastian is back with a vengeance determined to finish what he started over a century ago.  Will there be a happily-ever-after for Caitlin and Lucas when he discovers she vampire?  And more importantly, will they be able to get rid of Bastian once and for all?


The concept of this novel is good versus evil along with the desire to never give up.  Next Lifetime is a profound story that will pull at your heart.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to have eternal life with the one you love by your side.  Paige Prince does a great job of expressing it.  I sincerely sense the turmoil that Sarah/Caitlin feels at the loss of her beloved, not once but twice, before he is reborn a third time in the form of a very powerful Lucas.  The road to the rediscovery of love and trust is a difficult one, especially for Lucas.  Since she has fought the battle for so long, Caitlin never once gives up on Lucas – even when he is trying to terminate her because she is not human.  This is one tale not to be missed.  Enjoy!

SHARED FOR LOVE by Nancy Corrigan

Ethan is in love with two people – Hannah and Noah.  His heart and his wolf are demanding that he claim both as his mates; but, how will each of them feel about sharing him with the other.   For six months Hannah has been chasing after Ethan.  While he has shown interest by takenContinue Reading

ROCK STRONG by Virna DePaul

Abby Chan is a rising cellist with her heart set on playing for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.  As a way to pay off her Juilliard School of Music education loan, Abby takes a summer gig playing the cello on tour with a well-known rock band.  Abby expects to work hard; however, what she didContinue Reading

ROCK DIRTY by Virna DePaul

Dominique “Nikki” Lorenz is determined to escape her past.  As the heiress to her mother’s magazine empire, Nikki is always in the limelight and sometimes the tabloid makes her out to be an uncontrollable, distressing girl.  However, with the upcoming release of her new shoe line, Nikki will finally make a respectable name for herself.Continue Reading

DOUBLE TROUBLE by Erosa Knowles

Twins Blaine and Donald O’Connor have loved only one woman and she is Belinda Moore.  A negative event impacted their love affair causing Belinda to disappear from their lives.  Fast forward to sixteen years later, now Blaine and Donald have a second chance with Belinda and this time the twins are determined by any meansContinue Reading

CARNAL RISK by Kym Grosso

Technology Specialist Selby Reynolds has been loaned to Emerson Industries by her boss to temporarily assist in the daily operations while searching for a permanent replacement.  Not a risk taker, Selby is overwhelmed by her desire to be with Garrett, a man who does not know the meaning of danger.   Garrett Emerson is aContinue Reading

CHANCE ON LOVE by Nancy Corrigan

Sean Reynolds is determined not to take on the leadership role of any pack.  In order to accomplish this, Sean refuses to shift into his alpha wolf for fear that his wolf would challenge his father for the pack.  So on full moon night, Sean is well on his way to becoming too drunk toContinue Reading

MOONSHADOW by Thea Harrison

MOONSHADOW by Thea Harrison

Sophie Ross is a witch who was consulting with the LAPD until she was badly injured.  Now she is recovering and trying to decide if she can live on her savings while she heals all the way, or if she is going to have to work some before she really should so that she canContinue Reading

MASTERS OF FATE by Linsey Hall

Aurora is a Soulceress, one of only two still surviving.  She also happens to be the most despised because of her past actions when she was insane.  Aurora is sane again, thanks to her sister’s actions, but every day she has to fight to resist taking souls again.  This is a fight that she isContinue Reading

BAYOU HEAT by Laura Wright & Alexandra Ivy

Raphael / Parish   Raphael   Ashe Pascal seems that she has spent her entire life taking care of her mother and as she got older, paying off her debts.  Right now, Ashe is both a bit scared and confused as she is pregnant and has no idea how or who the father is, butContinue Reading

ROCK WEDDING by Nalini Singh

Sarah Smith was very young and pretty naïve when she fell in love and married the man of her dreams, or so she thought.  Sarah knew that Abe and the rock group he was in was moving up when she married Abe, but she never expected how the pressures and other trip-falls of that stardomContinue Reading


Lady Rachel Shaw’s awful marriage was finally over upon the death of her husband.  Believing that she may have finally found her life to be beginning, Rachel reveals things to an intimate via the written word…letters.  However, Rachel soon discovers that your deepest most intimate secrets and desires should never be put to paper.  SheContinue Reading

THE SAPPHIRE HEIST by Lauren Blakely

Expert scuba diver Steph Anderson is down in the Cayman Islands to promote Ariel’s Island Eco-Adventure Tours.  Introducing exquisite reefs and marine life to enthusiastic tourists is a professional high.  She is also trying to figure out what’s going on with a cache of diamonds, including one she had in her own safe – beforeContinue Reading


Maximus or Alpha of the local bear shifter clan Carl Carman is a natural at the job although there are certainly days he’d rather be doing anything else.  Working with the kids at day camp is one enjoyable adventure after another.  Dealing with belligerent bear shifters refusing to abide by clan rules is a totalContinue Reading

RUSH by Robin Covington

  To say that Atticus Rush is an anti-social man is putting it mildly.  The ex-Special ops expert has few people he’s willing to stick his neck out for, especially after Lady Olivia Rutledge-Cairn broke his heart.   MacKenzie Security, namely Brant Scott, is someone Atticus respects.  Brant braves a visit to Atticus’s mountain strongholdContinue Reading

THE BRICK WALL by Stephanie Julian

Shane “The Brick Wall” Conrad is the goalie for the Redtails hockey team and he is going through a tough time on the ice. When his teammate, Cary, invites him to spend the Christmas holiday with him and his family Shane accepts since he isn’t going home. Upon arriving Shane knows no one there andContinue Reading

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