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The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride by Leslie North

The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride by Leslie North
The Tycoon's Convenient Bride
by Leslie North

Series: European Tycoon #3
Published by Relay Publishing Genres: Contemporary
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Leslie North’s The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride is a sweet and sexy read. A tropical vacation leads to a blistering relationship filled with a special surprise, speedy wedding and an HEA. Billionaire Anthony Charles Harrington V travels to Fiji to come to terms with the path his life is headed down.  He’s 32 and according the family he must marry and produce an heir by 33. When he goes home he must enter an arranged marriage.  Nurse Diana Tinsley is in Fiji on a relief mission. One misunderstanding leads to the hottest week of her life! Fast Forward two months and Tony opens the door of his castle to discover Diana…two months pregnant. 

Tony and Diana sizzle as they reignite the passion between them but both are uncertain about their future.  Their journey is fun and angsty. I enjoyed these two characters. They dealt with emotions as I can imagine a lot would in the situation. The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride is a great short read. It will keep you interested until the end. I was able to read in one sitting. If you are a fan of instalove and surprise babies you will most likely enjoy Leslie North’s The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride.

Surrendering to Him by Hope Jones

Surrendering to Him by Hope Jones
Surrendering to Him
by Hope Jones

Published by Boom Factory Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Investigative Journalist Phoebe Danvers finds herself in a bit of hot water. It’s a good thing former FBI Agent turned PI Huxley Carson has his eyes on her. Author Hope Jones’ Surrendering to Him begins quickly with feisty banter between the hero and heroine as well as suspense. 

I was really into their story at first.  Phoebe and Huxley share plenty of chemistry but unfortunately somewhere in the middle things began to fizzle and lost my attention. I usually like instalove but something about Huxley’s control of the situation and the way he treated Phoebe like they were already together. It was too much too soon. I found myself more eager to read the suspense parts than the actual romance part of the story.

Enticing His Navy Seal by Charlie Richards

Enticing His Navy Seal by Charlie Richards
Enticing His Navy Seal
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #43
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Disgusted with the corruption caused by a fellow Councilman bear shifter Regales Colearian travels to Stone Ridge, Colorado.  The Councilman would like to interview Alpha Declan and members of his pack who uncovered the illegal activities. He’d also like to talk to some of the shifters rescued from the clutches of scientists experimenting on them.  The bear shifter won’t stop until everything wrong is exposed.

Navy Seal Armand Theodore Conway flies to Colorado to check on his fellow military buddy Hess who’s supposed to be dead.  His many and varied skills convinced him that Hess wasn’t really dead and Theo is going to find out why he faked death. And, Hess doesn’t know it yet but Theo is well aware of the paranormal world.

The pack decides to throw an inpromptu welcoming BBQ for the visiting Councilman and also invites the flock they’d recently saved from one of the scientists’ facilities.  Since Theo is staying with the flock he’s also invited to the party.  

Regales is over 400 years old,old; set in his ways and the last thing he wants especially right now with all the council problems is a mate.  But,But once he scents Theo all bets are off. The Navy Seal knows about shifters, mates not so much and he’s not gay. Talk about a mess of major proportions.
The long running popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series brings its 43rd story to life with Enticing his Navy Seal.  Fans love each and every story in this series because the characters are always engaging, fresh and complex.  There’s a camaraderie that enhances each storyline and somehow makes the characters relatable. Enticing his Navy Seal gives Regales and Theo almost insurmountable issues to deal with.  Watching them untangle the mess is extremely entertaining.

Enlightening the Lab Assistant by Charlie Richards

Enlightening the Lab Assistant by Charlie Richards
Enlightening the Lab Assistant
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Loving Nip #18
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Junior scientist LIago Hernandez finds himself in the middle of a violent confrontation with powerful creatures.  During the fight LIago is injured and that’s the last thing he can remember until he wakes in a strange bed with a worried creature staring down at him.  What LIago believed to be a gargoyle is in truth a demon belonging to the Horseman of Death.

Lindemere explains that after a thousand years of service to Death he’s been rewarded with his amina, his soul – in LIago.  He’s brought the young doctor to his home in the demon realm to heal and to hopefully educate LIago as to the error of his ways.  Setting his amina straight is the only way is the only way they can be together.

Changing LIago’s mind takes some time but the human is smart and his heart is luckily in the right place.  Lindemere is reluctant to take his amina back to the lab but they need the information only LIago can get them.  All bets are off however if anyone harms his amina.
Enlightening the Lab’s Assistant is a life changing experience for a one- time close- minded main character.  LIago and Lindemere have a contentious relationship in the beginning. Their romance slowly evolves and themaking it impossible for readers to not falls for them both.  Patience and love win the day in Enlightening the Lab’s Assistant.  These two deserve the happily ever after they fight for.

Earning His Trust by Alicia Nordwell

Earning His Trust by Alicia Nordwell
Earning His Trust
by Alicia Nordwell

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Too little sleep and a moment of inattention sends Evin to the E.R. with a severe burn on his hand.  He’d been making homemade biscuits for his teething six month oldsix-month-old Micah when the accident happened.  The doctor who comes around the curtain is Dr. Ben Perez, the man who once broke Evin’s heart.

Six years ago, Evin and Ben were college students madly in love.  Their breakup was devastating but life goes on. Evin found a meaningful love with Daniel and together they planned their future starting with a surrogate pregnancy.  However, fate was not kind. A tragedy took Daniel and left Evin alone with a son on the way.  

He has neither the time nor the heart for a relationship but, Evin is willing to forge a tentative new friendship with Ben.  The doctor is willing to help in any way he can to ease Evin’s burden. Frankly the father looks exhausted. Slowly their friendship is renewed and the feelings they once shared are rekindled.  Fate does move in mysterious ways indeed.

Earning his Trust presents a heartwarming tale of redemption and love.  Engaging characters and a tender romance gives readers a sweet and sexy story to embrace.  Evin and Ben’s character development elevates Earning his Trust, even their baby Micah’s baby adds charm charisma adds giving the story a delightfully realistic layer.  Love endures in this charmer.

Drifting With A Giant Squid by Charlie Richards

The Marine themed park World of Aquatica provides a true adventure for visitors.  It also provides a secret and safe home for a variety of aquatic shifters. Owners Kaiser and William run the marine attraction with a firm, gentle hand as the de facto Alpha and Beta of their unusual family.  The absence of theirContinue Reading

Dragon’s Hoard by M. A. Church

A recession, poor stock choices and a lack of curtailing spending habits led Alpha Montgomery to the doors of dragon shifter Warwick Ehecatl, a powerful paranormal money lender.  Unfortunately, the only worthwhile collateral is his people’s pack lands.  One hundred years have passed.   Tonight, Alpha Montgomery and his pack are celebrating his son Avery’sContinue Reading

Dominate by Bailey Bradford

Taking a deep breath and girding his loins, so to speak, Forest Tilden walks into his very first BDSM club Head n’ Tails.  Years of secret yearnings, reading and watching videos have given Forest the courage to finally accept his sexual desires. It may be baby steps but it’s certainly a start. Watching consensual actsContinue Reading

Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford

Senior Inspector Roku MacCormick guards the streets of San Francisco.  Assigned to Chinatown’s Arcane Crimes Division Roku is exactly where he wants to be.  The cop prefers to downplay his heritage whenever possible though his human-fairie DNA has proven helpful in keeping Roku alive on occasion. Having recently shot his partner while on duty forContinue Reading

Demon Familiar by Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose Bermingham

The love of his mother is the one thing keeping Neil Markovic sane and whole.   His father however is something else, a cruel sorcerer whose sole interest lies in gaining more and more power. Half human, half sorcerer Neil does his best to stay off his father’s radar.  After work one fateful evening NeilContinue Reading

Dangerous Dance by Samantha Cayto

More than a thousand years ago beings from another world crash landed on Earth.  The crew survived in part because of superior genetics. When they realized there would be no rescue it was decided they would quietly live alongside humans.  Unfortunately, there was a mutiny lead by crewmember Dracul whose one goal is to ruleContinue Reading

Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards

Hanging in chains, brutally whipped and beaten Baron Vanern awaits death.  One day bleeds into another for the dying horse shifter. Someone touches him, speaks to him and Baron believes his torturers have returned.   The shifter has actually been saved and brought to Chieftain Maelgwn’s gargoyle clutch in Colorado Springs.  Baron and his best friendContinue Reading



Author L.J. Shen delivers an epic enemies-to-lovers romance in The Kiss Thief!  I absolutely loved this story! I have been on a serious mafia romance kick lately, so I was looking forward to reading The Kiss Thief.  The premise is scintillating. I’m not usually into triangle’s but this one turned out to be exciting andContinue Reading



Jennifer Ryan introduces us to the women of the Wild Rose Ranch with fantastic flair.  I absolutely adore Noah, Roxy and their Dirty Little Secret.  This book was such a surprise. It’s not something I would’ve picked up but I received it in the mail and I fell hard and fast for these characters.  OneContinue Reading


Poppy Bridgerton is dragging her heels on the marriage mart.  She isn’t about to settle for just any man who asks her – only someone who can match her quick wit and will treat her as an equal could catch her interest and none of her suitors have even elicited the slightest glimmer of attractionContinue Reading


The last few years have been good ones, with the Cascade on some sort of pause.  It’s been business as usual for both Elena and Raphael, but it’s been like looking constantly over your shoulder for the next shoe to drop.  And drop it did, when Elena’s brother-in-law was attacked and left for dead inContinue Reading

CONSUMED by J. R. Ward

CONSUMED by J. R. Ward

J.R. Ward’s Consumed is a terrifically terrifying adventure from start to finish! From the first scenes in Consumed there is no doubt this book will be intense.  I’m not sure if I have ever been so engrossed in the first few pages of a book that nothing could distract. It’s been a little bit sinceContinue Reading

BORNE TO BE WILDE by Eloisa James

All of society knows that Lavinia Gray is bright, beautiful, and wealthy.  Only the last is a lie, as Lavinia herself recently found out.  Convention dictates Lavinia needs to marry a rich man as quickly as possible, which is why she lets her cousin talk her into proposing to Parth Sterling.  Not only is ParthContinue Reading

TOO WILDE TO WED by Eloisa James

It has been two years since Miss Diana Belgrave jilted Lord Roland Northbridge Wilde, and those two years have changed everything.  North went off to fight in the Colonies and has returned whole in body, though not in spirit.  And after being tossed out by her mother for breaking her engagement in favor of raisingContinue Reading

IN MY SKIN by Shannon McKenna

Author Shannon McKenna continues her exciting Obsidian Files series with In My Skin. Luke is hunting for a way to return the memories he locked away to protect those he loves.  Now all he wants is to remember the people he risked so much for.  There is just one complication…Daniela LaSalle. Dani is a nurseContinue Reading

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