CLAIMED BY THE MATE by Kate Douglas & A.C. Arthur

CLAIMED BY THE MATE by Kate Douglas & A.C. ArthurClaimed by the Mate by A. C. Arthur, Kate Douglas
Genres: Paranormal
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Published by St. Martin's Press


Feral Passions by Kate Douglas


Dr. Chereza Dubios, known as Cherry, reluctantly agreed to join her younger sister and her best friend on a last minute, for her, vacation at a place called Feral Passions.  It’s a place marketed to be all about women and is run by a group of really, really handsome men.  Cherry isn’t too sure about this, because she is afraid that she will be left out of things due to her size.  After all, even her parents told her all her life that she was too big.  But Cherry has decided to make a go of it after she arrives and sees the stunning wolves and the friendly workers.


Brad and Cain are two of the workers of Feral Passions.  Actually, they are both wolves and their pack owns and runs the resort for women for reasons of their own.  Both Brad and Cain have been lovers for years and have been looking for that one woman who could complete their triad.  After so many years, they have just about given up hope, and then Cherry arrives for a week-long vacation.  Both Brad and Cain are instantly attracted to her and know they will have their work cut out for them to prove to Cherry in a week that not only do they both love her exactly how she is, but also that she is perfect as she is and more than they ever dreamed of.


The week turns into a romantic getaway for Cherry with her deepening relationships with Brad and Cain.  She is having a hard time believing them that they could ever love her at her size. But as the week goes on, she is beginning to maybe see that they might have a future beyond the week.  She also loves the area around the resort and all the wolves.  Brad and Cain know that soon they will have to reveal their secret to Cherry if their triad is going to have a chance.  Little do they realize that the fact they are wolf shifters is not the biggest hurdle they will have to overcome with Cherry.  Can Cherry, Brad, and Cain all find ways around the hurdles that are threatening their happiness?


Two hunky wolves are about to find the woman of their dreams in a sexy BBW who comes to stay in their resort, if they can just get her to believe them both about their love and their shifting abilities.  Brad, Cain, and Cherry put a lot into their week together in Feral Passions.  I loved Brad and Cain right off and truly loved how they set out to prove to Cherry just how beautiful she was to them and how much they wanted her.  I hated the self-doubt that Cherry had been taught during her entire life and how she couldn’t see what so many others could.  Watch Cherry bloom under Brad and Cain’s care, both erotically and overall, and it made this a perfect book for a cold winter night’s reading.  Feral Passions is one sexy and fun story, which actually has more romance in it besides Cherry, Brad, and Cain, which made it even a much fuller read in my opinion.  You will just have to read it to see what all happens.


The Alpha’s Woman by A.C. Arthur
Kira Radney is an alpha female on the run from her old pack—the one in which her father is the alpha.  Kira could not believe that her father was backing one of his beta’s in trying to mate her—one she can’t stand and would never agree to.  So with the mating moon soon to rise, Kira did the only thing she could think of and left.  Not sure of where she was going or to what, Kira did not expect to find an even more alpha wolf in the woods, or that he would make her go with him and keep her there.


Blaez Trelas is the alpha with his own pack of wolves who work to protect people.  Blaez believes he needs no one and nothing more than he has right now.  He has a very real reason for his outlook, one that could be deadly to anyone Blaez might come to love.  However, Blaez also knows that fate has it’s own reasons for things and that might be the reason he just came across Kira— a woman he instantly wants and can never have.


Kira knows she is attracted to Blaez even as she also knows she has to leave and get out of the area.  The question is how, when his house can be locked down in such a way it can keep her in, and his men are also constantly around. Blaez knows that Kira has a bright future if he can keep her alive and show her some abilities that will help her become the alpha she can be. As Kira and Blaez try to cautiously circle their passion before it flames up, Blaez discovers something very special about Kira, which is the same something that might be behind why her father’s beta was trying to mate her.  Kira has determined that Blaez is the man and wolf for her, but if he can’t bring himself to admit it and their love, then Kira knows she will have no choice, but to leave after the mating moon arrives and her father’s pack is taken care of.  Blaez would love to mate with Kira and give her everything he can, and yet he firmly believes that any mate he takes would be in deadly danger.  Once the mating moon arrives, will Kira and Blaez find a way to come together forever, or will that night tear them apart forever?


Two strong people with a firm destiny meet and learn that their destinies merge with a strong and hot passion in The Alpha’s Woman.  I admit that it took me a bit to understand where Blaez was coming from, but as I finally got his entire background, I could see why he was so against claiming Kira.  However, I could also see that once Kira decided on Blaez, she was one determined woman and she was going to give it her all until the point of no return.  I enjoyed watching Kira work with and come to know the men in Blaez’s pack and prove to them that she could be their alpha’s woman, even with her very different background.  I loved when Blaez and Kira finally accepted the mating and just in time, because their battle is about to begin for real.  The Alpha’s Woman takes suspense and passion and twists it with legends and some humor to bring Blaez and Kira their happy ever after.


Claimed by the Mate is comprised of two very good and erotic books by two authors you never need to question.  I enjoyed both books, although I will admit that I enjoyed one a bit more than the other.  I found that both books kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next.  If you enjoy steamy and erotic paranormals, then this is anthology you will want to read.

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